Ek Boond Ishq 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 13th January 2014 Written Update

At night, MriARa in the hospital room rest .. a nurse tip toes into the room and tries to fill the syringe to sedate MJ..but MriARa wake up and observe this.. Mj asks the nurse not to sedate him.. Taara to wakes up and asks her not to force things on her MJ..its the quest of sleep..she’ll let MJ to sleep.. saying so Taara sweety creases her husband hair..putting the gut to sleep (and I thought she’d sing lala lala lori for him VicHa are excellent actors.. this scene was one addition to those n number examples of them begin awesome actors.)
Kallo waltz around MriAra’s room and tries to distract Taara’s attention from MJ and lures her to come out of the room… Taara walks..wonders..in the corridors of the VIP ward and there is no one around.. Kallo’s face of wid Tara..

Tara recognizes those scary crazy eyes of Kallo , Kallo covers Taar’s mouth wid ehr hand ..Tara struggles and runs she is all terrified.. Kallo chases Tara.. Tara gets chased she runs.. screaming MJ’s name… at one point she even nears the room where Mj lays..Mj couldn’t hear his wife..but after the wife runs way far away..he wakes up and calls for Tara..and due to the stress n sleep he dozes off..
Kallo wonders around MJ’s room (without harming him..now he has Tara to take care of)

Best part..Yug teh detective… best detective of the year..finds out the exact doc who operates ops SECRETLY operated RAdha, he inquires abt the gal’s existence, if she is alive or not.. the doc says only if he gives her the promised amount.. Yug gets to know that the gal is alive..now Yug digs deeper and lures the doc by promising her more money and asks abt the address.. but before she could say a word someone covers the doc’s mouth, threatening to kill her( now that tara is gonna go to his house..she better learns some skills from him)

Back here Taara runs to the terrace.. (koi aur direction nai mila..direct uper janey ka itna shok hai! Ab tak hubby ko shok chada thaa aur ab tum..!) Tara is now trapped by Kallo, Kallo says that she has come there to take her revenge as she has interrupted her pooja and is now helping her enemy MJ.. Tara is shocked to hear this.
MJ opens his eyes with great difficulty and sees the nurse around and inquires abt his wife.. then she gives MJ the injection and goes away..(what did the nurse give him..a sedative or ENERGY PILL)

Tara begs Kallo to leave her..and even says infact offers to postpone her revenge plan later as her husband MJ is unwell.. (what yeh kya airtel offer hain jo tumharein kheney par post pone hogaa)
Kallo then corners Taar literally and makes her stand on the terrace railing..she gives Taara a black cloth and asks her to blind fold herself..she threatens MJ’s little wify to walk on the trail of the railing… Kallo removes her mask..

Back here Aradhna is woken up by a nightmare of her daughter Taara..she wakes Nandu up by accidentally throwing down some bowl.. Nandu gets up and says now she won’t get sleep.. ARdhna misses those good old days when her lap was occupied with the heads of her two daughters.. Nandu lies down on her moms’s lap
They remember how Nandu n Tara used to play all night if they ever woke up in the middle of their sleep.. how Nandu would always win in the competition where they have to walk with high heels on a trail of single line.. Nandu demos it again..at the present moment..
At the same time,.. the fun which she had in following a tail of line wid heels has come true- become a cruel reality where she had to walk on the thin trail pf railing with those heels and with her eyes blinded… irony,,she had to win this time.. win will give her life. As Kallo promises of Tara reaches the other side of the railing wid her eys closed she’d spare Tara.
Ardhna feels uneasy.. the connect (the invisible umbilical cord) which connects her to her daughter Taara.. she would feel first of her child is in any peril..and it was one such incident when she had overwhelming emotions.

MJ reaches the terrace at the correct time and observes the torture that is begin directed at his wife by Kallo.. he shouts her name.. Kallo is all shook up seeing MJ infront as her identity would be at stake she runs away from there …pushing Taara bachu off the edge ( MJ dude at least u should have had some sense..who scares his wife when she is in such dangerous position..)

MJ runs wincing in pain to the place and shouts his Tara’s name but he couldn’t hear any answer..he worries and cries her name..
The next morning the doc inquires abt MJ n Taara from their room..who happen to be missing..
But our LOVE BIRDS have flown from the danger hospital and are in a cable sitting beside each other- feeling safe- feeling reassured of each other’s existence in their lives..

She asks what he thinks…he replies ‘last night’s fiasco’

Flash back:
MJ desperately searches n shouts for his wife…and he observes Tara’s hands struggling to catch hold of the pipe she holds.. MJ says he’d help er n not to worry.. MJ some how gets down to the attic and pulls his wife up of that dark khayee kinda place..they share a passionate hug they share their pain in that embrace..(felt quite funny..wid BG coming outta nowhere.. agar last week dikhatey toh I might even would have felt bad..but now)


Mj takes Taara to Aradhna..
Taara is happy to see her mom and holds her husband’s hand to take him in..but the man signals that its all her now..he is not gonna come wid her. .

Update Credit to: sankalp

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  1. I hope they find out about rudra/ kalawati soon and hop nothing happens to Radha and mriara afterewards

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