Ek Boond Ishq 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj says to kala that don’t do the mistake of leaving me alive, kala says ok I will kill you first, tara says don’t do this kala to my mj, don’t kill him, I plead you, I beg you, mj ask tara to not plead infront of kala,what you think that she will leave pari and me after killing you? tara says if she wants to kill all of us then start from me., mj says listen to me, I cant see you or pari dying infront of my eyes, mj ask kala to kill him, tara says no, I am your biggest enemy, I came in your mandir, I saw your face first, mj says no I am her biggest enemy, he ask tara to stop her blabbering, they start fighting, tara pushes mj back, mj takes pari in his hands and makes amrapali sit on stool, tara throws gun from kala’s hand, mj looks at kalal and says now tell me, what were you saying, which kind of death I would like? kala says no balli.. mj says I am not balli but mrityunjay singh shikhawat, mj starts beating, he recalls how kalal killed his family and punches kala hard, he gives 2nd punch for making him away from tara, he gives 3rd punch for removing his identity, e gives 4th punch for making servant, kala falls on ground, mj is beating him, amrapali switches off bomb, she is about to run but tara holds him and beats him, mj is beating kala, tara says beat her more, mj recalls the massacre kala did in this house, he recalls every cruel act of kala, he is beating kala hard, kala falls unconscious, mj sees tara and turns to her, they look at each other, ek boond ishq song plays, they are moving towards each toher but kala gets up and hits mj on head with iron rod, tara shouts mj, he falls on ground unconscious. kala evilly looks at tara and pari.

Scene 2
mannat is crying in her room, she recalls vaibhav’s words and throws glass away, om comes there and says I know why are you doing all this, he sits beside her and says what you think that you wont tell me and I would not know, mannat thinks did he listen to my and vaibhav’s conversion, om says I know you are worried for mother and you wanna go out of house as you cant see mother in such bad condition, don’t worry, she is fine, vidant calls om and tells that baba was fake who came in your house, he ran away with child from your house and sia balli went behind her. vidant says I will call you when I get sia. om ask mannat who told you about this babaji, mannat says one friend told me about it, she ask what happened? om says this babaji is fake, she took pari from house and ran away, vidant told me, tara and balli went behind him, I think that balli is mj only, we will know the truth soon as vidant will catch the three, I wont leave that fake baba, he leaves, mannat thinks what if laado tells everything to police.
tara ask kala to leave pari, don’t kill her, tara looks at mj lying on ground in pool of blood, kala says no, what if in future this pari comes back in my life to take revenge, I will finish this story today only, I will kill this pari, she is about to hit pari with iron rod but mj gets up and holds the rod, he snatches rod from kala, he starts beating kala, he is angry and beats hell out of kala, kala falls on ground and looks at mj.
mannat is calling vaibhav but he is not picking the call, she say pick up if you want me to come to you, she talks to doll and says your father must be preparing for our welcome, he loves his baby and me a lot, he will be happy to see us, I will leave this house and will go to him, I will not be afraid of om now, I will leaves.
mj puts rod on kala’s head and shouts, he is about to give last blow to kala but tara shouts and says no mj, don’t fill your hands with dirty blood of this kalawati, mj leaves the rod, he turns to tara and pari and starts approaching them but his vision gets blurred and he falls on ground unconscious, tara and pari runs to him and ask him to get up.

Scene 3
mannat is leaving the house, om stops her and ask her to go inside room, she says don’t stop me, I wont stop now, om says where will you go? mannat says let me leave with my daughter, om says have you lost it, this is a doll not your daughter, where are you going leaving mother in this condition, mannat says you cant stop me now, she leaves from there, om ask mannat to stop, mannat is leaving the house, om stops her and ask whats all this, mannat sternly says let me leave, you ask me about mother, sia is dead, think when mother will know the truth what will she feel, how will she react, you are a good son but I am bad daughter what if I tell her truth? she says now let me leave, she leaves.
tara is trying to wake mj up, vidant comes there with police force, he arrests kala, he checks mj and says he is alive, he calls ambulance, tara is crying, kala repeats the words she first said to tara that you shouldn’t have come in mandir, she is being arrested, she says I will return soon. police takes kala from there, tara is afraid.

PRECAP- tara folds her hand infront of om and says save mj’s life, I am pleading to you, only you can save him, om says I will save him but you have to do something in return, you have to live pretending to be my wife sia agnihotri, tara is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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