Ek Boond Ishq 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj is recalling the accident which happened five years back, he cant drive and his head start aching, tara ask are you fine? they loses sight of kala’s car, they are tensed, kala comes to some isolated place and takes out pari from car, she throws away pari’s bracelet and leaves from there with pari, mj and tara comes to same spot and finds car empty, they look around for pari, tara find pari’s bracelet on ground and shows it to mj, they see pari shouting from jungle and goes there, mj and tara are running behind kala in jungle, pari is shouting for balli.
om checks blood pressure of his mother, mother is calling for sia in unconscious state, she starts chocking, om checks her, he gives mother injection, mother sleeps, mannat ask what happened to mother? om says maybe she is in state of shock, the blast and sia running away, we have to bring sia back in house, mannat ask how, as tara has.. om looks at her for calling her tara, mannat gets call and leaves the room.
mj and tara comes to some dark place following pari, they find pari sitting on stool, they go towards pari, kala says some poetic lines, mj hugs pari, kala comes there ad says if you want pari’s safety then stay where are you standing, don’t hug her tightly otherwise bomb will blast, you wont be able to save anyone as the stool on which pari is sitting, there is bomb beneath that stool, if you take pari from stool then bomb will blast, mj ask pari to not move from stool, mj ask laado what this small has done to you, leave her, kala says yes but I will punish her only as 5 years back, I ran away from your house with pari only, mj recalls the accident, laado says alongwith pari I got servant(mj) in free, mj recalls how he used to do wrong work for laado, laado says I got buy one get one free offer, tara says pardon us, earlier too you made me away from pari and mj, you killed my family and now you want to kill that innocent pari, kala says I don’t have word pardon in my dictionary, kala says I killed mj’s parents, his brother and sister, all family, mj recalls how tara told him same thing about laado, laado says only these two are remaining to be punished, I involved mj in rape case but his father saved him, when I tried to kill you by hanging you then your mother saved me, when accident happened then his memory got lost but he was fine, mj recalls how many times tara tried to tell him truth, how many time she pleaded him to listen to her, kala is pointing gun at mj, mj says I am sorry tara, you tried telling me truth but I didn’t listen to you, I thought she is laado who raised me up from childhood but you are kalawati, my biggest enemy, kala says what? you didn’t got your memory back in marriage? I thought that you got it back so I did all this, she says leave it now, now you have got your memory back and you have to save pari, how will you? what will you do my loin, she says to tara that you are clever, you tried to show me that you are sia but you failed, you tried to make mj recall his memory but failed because my fate is very good, she says to mj that till you were balli you were useful but now you got memory and you are useless, she ask what kind of death you want, tell me.

Scene 2
vaibhav calls mannat and says I am breaking up with you, forever, mannat says what are you saying, vaibhav says I am tired of running from om, laado,balli. I want to live peacefully, you can come to me to start a new life, mannat says how can I leave om? he has done many crimes and he has to get punished, viabhav says we did crimes too so punishment should be ours too, he ask her to leave all this and come to him, mannat says no I cant forget what om did to her, vaibhav says ok its all on you, you have to choose between love and revenge, I am staying at same place for sometime, you can come to me but leaving everything behind, he ends call, mannat cries and breaks things around.
mj says to laado that if you want yourself alive then don’t leave me alive, kala says I am fasting so I will kill one person only, ok I will leave pari’s life but tara and you have to decide who will be killed, she sings some song and points at tara to be the person to be killed.
mannat is crying and says I cant forget vaibhav to see om behind bars, I lost him earlier too, his baby who was in my belly, I lost him too but not now, I will choose my happiness, she takes out doll from her cupboard and hugs it, she caresses doll and says I will go far away from this place, the place where no one will be around, only me and vaibhav.

Scene 3
mannat has packed her luggage and has doll in her hand, she is leaving house, om comes to her and ask where are you going with this bag, mother is ill, sia has run away from house so you cant go on holiday, go back to your room, when everything will be fine then go on holiday, he ask her to go inside, mannat curtly eyes om and goes back to her room.
kala ask mj whom to kill first, tara says kalwati, kala says this option is not included, only tara and mj are the option, tara says if pari’s life can be saved by killing me then kill me and I have taken the pain of being widow earlier, I cant become widow again, I want to die as married women, kill me, kala says wow, I worship you tara, mj says don’t touch tara or pari, you used me when I trusted you, I have to balance many things with you, don’t make the mistake of leaving me alieve, kala says everything is finished but your ego has not gone. ok I will kill you first, she points pistol as mj.

PRECAP- mj ask tara to not plead infront of kala,what you think that she will leave pari and me after killing you? tara says if she wants to kill all of us then start from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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