Ek Boond Ishq 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
some lady comes to bus stand where rudra is pointing gun at mj, she stops him, flashback shows adi meets some lady(junior artist) and says you have to become suseela and remember suseela fights with everyone, she says okay, he says thanks priya even after knowing this drama is dangerous you are doing it, priya says mj once saved my life so its my turn to return back, fb ends, priya/suseela says to rudra that how dare you do like this with my husband, she ask where is kala, she says i was afraid that whether kala is making my bablu marry with eunuch, she says i will break your head, she shows her face to mj, he says suseela you, she says stop it and comes with me, she says to rudra that i will do that with you that you will sees suseela everywhere, amrapali puts injection to her and suseela becomes unconscious, mj starts crying thst my suseela left me, rudra says she is not dead but uncosncious, mj says thank god, rudra says she can die if you dont save her, mj ask what.

Scene 2
meethi says to nimmo that i know whether mj got fake suseela or not, nimmo says i was afraid of this only, 1st rudra took mj and tara there then he asked bablu to call suseela there, rudra wants to see whom mj will choose between tara and suseela, meethi says i am tensed, nimmo says dont, its not good for your health, meethi says there is one more tension nandu, she tells her everything that nandu wants to kill her child, nimmo says we have to do something with this nandu, nandu comes there and says i am big in relation with you nimmo and also in bithyness, you all played good game and now i will play game with you but openly unlike you, she says to meethi that i have some powder for you and that if i make you eat it that powder then your child will be killed, and i can mix that powder in anything, you have guess in which i mixed it, if you can save your child then save it, she goes.

Scene 3
rudra gives gun to mj, rudra ask who are you mj or bablu, he says i am bablu, why you gave me gun, rudra says i will decide whom you will shoot you will shoot tara, rudra has tied tara and suseela to chairs, he says you have to decide now, if you dont shoot tara then i will shoot your suseela, now choice is yours. rudra starts counting, mj says one minute, if i have to save one life then i will save suseela, i am sorry tara, he points gun at tara.
nimmo is making some dish for meethi, she brings it for meethi and says I have made it myself so eat it, nandu comes there, meethi gets afraid, nimmo says you cant put poison in it, nandu says what if I did it already, nimmo says she is just scaring you, I made it, nandu says I just need 20 seconds to put powder in it, tell me whether you didn’t remove your eyes from food for 20 seconds, nimmo says i am sure my my eyes from food move away for even 20seconds, nandu says okay eat meethi but dont tell me that i didnt infrom you, she goes. meethi sits and cries, nimmo says nandu is doing all this to make you scared, meethi says if by not eating my child is safe then i will not eat, nimmo hugs her.
mj is pointing gun at tara, he is shivering, he fires but there is no bullets in it, he recalls tara saying that dont care about do what kala, she will not hurt me as i am owner of property so dont fear about anything, fb ends, mj thinks that tara was right, mj ssays there is no bullet in it, rudra says yes, i was just taking your test, i was afraid that if you are bablu then you will kill my golden hen tara and if you are mj then you can do anything so i gave you gun without bullets, mj says you took my soul out of me, i am going now, rudra says you will go on shoulders , do you wanna go, mj says no tell me what i have to do.rudra get happy that he is bablu and says i will send her to hosspital, tell her that she was weak so became unconscious, once we reach bhopal, i will take her sign and this game will end.

tara hugs priya who became suseela, tara says you are very good, mj says no you are very very good, you did great for us, priya says dont thank me i just returned your favor. she sasy if you want then i can stay here as suseela for sometime till you expose suseela, mj says no need as i told rudra that suseela is going to her mother’s home, priya says if you need suseela again then.. tara says no need kala played many games but now her real face will out in open.
nandu comes to kitchen and sees serial made for meethi, nimmo and meethi watches her hiding, nandu says nimmo was being so smart but now i will mix this powder in this serial and her child will be killed, she puts powder in serial and turns, she is shocked to see jairaj standing there, he sternly faces her, nimmo and meethi are surprised too

PRECAP- all are in hall, rudra slaps nandu and says how can you even thinks to kill meethi’s innocent child, he drags her out of house and says dont come in this house till meethi’s child is born, nandu is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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