Ek Boond Ishq 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 12th December 2013 Written Update

Kala is boasting herself as always..with her alter confidence that she can grab a flying eagle, and this gal who threatens him by calling is gonna be soon paying for her acts..

Then the same lady calls him (I better call her a lady until I see her face ..cause she can be of any age).. she says that it isn’t that difficult for her to forget her voice…anyone who would hear her will mock her (Kala’s) fear.. Kala asks as to where she is…the caller says that she can never reach her.. but she has all her eyes in her (Kala). She ridicules Kala pointing out that she couldn’t even hide an old man.. Kala counters that she is scared She says that she is not scaring her but..warning..Although she knws Kala is fearless but RP can be threatened as the elections are round the corner..


anxiously shouts that she will not leave her.. the lady says, first she needs to catch her in order to leave! (they show a woman in dark..with quite a few medicines kept on the table) She tells that she is gonna be Kala’s nightmare..and would never let herself get caught… and bashes Kala saying that she is a weak person… she or her riches can never enough to catch her.
The lady hangs the ph up..

BAck at Shekhawat mansion.. MJ in his dark room gets reminded of his wife’s questions.. how she wants to know of the event that occurred on the 27th of November last year..
MJ is as to how will he be able to make Tara understand not to run after the truth.. how could he ever possibly tell her, what all she is gonna burn in that burning truth she resolves seeks.

MJ” I don’t want even the shadow of that truth to fall on her life..but she would never understand and would never WANT to understand.. how shall I make her understand..this stupid(bewakoof), stubborn(ziddi), mad and foolish gal” in the process of bashing his wife..MJ hits the stool so hard that he hurts his leg.
He then limps towards a chair around and sits on it nursing his pain..in the process he remind himself of the UC fiasco.. Tara’s stupid act of burning UC.

MJ “the gal doesn’t seem to have an idea of what she has snatched off me.. She just didn’t burn down the stable.. but destroyed a part of his..those where just not which she burnt.. those where the way through which he could peek back to his treasured memories. Now stupid gal believes that she’d manage to get the truth out of him..which he’d never let her do..” He says that he has buried that truth deep inside of him and would never let it out…

Yug and Nandini walk towards their place from the police station.. Nandu seems disturbed on inquired by YUg she says that she’d go all by her own..as she needs to go to one of her friend’s place.. even after Yug’s insists Nandu asks him to carry on..

Nandini sits on a bench near by and check the magazine she brought from the station.. she discovers that MJ is accused of Murder and worst kind of assault towards a woman.. and is horrified. She couldn’t believe her eyes that her sweet jeej is a criminal. She wonders if Tara knws it..

In the dark room.. Mj gently gets up and straighten the chair..as he does that he sees a shadow grow..opening the door.. he find Nimmo at his place.. Nimmo tells him he must be feeling sad after that UC fiasco..it was so close to his heart..he must be feeling devastated seeing it in ashes.. she assures him that she’d do her best to repair the place.. Then she asks him to join them for dinner..
MJ feels loved for the first time..

Meethi is home.. everyone welcome her back..Tara says Adi missed her a lot, she asks them to hug..MJ also arrives there… Tara vows that she’d make that fake acting of Adi true..and would never let Nandu ruin their life.

Nandu compares her situation with that of Tara’s as even she was kept in dark by Adi of his marital status.. She feels cheated. She calls Adi and says that she will not leave him alone.. Adi replies that she better not throw those filmy dialogues at him and bore him.. to which she counters that there was time he would do anything to meet her and now she is bore..she warns him that she’d not leave him so easy..as he has become her obsession. She threatens him that she’d blurt everything of their relationship..and then both of them would have to face the music.. so he better does what she says..

Tara goes to her room and utters seeing it messed “Oh lord what a mess, the man thinks that his wife is gonna clean it”
As she puts the books in the racks.. she laughs at her own say.. she is indeed his wife! but what would that change.. he too has to acknowledge that she is his wife (was expecting MJ would come at least nowbut he never comes) he too should be doing things by which one would know that he has accepted her.. why doesn’t he let her clean up the mess he has in his MIND..why can’t just say what happened on the 27th of November.. but he either stays silent or starts a fight..
TAra ” Though I dn’t think we’ll be ever compatible.. they are gonna be at logger’s head all their life..”
She says to herself that even though she is gonna be away from her husband..but she’d certainly make Adi Meethi stay together forever.. NAndu is the only predicament..

NAndu is still not in terms believing the fact that Tara never let anyone know abt this..if mom gets to know she’ll be horrified. Nandu gets Tara’s call.. they have some stupid unnecessary and abso senseless talk..if the other wants to talk tara then warns NAndu to stay away from Adi as Meethi has come back..asks her to forget it as a nightmare. And if she does something stupid then she’ll tell everything to their mom.
After hanging up the ph.. Nadnu satires that she is thinking of saving someone’s relation while her own is made of lose strings..

Meethi brings everyone gifts..she asks if they missed her or Tara bahu never gave them a chance to do so.. Jayraj tells that no one can fill in her shoes.. Vasu loves her present.. Meethi inquires abt MJ.. MJ comes that moment.. she gives him a gift too. then RP passes by and MEethi asks him to join them.. Nimmo then asks everyone to eat and invites poor MJ to join them for the same. All are pleasantly surprised by Nimmo’s gesture.
Seeing this RP haves a silent laugh and thinks to himself that Slapping Adi has made Nimmo grow her motherly love for *poor* MJ, where till yesterday she used to ant him ..he now better does something abt this.

Wify continues with her rant..cleans his mess in literal sense too while she takes his files to stack them..she finds a few lose papers among them she finds air tickets from Bhopal to Delhi named MJ on the same date – 27th of Nov 2012.
She is now as always hell bent to kknwo more..she sneaks in Yajaraj’s room and checks out a few files.. then she finds the whole report of MJ’s case where she finds out that the murder and assault took place on the same date (27th nov 12) when MJ was out of Bhopal. She narrows downs to a conclusion that when MJ wasn’t even in Bhopal on those dates how could he be doing those crimes… why was he accused at the first place? Why is he enduring all this, if he is innocent..

Tara loves attracting trouble so she goes to the place where Radha’s dad hides.. Raghu observes Tara from the inside of the house where as Tara constantly knocking the door.. then two men happen to see her and try to man handle her..

Update Credit to: sankalp

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