Ek Boond Ishq 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 18th December 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Kalavati ranting off saying one moment you see and next moment you don’t and have they learnt magic tricks Both the old man (his dad) and the phone girl are missing. Kalavati adds that her third eye(really now ) says that everyone are plotting against her and before they send her to heaven she will send them to YamLok Just then she gets a call and she seems shocked to hear something and snaps at the caller asking them to cut the call. She is pacing around tensed and says the sun can rise in the west but nobody can stop her from winning the election and if she doesn’t get it she will snatch it but she will win at any cost She begins to chide herself to calm down and focus on just the elections.

In Shekhawat Villa, Mithi is packing tiffing for MriAra

and asks one of the servant to give them the food since they wouldn’t have eaten anything from morning. The servant is about to go when Nimmo butts in and tells him to clean the car as she wants to go somewhere and then Mithi asks another servant to give it to them but Nimmo asks him to clean her room (ungrateful swine like her thankless son ) Mithi decides to go herself thinking it isn’t too far but Nimmo stops her too saying whether she has to explain everything to her. She tells her that nothing from this house should goto MriAra and if they want to stay away from this house they sould also stay away from the luxuries of this house. She adds that since they want to be alone let them feel how it feels to be lonely in a bitter way She says she wanna see for how long MJ can keep Tara in that place and she wants him to see the curtains being lifted off her love (Ugh woman! Do you think everyone are fake like you? ) If they stay away from home for two days then their love will fade too(Like you can ever try and achieve that you fool ) Mithi begins to say something but Nimmo slams her down saying she is getting influenced by Tara and before she couldn’t look into her eyes and now she is arguing with her Mithi apologises and is worried for Tara

Tara is making the bed and musing over it thinking its too small and only one of them can sleep there and decides to make the sacrifice herself And anyways he is your husband so you sleep on the floor and just then she notices that the floor is very dirty and how can she sleep there but decides that if she has to get the truth out from him she needs to stay aorund him. And thinks maybe in anger he can say what she has been waiting to hear all along Mithi comes there with the food right then and Tara is happy to see her. Tara asks her what was the need to come and she could have sent Joseph and Mithi looks uncomfortable but changes the topic asking her to eat but Tara catches her pretext and asks her what she is hiding. Mithi tells her that Nimmo forbade her to take food but Tara laughs it off and Mithi is surprised and asks her if she didn’t feel bad but Tara tells her she is happy and says her mother in law did the right thing and now she is her husband’s responsibility and asks her to take the food back. Mithi doesn’t wanna go but Tara tells her now the beard wala baba will take care of her (Time for someone to get a shave ) and asks her to go. Mithi says she can tell what she wants btu MJ will take such good care of her that even she will be astounded. They hug and Mithi leaves from there.

Kalavati is talking to someone over the phone and asks that person to keep an eye on Raghu. And when he will come home all tired in the evening to his house Kalavati will teach both him and that phone girl a lesson that they won’t forget all their life. But this time they shouldn’t escape from her clutches and starts singing

MJ is covering the roof and checking it out and he comes to the wall where he has written something and Tara asks him what kind of art is he trying to do and Tara comes to read it where he has written he needs to make a roof for Maria, paint her room etc Tara grumbles saying everything is for Maria and what about her Tara huffs and walks towards and tells enough of Maria now and your wife wants to talk to you MJ says cant she see he is busy and doing Maria’s work Tara says what about your wife and he rudely says it doesn’t matter if she is there or not and Tara says she can say it from his arrogance itself and tells that if a pigeon closes its eyes then the cat wont disappear She goes to Maria and tells her to tell her master that she doesn’t like it if someone comes between her and her husband and says its wrong to think of another woman when wife is there while MJ glares at her She tells Maria why are you looking at me like that and that I am talking to you while the poor horse is chewing the grass And says that for sometime let him forget about her food and think about his wife’s stomach also Tara says morosely that she asked everyone not to send food from home also and now only my husband will feed me else I will stay hungry MJ also addresses Maria and tells the poor horse to tell her that he doesn’t like wifey antics and she can goto house n eat else she is free to go on a strike Tara is feeling hungry and is being hungry too and cursing MJ
Tara thinks aloud that Maria must have been her sautan in previous birth and thats why she is taking revenge from me. MJ looks irritated and he is nailing something and misses it. Tara laughs but MJ glares at her and she becomes quiet. MJ ends up hurting himself . Tara gets up to help him and MJ shrugs it off and starts working again The sunlight is glaring at him making him feel uncomfortable and Tara gets an idea She puts her dupatta over as a shield from sunlight while title track plays in the background He sees Tara standing on ladder holding it for him. But MJ turns his face away and Tara pulls a face and all of a sudden she loses her balance but MJ makes a haystack fall so that Tara doesn’t hurt herself Tara is trying to get up but she can’t and MJ extends his hand to her but Tara keeps staring at him. MJ asks her if she wants to keep staring or will she give her hand Tara takes his help and gets up and loses balance again falling into his arms They share an eyelock MJ helps her to stand and Tara grumbles that he spoilt her looks as she is covered in hay and starts picking hay out of her hairs and MJ helps her too and ends up taking it all away

Kalavati’s men have surrounded Raghu kaka’s house and hiding behind a wall Raghu kaka sees all this and wonders how he will get past them and he is worried for the girl as she is all alone in the house.

Tara is dusting her dupatta when MJ taunts her asking if the doctor has asked her to stand in the sun and says she is standing under the sun called her husband MJ gets irritated and hands her a glass of water. MJ is about to go back when Tara asks him for another glass He asks her if she will fill her stomach drinking water but fetches her another glass. Tara taunts him saying that he is speaking like he has got delicacies for her to eat and how else will she fill her stomach? She drinks water and MJ thinks of the time when Tara took care of him MJ asks her to go eat something and Tara asks him to come closer. She beckons him and when he comes close and she says still more MJ lowers himself to her height(I swear Aradhana should have given her daughter a ladder for dowry ) She pulls back the hairs from his ear and shouts BOO in his ears and starts laughing MJ asks her what kind of madness is this and Tara says in her language she calls it testing ears MJ asks her to go eat and Tara retorts saying that didn’t he hear it or what? That she wont eat till he feeds her She says I wont till then and MJ calls her stubborn, arrogant and mad Tara is mad at MJ and says she is like this and she will stay like that only in MJ style and if possible try and change her. MJ is smiling and shakes his head.

Meanwhile in a room they show a girl sleeping and looks like she is handicapped. They show a man entering the room stealthily and he makes a noise and the girl is alerted. Turns out it is Raghu kaka and tells the girl that time is very less and they need to hurry. He helps her up but while going the girl hits the table making a noise and Kalavati’s men hear that sound

In Shekhawat Villa everyone are at the table having food and Jayraj is lost in thoughts. Nimmo asks him what is he thinking about and asks him to have food. Jayraj tells Faheem that MriAra wouldn have had food and even they should be given food. Nimmo says rudely whats the need? If they feel hungry they can come here Jayraj is about to say something when Nimmo stops him saying what will people think if food will go from their house? That step mom threw son and daughter in law out of the house. Jayraj says nobody will say anythingand we all know… But Nimmo says only you all know so you take decision and walks away. Everyone are upset. Jayraj decides to call Tara and ask her what they are doing. He calls Tara and asks her if they ate something to which Tara says no since her husband is busy renovating the barn and when he gets the time he will get food. Jayraj tells her that if they want to stay there they can but atleast to have food they should come to house but Tara says MJ is busy and as soon as she gets free MJ will get something for her. She says not to worry and that her husband will take care of her. If he feeds her she will eat else she will stay hungry and keeps the phone down. MJ glares at her and goes away and Tara thinks that in life if you can’t turn a bittergord to dates then what did you do?

Precap – Tara is telling Maria that she started day dreaming and you know they wont come true while MJ comes there. He will come there empty handed and ask her to get out but MJ tells her that he has got something and asks her to eat

Update Credit to: Mandy

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  1. Superb episode,mj was luking soo smart,i luv duo MriAra..

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