Ek Boond Ishq 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

at site, mj says to surriya that now fight will be face to face now so why are you giving up your life to tell about me when I myself will come out in open t fight. surriya puts down the gun and says kala will love to play this game, mj says 1st switch off this bomb, inspector thinks that he is going to blast bomb and fires at surriya, surriya dies, mj tries to switch off bomb, inspector coms there and fires at mj, it hurts him at arm, tara shouts no.
nandu gives water to nimmo and says thank god I saved you by wooden stick, nimmo thinks I know you have given me current only and now pretending to be savior, nandu ask are you fine, nimmo says you saed me today otherwise.. nandu says don’t say like this, nimmo grins but says you have indebted me, how can I pay back you, I have nothing, nandu says you have, you have adi, nimmo looks at her.

mj turns off bomb and runs from there till police comes there, tara says what you did, he saved our life and you fired at him, inspector says they are enemy, it can be their play, he ask tara did you see gang member’ face, tara sys no I was terrified, he says why did you scream when I shot at gang member, tara says I am common women, so I shouted seeing firing.
nandu and nimmo comes to give adi injection, nimoo says don’t give it today, I can try for what you asked, adi pretends and gets up, he says nimmo you here, these sisters are very bad, nimmo says no adi I got to know that nandu is very innocent, adi says no, nandu says yes I give you injections as I was ordered by tara, nimmo says tara brought me here to make me servant and nandu saved my life today and put her life in danger by not giving you injection, nandu comes to adi and opens his ropes, she says you can go but tara will not leave me.

mj is injured, they hide from police, mj is having bullet in his hand, guru says I will take it out, mj says no you have to go to our place in jungle and ask all our men to disperse from that place as police can find us, guru says I will not leave you like this in pain, mj says its important that one of us should be with our gang so go from here, inform our men to leave den, guru goes leaving mj reluctantly.
nandu says to adi that you can go from here and forgive me, nimmo says tara will hurt you, nandu says I will bear it for adi as I am doing this for adi, adi comes and pretends saying you love me so much then why you married rudra, nimmo says he is her savior, she was committing suicide but rudra saved her and married her, they don’t share any relation. adi says I wish I had no relation with meethi, nimmo says promise me adi that you will try to accept nandu as yours while living here, adi says I will try I promise, nandu gets happy and thinks tara was right to make adi’s mom on her side, nimmo thinks that now its time fro new plot.

in jungle, mj is hiding and is having pain, police is searching for him, they find blood stains but couldn’t find mj so goes from there.
tara with inspector comes to villa, nandu comes there and ask about rudra, inspector says It was game of kidnappers, there was no rudra there, I have found about their place in jungle and police went there, inspector gets call and informs that they ran from their den, inspector says their leader was injured by my bullet so he will go in clinic then we will catch him, nimmo and tara is tensed, nandu says don’t now where is rudra, she goes from there. nimmo ask what is all this, tara tells that inspector fired at him, it struck his hand, I don’t know he is he, where is he, maa my mj should be alright, I cant loose him now, nimmo says don’t worry he is here to win against evil, these small injuries will not affect him, she ask her to go in room else nandu can doubt us. tara comes in her room tensed and finds blood stains on ground, mj is lying there in corner of room wincing in pain, she comes to him and ask are you alright, she closes door and says what are you doing here, mj says this is safe place as you are here, tara says I will call doctor, mj says call police then, he says it is not good to call doctor. mj says to tara that you have to take out bullet, tara says how can I? if something happens, mj says I trust my rat, tara says but I don’t, mj says go in kitchen and bring hot knife, tara says what will I say to nandu, he says make some story and ask her to go out from house, tara ask what should I say to her? he says I love you, tara says what I will say that to her? mj says its for you, tara says I love you too, I will do something to make nandu go out. nandu comes there and knocks her door, she calls out tara’s name, tara and mj gets tensed.

PRECAP- nandu finds blood stains on mat in tara’s room while mj hide behind curtains, tara is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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