Ek Boond Ishq 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
kala’s eunuchs sees mj and are dumbstruck, he suddenly disappears, they are all the more scared and sasy where he went.
mj comes in villa from window in night, he comes in hall and comes upstairs, nandu sees his shadow and ask who is there, she is scared, tara comes there, nandu is approaching mj but he hides, nandu ask who is there, mj tinks if move little then nandu can see my face, adi comes in hall, tara points him something, he goes and switches off light from main, nandu ask who is there, there was someone, tara comes and shouts thief thief, adi switches on light and comes to them, nandu says you shouted so thief must have ran away, adi says tara nandu stopped robbery today, he sasy meethi came here and thieves are coming too, nandu winks at tara. adi says nandu don’t worry go to sleep. she leaves, adi and tara smiles.
at den, kala slaps her eunuch and ask why I slapped you, she says because we couldn’t catch mj, she slaps again and says I slapped you because its not allowed to work for me after drinking and you were intoxicated, she says I was not intoxicated, kala sasy then how you can see mj remember we killed him by our own hands, all say we have seen mj swear on surriya, kala sasy don’t lie on surriya. kala says how can ghost be seen by everyone, whom they have seen.

Scene 2
mj says you all saved me today from nandu. tara says eat food, tara says nandu havnt seen you, mj sasy kala’s men have seen me, tara says will kala believe that you are alive, mj says no she thinks she had kill me with my own hands so till she not see me with her own eyes she will not believe, tara says so kala should see you, mj says but where, tara says I know that today is eunuchs pooja in mandir so kala must be there, mj says then I will go. tara hugs him and says I lost you once due to kala but I cant let this happen again, mj sasy don’t worry we will grow old together and we will eat together but with no teeth, tara smiles but again gets sad and says think again she is very dangerous, mj sasy we don’t have any choice and nothing will happen, believ me, he kisses her forehead and ask her to make him eat food, she feeds him.

Scene 3
kala with her companions is doing pooja to her lord, mj comes ther from behind, all are stunned, mj comes to kala and turns her behind, kala turns and is beyond shock to see mj standing infront of her. kala blabbers mrityunjay, mj says in other tone that ohoo you are chanting maha mrityunjay, this is new mantra, he says mantras is different and prays other matra, he say why are you angry, I will not stop you, do whatever you want, I will not do anything, my dada told me to not interfere others, whenever I didn’t listen him I got in problem, he says I will leave now. kala’s men stops his path he sas sorry I told you naa that I came in city few time back I don’t know anything here, I came here by mistake, he sits in kala’s feet and says ow finish it let me go I came here as I dint know you people are doing prayers, he runs from ther while kal is confused that is he mj or not.

Scene 4
guru meets tara and ask about mj, he says mj told me that we wil meet here, where Is h, tara says he is fine and he went to meet kala, guru says what if kala sees him, tara sasy he went to show face to kala, guru prays fro his safety.
mj is in kala’s custody, he sasy will you guys punish me for such small mistake, kala sasys shut up, she ask how do you alive? mj sasy how can I answer your question, I was born 18 20 years ago, kala says how you got saved? mj says save? no I am caught by you, kala sasy did you not die? mj no I died on a girl 18 years ago, she came to my goll gappa stall and I died there on her, I was 9 years old and she was 8 years, mj bores kala so kal shouts at him to stop it mrityunjay, mj shouts that you are calling me with wrong name and asking me to shut up, mj says what if I call you with wrong name, what is your name, tell me, one eunuch says she is kalvati, mj sasy what kind of name is this, kala stares, mj sasy no its good, if I call champavati how will you feel, same way I felt bad, my name is bablu churasiya its similar like mrityunjay, mj sasy look mrityunjay is lord and we also call him bam bam bole so bum for ba and bole for lo and it makes bablu, all are bored with him, he ask kal to let him go.
guru says will kala believe this story of bablu, tara sasy kala will not believe on story of bablu but she will try to find about him so we will make her believe that he is not mj. guru says I understood.

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