Ek Boond Ishq 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara says to nandu that I have to save pari and for that I have to do this marriage, she ask nandu to go from here, she says one more thing, by destroying many people’s life, by hurting so many people, you will not remain happy, nandu gets tensed and goes from there. tara cries. nandu comes to vidant, she thinks I should tell vidant truth, I cant destroy so many lives for myself. kala says to amrapali that handle this police man, nandu says to vidant that she wants to say something to him, amrapali comes there and says babaji has asked that brother have to bring flower, vidant says I will bring it and goes from there. kalal coms down to mandap as vidant leaves the home, nandu hides seeing kala, mother ask mannat to go and bring sia down, kala says send her body guard, she must need security to come till here, mj goes to bring tara. he comes to tara, tara is emotional to see him, mj is mesmerized seeing tara and tensed too. mj says lets go, tara says look at me carefully, you must have not seen a dead body dressed as bride, she ask mj to come with her as its his duty to protect her. he takes her from her room, they start coming down stairs, nandu is tensed seeing tara sad, tara’s dupatta gets stuck in stairs, mj brings it out, tara and mj are going down, tara loses her balance and falls on mj, he holds her, they look at each other, nandu smiles, kala thinks that Juliet’s death body is getting Romeo’s support, what a love story. tara and mj finally comes down, om’s mother comes to tara and put black spot beneath her ear to save her from evil eye and praises her, mannat takes tara to mandap, tara sits beside om in mandap, her hand is given in hand of om, mj is confused and thinks should I believe you or not, should I call you sia or tara, he wipes his tears, nandu sees this and thinks that might be mj’s memory is gone but he loves tara still, mj thinks where is pari? he goes to se, nandu thinks I have to meet mj somehow. vidant comes there, he gives nandu flowers and ask her to give it to babaji, nandu says I have forgot my cell phone in room and goes from there, kala is shocked to see vidant there and thinks he came so fast, now I don’t have much time, I have to blast the bomb.

Scene 2
mj is finding pari but she is nowhare to be seen, he is tensed, nandu comes there and says she knows where is pari. nandu says I will tell you only when you promise me that you will stop this marriage.
kala ask amrapali to give him remote, amrapali says I don’t have it, you just gave me dupatta, kala says then it must be in my room, go and bring it, amrapali ges to bring the remote to blast the bomb. mannat make tara wear anklet.
nandu tells mj that the girl sitting in mandap is not sia but tara, she is doing this marriage forcefully, mj says so she trapped you too, nandu says I ma not lying now, I lied that day, I was thinking about my happiness only but now I am thinking about my sister, she is my sister, her name is tara and she is your wife, she is in problem, mj says I have nothing to do with her problem, just tell me where is pari? nandu says pari has become her problem? mj ask what? nandu says its not easy to make tara lose but she lose only for her own, today also she has lost this war for pari. she is doing this to save your younger brother’s only daughter who is in danger,, mj says my brother’s daughter?

Scene 3
marriage is going on, tara is sad, the kids hide om’s shoes.
nandu shows mj threatening letter and pari’s picture in which she shown as kidnapped. she says kalawati has kidnapped pari and this is the reason tara is sitting in mandap, mj says laado I wont leave you, nandu stops him and says be calm, if kala gets to know that you know everything then she will harm pari, we have to think where is pari, mj closely looks at picture and says this is store room of this house. he goes there, nandu goes with him.
kids comes to kala’s room to hide om’s shoes, they find remote there and takes it, they hide shoes and goes from there. mj comes to store room but its locked, amrapali sees him there and is shocked, mj finds him there and catches him, he says tell me where is the key of this house, he beats amrapali, amrapali says I don’t have the key, mj beats him and ask him to open the key.
in marriage, mannat does the gadh bandhan, kala thinks where is amrapali, why she didn’t bring the remote, I have to go and see, she goes to her room.
amrapali opens the door of store room, pari is kept there, he opens ties and ask pari are you fine? pari says she beat me, we will go from here, mj says yes we will go, nandu says she is very cute, she kisses pari and says she is same like aditiya, mj says why are you looking shocked, tara must have told you that pari is daughter of your brother, to save her, she is marrying om even when she is your wife, save her from this marriage, she needs you, mj thinks.

PRECAP- mj is in tension, amrapali gets kala’s call, mj takes the phone from her ad puts it on loud speaker, kala says on call that where is remote? I am not able to find it, marriage is about to end and we have to do the blast with remote to kill tara, mj and nandu are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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