Ek Boond Ishq 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
nandu says to mj that tara is your wife but she is marrying someone else, save her, she needs you, mj thinks.
marriage is in full swing, tara is sadly sitting in mandap. nandu says to mj that don’t think much, you are mj and you married my sister in jail, mj recalls how tara took him to jail and created same marriage scenario, nandu says you were alleged for the crime you never did, you were an orphan, shikhawat family gave you name, you used to live alone, your hobby was of photography, mj recalls how tara trying to make him remember past, gave him camera and said you know how to use it and how he clicked tara’s picture. nandu says your own paternal uncle used to do the crimes, he killed your whole family, she was kalwati too, mj recalls how tara said same thing to him, mj is frustrated, nandu says I know tara tried to say these things to you but you don’t have your memory, I know you love my sister, you have love for her in your heart, it is seen in your eyes and eyes never lie, do what your heart is saying, mj recalls their recent past close moment, how they celebrated tara’s birthday, how she hugged him.

Scene 2
kala comes to her room and doesn’t find amrapali, she tries to find the remote but couldn’t, she finds box and opens it but there is shoes inside, she thinks where it must be.
pundit ask to bring bride’s parents, vidant says I am her brother, I will fulfill all rituals, pundit gives tara’s hand in om hand, vidant starts kanydan, kala sees this and thinks that marriage is getting over and don’t know where is amrapali. mj is in tension, amrapali gets kala’s call, mj takes the phone from her ad puts it on loud speaker, kala says on call that where is remote? I am not able to find it, marriage is about to end and we have to do the blast with remote to kill tara, mj and nandu are shocked., mj beats amrapali a lot, amrapali becomes unconscious.
kala comes down in hall and finds kids playing with remote, she thinks what if the press the remote, kala ask the kids to give remote to her, kids ask her to show them magic first, kala thinks how to show them magic, those baba’s are great who make people fool for year, she threatens kids, they give remote to her.
mj gives pari’s hand to nandu and ask her to take care of pari while she goes to save tara.
kala thinks that now tara is going to die in her marriage only, her bridal dress dupatta will become her death dress only, tara recalls her marriage with mj, their naughty and romantic moments and how mj didn’t trust her that she is tara, tara is hurt and wipes her tears. pundit ask bride and groom to stand for pheras, tara stand up with om and is about to start the pheras when she is stopped by mj, he holds her hand, tara gets happy seeing him, tara recalls how she said that soon he will remember every moment of theirs, she smiles to mj and finds nandu and pari up stairs, nandu smiles to tara, kala is shocked to find nandu there, nandu is afraid of her, kala thinks what nandu is doing here and she with pari? I think both the sisters have made mj recall his memory, I have to finish this game, kala thinks that finally mj held tara’s hand but now they both will die in bomb blast like Laila and majnu, she is about to press the button but then thinks its not good to press it now as I will be killed too so I have to go away from the range of bomb, she is going away when amrapali comes, she throws amrapli away, mj looks at kala and starts taking off dupatta from tara, just when he throws dupatta in air, kala presses the button and bomb is blasted in air only, mj hugs tara, chaos is created, kal takes pari from nandu and starts leaving from there, she makes pari sit in car and takes her away, mj and tara sit in other car and goes behind kala. om comes there and ask guard to stop them, he ask him to take out his car, he says its must be mj with whom she ran away. om’s mother ask where is sia? mannat says she has run away with her body guard, mother says my sia cant do this, its smoke in hall, mannat ask mother to come out of there as she is choking in there but mother is concerned about sia. mother is getting heart attack, mannat calls om, he comes there, om ask mannat to call doctor, he takes mother to hospital, nandu says to vidant that I have to say something to you, vidant says not now, I will have to bring sia back and I wont leave that balli, he leaves, nandu is tensed,
laado is going in car with pari, pari is shouting for balli, mj and ara are following kalwati, tara ask mj to drive fast.
nandu comes infront of mirror, she says you have lost nandu, you went to mj and told him everything with much difficulty for pari but we couldn’t save her and now what will I do, vidant have no place for me in his heart or in his room as vidant loved the the nandu which he knows but I have hidden many things from vidant, vidant doesn’t know this nandu, I am nandani rudra pratap and my sister hates me, I have nothing now, vidant will never accept me as he will get to know the truth as he is behind kalawati now, I am lost, I have lost everything, she looks at vidants photo and hugs it, she says please forgive me.
mj and tara are following kala, pari is shouting for help, mj says I will not let anything happen to pari, tara says don’t worry pari, we are coming, mj says nothing will happen, mj is following kala’s car and suddenly he recalls how 5 years back he was following kala with tara sitting beside him in same and asking him to drive faster otherwise kala will kill the child and now tara is asking him to drive faster as she will kill pari, mj loses his concentration, tara ask are you fine, mj is in shock state.

PRECAP- mj and tara come out of car and shouts for pari, tara find pari’s locket on ground and shows it to mj, they see pari shouting from jungle and goes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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