Ek Boond Ishq 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala says to mj to not make fun of me, mj says I know you are kalavati, mj says I came here in Bhopal two months ago, I have chaat stall, kala says where you have chaat stall. mj comes to some slum area with kala. tara and guru have some people with them, they ask them to go to mj, they goes to mj and recognize him as bablu chaat wala, one man comes to mj and do over-acting infront of kala, mj whispers to go, mj ask kala to lets go to my house, bablu says everyone knows me here, I am good then mj, I am bablu churasiya, kala says is have placed bomb around your waist and if you are lying then I will explode it with remote, bablu acts terrified, mj says no don’t explode it I will take you to my house, one man says you with eunuchs? is there any good news are you becoming father, bablu says nothing like that, they are gusts, man says oh they must came to eat your chaat, they come forwards and some man agains comes to mj to act as he knows bablu, kala say its same man who said raam raam before and now he is saying salam, mj says let me tell you he is lil mad, he will come and says sasriyakaal, mj says lets go in house, I will make you meet my husband, tara and guru sees girl whom they called to act like mj’s wife, tara comes to her and ask why are you not at home? girl says I cant act infront of kala, she is very dangerous, she leaves from there, tara is tensed as to what to do now, mj brings kala to his small house, he calls out for his fake wife but nobody comes, mj is tensed, he says I will look out for her, kala sasy I should press button now, mj says no let me see, mj comes outside and sees tara ready as his fake wife he ssy what are you doing here, tara says fake wife ran away so I had to come, kala comes there, mj hides tara, kala says she is your wife? mj says yes, tara puts veil on her face, mj ask tara to bring juice for them, mj ask kala to to put out bomb from my waist, kala says lets see your wife’s face 1st, mj is tensed and sasy I cant show my wife’s face to any other man, kala sasy we are not man and you are her man so take off her veil, mj doesn’t so kala ask her servant, they takes off tara’s veil and are terrified to see weird face pack and long teethes on tara, they couldn’t recognize her, kala ask her to put veil, tara sasy mj calls me ashweriya rai, kala is disgusted. tara calls kala witch, they have cat fight, mj ask kala to take off bomb, kala ask servant to take off bomb, he is already struck with his wife, they takes off bomb, kala thinks that there is till something which I cant see, there is something fishy about this bablu, I have to find.

Scene 2
nimmo says to tara that you saved this drama, they make fun if tara’s face pack, mj says you were looking beautiful, tara says now she should be sure that you are bablu, mj says not now, mj gets kala’s call. mj talks to her, kala sasy you bablu, I am kalavati speaking, you have to meet me tomorrow, mj says why I have no interest in meeting you, kala says I can make you rich in night, bablu says okay then I will meet you, he ends call, mj says don’t you think she accepted our drama so easily, tara says don’t you think its dangerous to go there, mj says we don’t have any other option, mj says soon rudra will come out in open, tara ask guru you know what you have to do, he nods.

Scene 3
kala sasy to her servant that I thought about bablu a lot, the way killed mj, its sure that he is not mj but the way he came in my life, the way he bumped and came in our pooja, its all not coincidence and seeing his height and body, I have a doubt that he can be leader of face covered gang but I am not so sure.

Scene 4
kala’s servant bring him to kal’s den, mj says to kala to tell fast how to become rich, are you giving me chaat stall, kala says think different, think big, mj says burger stall, kala sasy you always think about food, I am thinking about very big game, very high, mj says my dada used to say that don’t see so high your neck will have sprain, kala says you have to drama and have to act and stay there as mrityunjay, mj says no never I will not act, kala sasy how much you earn from chaat stall? mj says 1000 per day, kala says I will give you 100000 per day to act like mj, bablu/mj says then I will become mj’s dad, son, dog, cat anything. kala says good but we have to check 1st that you are not our enemy so take off your shirt, mj says no I cant, my manliness is for my wife only, I love her, I am not like that, kala points gun at him and sasy either take off your shirt or die here now. mj is stunned.

PRECAP- tara is tensed in her room that mj didn’t call me, don’t know how is he, don’t know what kala is doing with mj, if something bad happens..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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