Ek Boond Ishq 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 15th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara says i am ready to sign on papers right now but please free me, nandu says congrats husband we got what we wanted, rudra says the why delay, he gives her papers and ask her to sign,tara opens papers and sign on them thinking something, she gives it to rudra and says you won rudra congrats i lost, rudra says this day had to come, what you thought that evil will not win, in this era evil dances and enjoys and good suffers, screams and looses to evil. he says you are free now, he says now we dont need you and you need freedom so i am giving you freedom from this evil world, you will die so this pain will end, he points gun at her, nandu is stunned too, someone calls rudra and says inspector has come, they comes down in hall, yug is with inspector who says that yug is saying tara is lost and you are involved in it, can you tell when did you see her last, tara says 2 minutes back, she says this is fake news, yug says i listened that you were in jungle, tara says i went there so what, inspector leaves. tara ask yug how are you, he says fine, and i listened what happened here, tara says i have reason for all this, she says my mom have gone crazy, she was favoring meethi and my father in law was torture so i threw him out, yug says you were not like that, tara says i changed as money came to me, yug leaves from there. nandu says why you lied and saved us? you could have said that rudra was about to kill, why you didnt tell them what happened with you, tara says i understood things lately, even if i told everything to them you guys would have proved me wrong then whats the need to say truth, and why should i tell everything to yug to save my life, i dont wanna live as if rudra leaves me then that covered face gang will kill me as i have seen their place and their leader’s face too, rudra says what, now you killing is cancel, you will take me to them, tara says no i cant, rudra says else i will hurt your family, tara says i signed papers to get out of this blackmailing, rudra says its last blackmail, tara says okay but i have one condition, i will take you to their place and will show you their leader’s face then you will have to kill me, rudra happily says yes why not, i will kill you with my hands. tara gets flashback of baba instructing her to sign on papers and tells rudra that she knows about their gang then you will inform us and we will reach out to you for any information.

Scene 2
adi gets a call from doc and informs meethi that baba is coming back, she says i have to do alot of work, adi says dont worry i am here, he puts hand on her shoulder, meethi gets uncomfortable and says you go and bring baba and i will do work here.
in jungle, mj is punching bag madly, his hands bleed. mj says to guru ji that when tara needs me i am not with her, i want to give her strength but i left tara with kalavati, he is angry and says how much she bear when she had to see me dying, when she had to throw baba out of house, when she had to insult her mom.

Scene 3
aradhna says to yug that now you believe tara is changed, he says yes she was saying all that but she was not looking in my eyes, her face was saying something else, she was protecting rudra, saying things against you and baba, i cant digest these things, there is something which is hidden.
in jungle, guru says to mj to not get angry. mj says infront of tara’s pain my pain is nothing, guru ask why you cant kill kala in one go, mj says i cant give her easy death, we have to give her pain sorrows, torture like she had given to dadu, tara. guru says i pray for you, mj says pray for my tara that she gets out of kala’s clutches.
in villa, rudra is planning and plotting with his men to attack that gang, tara thinks that he is doing so much planning and i am not able inform them. some man comes to take used things, its mj in disguise. rudra says we have nothing to sale, mj says nandu called me here, rudra says she is not here, go now, tara says i will give it to him as nandu will get angry, she sits infront of mj and gives him things, tara sees bansuri and understands its gang member, rudra leaves from there, tara says attack is planned tomorrow fro three sides on your place, mj says good, mj gives her money and their hand touches, tara looks in his eyes.

PRECAP- rudra gets fake mustache which mj was wearing, tara gets tensed and says we should postpone our attack, rudra says attack will not be tomorrow but today right now, tara is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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