Ek Boond Ishq 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 17th December 2013 Written Update

Meethi is serving food to Adi and talking about Taara’s trust in MJ and her support towards him. Adi gets Angry and asks her to remain quite. He leaves.

Taraa cames there ans Asks Meethi if there is any problem. “I was just thinking whether I will also be able to support Adi during his difficult pahse.” Meethi wonders. Taara replies “if Adi is innocent u too will support him”. Meethi asks Taara what will happen if she fails the battle and the allegations are proved against MJ. But Taara believes that MJ is innocent so she won’t lose him. Nimmi comes there and scolds Taara for creating so much drama and asks Taara not to cross her limit and orders everyone that from now there will be no discussion about Mj’s crime.

Taara wonders what truth that Nimmi is deterring

to reveal. She determined to find out the truth from MJ himself.

MJ comes in the Room but after seeing Taara he is about to leave. Taara stops him and asks “What is going on your mind?” “It is not required, mind your own business”, MJ replied angrily. Taara, determined to reveal the truth, tells him “If you thinlk that by threatening me, yelling at me or by misbehaving with me you will be able to hide the truth from me, then you are mistaken. I am your wife and I have all the rights to know everything that is related with you. Now tell me the truth. Tell me who killed Radha. Because You cannot commit such a heinous crime. Whouse crime are you tring to cover up.”
“ENOUGH..!!!” MJ shouts at Taara, packs his bag and leaves the room.

Next Morning at the dining table, Baba and Taara both are wondering where MJ is and Josheph informs them that MJ is in the Stable and He decides to live there for a couple of days. Both become surprised.

Baaba comes at Stable and asks MJ to come back home. MJ replied as he is here only for limited days and will have to return jail, so he wants to sort out this place before leaving. Taara too reaches there with her stuffs. She convinces Baaba and tells her that both of them will stay here for some days. Baaba agrees and left them there. Taara enters into stable… (BG- Title song..)..

Meethi informs Nimmi about Taara and MJ’s outing. Nimmi becomes angry. Tayajii comes and instigates Nimmi against MJ.

Nandu doing champi and Aradhana is tensed as Taara made such a big sacrifice for them and never let them to know about the truth. She decides to leave this house. Both of them shift to Yug’s place.

Taara is busy with cleaning the Stable; MJ comes and asks her to leave. Taara says she won’t go and reminds him the relation which he is trying to prove a lie is the biggest truth, since they got married in front of fire taken marital vows and put vermillion on her forehead and promised to remain life-partners forever. And it’s too late he must have thought before marrying her.

Taara handles him a pot and asks him to fetch water and not to break to. MJ throws it and leaves angrily. Taara says to herself “Life me ruthi piya ko na manaya toh kya kiya..”

Precap: Taara accusing maria that she is being her sautan; as MJ makes a shed for Maria only and left her outside to be tanned… MJ overhears it..

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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  1. Wow,wat a lovely episode,tara was really luking vry gorgeous in her new dress,n mj…I am fallen in luv with him,he is superb,excited fr precap

  2. When tara said,”tara ka thenga jayega yahan se”..Poor mj kuch nhi kr skta tara ko rokna itna asan nhi

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