Ek Boond Ishq 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mj drops the knife and Faheem runs. A guy comes and says why did you let him run away bali ? What will you say to the boss now ? Mj salps him and leaves.

Tara is sleeping on her bed. The girl says to the doctor we have to take care of her food and nutrition’s. For her health she must jog and take healthy food. Doctor says no give her daily home cooked food. and two glass milk. She asks low fat ? He nods. Omkar is there too. The doctor gives medicines to omkar and says start them soon. His sister takes it and says all right. Doctor says I will leave by my own Mr. Omakr you should stay with your wife. Tara wakes up and asks the girl what happened ? She says nothing you were just weak. Take this protein juice you will feel better sia bahbi. Tara says I am not sia neither your wife. sHe tries to get up. Tara says please tell me how I came here ? What is this all ? Hwo brought me here ? Omkar says you met an accident. We were with you. Nothing happened to me but you got deep bruise. You have been in coma for 5 years and you just became conscious today and you don’t remember anything. Tara says its all a lie. Neither I am sia nor I has any accident. I was with my husband Mj. Where is my mj ? She asks the girl where is my mj ? Will someone tell me ? The girl says you need rest we will talk about all this later. You should sleep. Tara falls unconscious again. The girl says she will be all right Bhai. SHe is conscious now, that’s the big thing. SHe leaves.

Scene 2
Someone is dancing in front of some men. . They are enjoying it. A man tries to come near her when she is dancing. She cuts his face with a knife and takes off the cloth. Its kala. The man says please forgive me, Kala reads out a couplet and says ladoo. I can burn with love. She says go run away from here. The other man says okay lado begum we should leave. Kala says yes we will meet soon keep coming. She says good bye to everyone. She dances again. Her worker comes and says bunty is coming. A man comes in, its mj. Kala says oh my tiger. He touches kala’s feet. kala says I told you your place is in my heart never touch my feet. Where are my slippers ? A worker comes with slippers. Mj makes kala wear the shoes. Kala says long live long live.Kala asks what you did to the dead body ? Mj says I couldn’t kill me him. He said something . Kala sasy why you let him say.

omakr orders his servants that you should keep an eye on everything. he asks the lady servant to be like sia’s shadow.

Mj says forgive me lado. Kala saus he is responsible for everything. I became handicapped and you lost your memort. We had a chace to take revenge but you let him. He says I will kill him mplace his head in your feet. He takes kala’s cane and sasy iw ill be your support. He makes kala sit and says pardon me. I will kill him. Kala says go and eat something. He holds his ears leaves.

Scene 3
Tara is in her room. Sister asks her to take the medicine. SHe say I won’t take it. Omkar asks her to leave. He says I remember you used to eat medicines like this. He chucks the medicine and mixes in water. Tara recalls mj used to do it for her. She takes the glass and drops I on the floor. oakr looks at her and leaves.

Scene 4
Mj is alone at night he recalls mj taking names of his family and when he said tara.
There tara is trying to draw something on the paper. She recalls when mj made her a painting and she hugged him. Mj takes the chalk and starts drawing on the wall. He sketches a girl’s face outlibe.

There omkar looks at the cake on which happy birthday hubby is written. He recalls when it was his birthday and he celebrated it with Sia.He looks at the picture and tears it apart. he take the glass of champagne and throws it.

Precap-Tara sees the girl going out. She is trying to leave the house, omakr comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So sad, this serial was nice to watch but finally it became as all serial one issue for months and months.

  2. thats very bad mj and tara should be together

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