Ek Boond Ishq 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 19th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with everyone at the dinner table, and Tara asking Nandu about her decision to study Fashion Designing. Nandu answers that its a route of escape from her boredom. Nilima is pissed at her presence and so taunts her. Jayraj cools the situation and Nandu was about to have her food when she saw the Newspaper and read the article about the Public Transport strike. She glances at Adi and asks innocently to Tara about what she will do?
Jayraj offers her to stay here, helping her in her intentions, unknowingly.

Vasu clicks MJ’s pic and he choos her away. But she clicks crazy pics of them together. Tara saw the bro-sis having good time and MJ smiling. She is shocked that none of her actions to upset him worked. Vasu spots Tara and asks her to click photos with MJ. Mj starts to leave but Tara stops him. She pulls him and puts his hand around her waist and click pics. Tara warns him about her third attack and tells him, his smile wont stay for long.

Tara leaves behind the Bro and sis and walks out with a bags of crackers. MJ watches her going. Tara reaches the Ujdachaman, and wraps the idol of Laksmi that she had once put up for him. She folds the painting remembers how she had colored it, saying that she knows the value of old memories.

She walks to Maria and apologizes, saying she knows that Maria would be hurt to see her master in pain but she has to punish him.
MJ is shown in his “red room” thinking that Tara is just giving him “Dard” but he had given him “Zakhram”. Whatever pain she wants to give him it is justified.
Tara meanwhile ‘decorates’ his house with all the fireworks, remembering the moments they shared. She thinks twice about her action, but later goes forward with it.
While MJ is sulking over his past actions.
Tara then lights up the fireworks.

Tara says the wrong should be punished, and she is going to set an example after which every man will think twice before harassing a woman. She remembers him harassing her, and then her words on a ‘real man’. She stands and remembers all those moments while the house fires up, saying that this fire will burn up your ego also.

Tara apologizes to Maria again, but says this is important and your owner needs to be taught a lesson.

Jayraj and Mj were discussing about a business deal when a worker informs them about the fire. Everyone rushes there. MJ tries to go inside in search of Maria. Jayraj and the worker stops him. Tara rushes and say that once someone goes, they dont come back. MJ rushes inside when Tara tells him Maria is there, pointing sideways, saying Tara doesnt hurt the innocent and doesnt flinch from punishing the wrong.
MJ caresses Maria and Tara taunts him.

MJ watches the remains of his stable cum house. Remembering about all the moments he shared in this house with Tara. The wall writing, the cup everything.
Jayraj comforts him. MJ picks a photo and Jayraj tells him he knows the value of the picture holds for him, but infront of God’s will, there stands nothing. They hug, when Jayraj eyes falls on the fireworks, he is surprised. He wonders who is after his happiness.

Precap: Jayraj promises Tara he will find who did it n Mrityunjay says he knows its a family member.

Update Credit to: Mithuz

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