Ek Boond Ishq 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jairaj is watching mj and ridra’s conversation on the video. He says why is mj behaving so weird. tara says you have so much left to see. Come with me I have to show you so much else. She takes him to the library. She is rummaging through the books. Suddenly the door to Kala’s alcove opens. She goes in and says look baba come in. jairaj is shocked to see all hat. She says baba this is kala’s room. He recalls when tara was saying that before and he didn’t believe her. Adi comes and sasy come baba come downstairs. they look at the tv. kala says come bublo. jairaj says why is kala calling him bublo ? Mj says rudra wanted to me to meet, If you get all the money how will you give me everything. Kala says you care a lot about your money. Mj says no I care about your money too but it would have been bettef if I could get my money. Kala says go and bring his money. Mj says come soon I don’t like waiting for money. kala’s worker give him the money and says you must no have seen this much money in your whole life. He pretends like he is fainting tosee that much money together. He says I have never seen this much money in my whole life. Rudra comes and says sign the papers now. Mj asks her servant where is kala. Call her and I am counting the money by then. Rudra says in kala’s voice I am here. Mj says where is rudra ji now ? Whats happening. When rudra is here kala is not. kala turns. One side of him is kala and the other is of rudra. Mj pretends like he is shocked. But jairaj is the one actually shocked. Mj laughs and says oh my God. Its like you are 50 50. Kala is you and rudra is you as well. Jairaj is in tears. he says come downstairs and sign the papers. Mj sits on the chair and says I have to look better for the camera. He signs the papers. Kala holds the file and hugs it.He says finally I have got what was mine. mj says tell me one thing. Rudra must have this money. Kala says kala and rudra are one and they will always be. Kala is a truth and rudra is just a face to hide that truth.

Jairaj comes there and says that face has been taken off today. tara and adi and everyone is with him too. Jairaj says this is your truth. You did this all to get the property. You must have asked me. I would have given my everything to you. Kala says be quite, I never wanted your favor. What was my fault that I was born as a transgender. Was my birth my fault ? My dada never looked at me . He used to play with you. He was ashamed to look at me to accept me. he sent me to an orphanage in my childhood. He made me like this. What about the the girl that was inside me. He gave the toys of boys when I wanted to play with doll. He used to hit me so bad when I wanted to wear those girly clothes. He wanted to live me life of a man. he gave my everything to you. I had to take revenge from you. I had to show the world that your sons are worthless. I blamed mj of rape. So people would kniw that your son is not GOd. Then you brought tara in that house and she became a wall for you. She got to know my truth. I had to blackmail her. I married her sister for that. I told her that I will kill mj on holi and I did as I said.

Jairaj says so much was happening to my son and his wife and I didn’t even know. jairaj says you killed your nephew Bhai sahib. kala says I wanted to see you in pain. But it was just less so I forced her to throw you out of your own house.

jairaj looks at tara and says just to save my life you kept on putiing up with all that they did to you. I was so wrong about you. Please forgive me. I am so embarrassed. tara says no its not your mistake. Don’t apologize me. We were all behaving like she wanted to do. kala says oh this love and drama. it brought tears in my eyes. I would have killed this tara the day she name the property to me but my dad he said if tara gets killed everything will be given to a trust. then that gang was after me. I was lucky enough to get that man bubloo. He is a chat seller. I made him like mj and made all of you fool. Some players get out on 99. I am not from them. I am the one who kill the umpire just to get their 100th run. He points the gun at jairaj and says now you better get ready to die.

Mj says listen to me rudra bhaiya why you get angry at everything. Kala says shut up bubloo. Mj says you have to listen to my story if not then you have to listen ti my woman. tara says what you thought that you are the only player here. that day when you killed mj it wasn’t him. It was your man. Maa and govin saved mj. The gang thatw as annoying you. Their leader was no one but my Mj. Tara tells her the whole story. Mj says you kept on becoming a fool. today all of the property has been name to mj. kala is shocked.

Precap- Kala says you played so well mj. You saved your family from me and my bullets but who will save you from my knife. He stabs him with a knife. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god save my mj!
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  2. save MJ plxx… save her from thi kalavati.. :3

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