Ek Boond Ishq 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 10th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara crosses mj and runs from there, mj senses something and gets up, guru ask what happened, mj ask did you listen to any sound, he say no, there is nothing, sleep. tara is running in jungle, she sees two drunkards and ask them way to city, they say whats the need to go in city when we are here, they try to misbehave with her, tara runs from there and hits with tree, she falls unconscious.
in hospital, meethi says to adi why were you doing drama of asking forgiveness from me when you wanted divorce, i was wrong to think that you are for sorry for your mistakes, i thought nandu is your past, i thought she comes in between us but i was wrong i came inbetween you both, adi is n tears. she says thats why you are divorcing me, she gives him papers, adi shows her to sign,

she takes pen and recalls their sweet moments, she signs on papers, and says thanks for giving me freedom but dont tell about it till baba gets fine, adi says i wanted to say same, she leaves.

Scene 2
in morning, tara is sleeping in hut, she wakes up and sees that she is at same place from where she ran away, guruji comes with covered face and says to have tea, tara says stay away from me, tara says i will kill you, stay away, he says nothing happened with you, guru ji ask tara to calm down, she takes steel galss and says i will attack you be away from me, she throws glass at him, he says i am.. he uncovers his face, tara is shocked to see its guruji.. tara remembers w=him giving her locket in jail, she says baba you in this jungle, he says its a long story, you sit here and have tea, tara says you saved me last night from that goons, guru says no i didnt do anything, our leader saved you from them, you got unconscious, falshback shows mj fighting with drunkards, he beats them. tara says so i should thank him with saying that i am here in problem because of him, guru says you came here like kalavati, he didnt bring you here on his own, he saved you twice, he is not bad, tara says maybe he is not bad then kalavati but person with goons and guns, living here in jungle cant be right. he says if you think i am good person then believe me they all are good and prove of this that you are untouched safe here. mj listens to all this, he gets the flashback of last night after fighting with goons he comes to tara and caresses her face, he looks at her sadly and cups her face, ( ek boond ishq plays), he takes her in his arms . he while going back kepp looking at tara and thinks that i can listen to your heart beat but cant talk with you, i can see you but canr sit infront of you, fb ends. guru says to tara that if you want then i will leave you to your home but i want you to stay here and be the part of our gang who have responsibility of finishing kala’s doings, tara says my family is in trouble, he killed my mj and dadu, she tells him every torture of rudra, and jairaj in hospital, mj is listening to all this, she says thats why i came here as kalavati to save baba, i dont know how is he, if i am with you then he will kill my family, kala is very powerful, she will kill all, guru says why you think our leader is not strong, he has will to do something, we saved you from kala’s goons, tara says after so much happened i cant trust anybody, they are some people from jail how they can fight with kala, please send me back to home, he says okay and comes out. mj is standing there, guru pats him mj goes from there.

Scene 3
nandu comes to adi, she sees papers and smiles, she says i have read somewhere that husband should be strong, she says lets go and tell everybody, adi says i will tell later, nandu says no you will do it right now, he says what punishment is this, we have signed on it that is enough.
in jungle, guru says she has faced many problems, she is broken, why dont you tell her that you are alive, mj says no i cant tell her, i cant become her weakness again, i have seen tara fighting with world, i wanna see that tara again. guru says she wanna go back, mj says make arrangement for that.

Scene 4
nandu says to lower down voice adi, she says after your divorce your family should know about it, i am going to tell them, she leaves.
mj gets call and says okay, he tells guru ji that we got to know about her den now we can attack.

PRECAP- mj is in disguise wearing props and glasses and is at kala’s den, she wears glasses and says you are copying me wearing glasses, mj holds his gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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