Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir Is Released

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kayva opens room door and seeing Jahnvi there asks if she woke up so early. Kavya says yes and asks how is she and if she got Kabir’s info. Kavya says she is going to meet Kabir at military camp, so she wants Jahnvi to take care of Aarush till she returns. Jahnvi agrees. Kavya asks if she can take Manohar along to drive car. Jahnvi nervously says he has gone out on PK’s duty. Kavya leaves alone. Jahnvi walks into Aarush’s room who is awake and asks where is mamma. She says mamma went for some work and realizing her phone switched off switches it back again and sees Amma’s missed calls, reminisces Amma asking what she do with Manohar.

Dhruv walks into army headquarters and insists to meet Kabir. Officers stop him. Kavya walks in next and insists to free Kabir. Shaurya says Kabir knows terrorists’ whereabouts but is hiding, if he does not open up they will send him to army jail. Kavya says Kabir hid truth to protect her and Aarush, he does not know anything. She forcefully tries to end investigation room, but officers stop her. Dhruv takes her out.

Jahnvi calls Shayl and asks about Manohar. Shayl says Manohar is unconscious after long torture and she can relax. Manohar opens eyes. Jahnvi walks into PK’s room next and sees him practicing dialogues that Kabir is a traitor and not his son. PK asks if he is delivering his dialogues right, he will perform Kabir’s shraad/last rights to gain public sympathy. She asks what… He says he did ask her opinion. She walks out thinking he is more cruel than she thought and is not sparing even her son.

Dhruv takes Kavya out and says she should not have tried to enter interrogation room and break army rules. Kabir is brought out. Kavya says he is innocent. Special force team’s chief Shergill walks out next and says Kabir is innocent, he explains that Kabir isspecial force team’s officer and helped them nab traitor officers like Vyom, he would never reveal army secrets. Kabir thanks chief and says he could not serve army after bullet hit his leg during last mission, but he could keep mission secret. Army officers clap for Kabir.

PK returns home and seeing media outside his home acts as sad and says Kabir is not her son.. Kabir enters just then and Dadaji informs that Kabir is innocent, so army freed him. Reporter asks PK to complete his sentence. PK says Kabir is not his son but country’s son, he brought up Kabir to be a true patriot like him. Manohar frees himself and after torturing Amma and her team ties them. Jahnvi calls Shayl. Manohar throws phone away. Shayl says Pooja/Jahnvi will not spare him. Manohar hits Shayl and says Jahnvi did not she provoked her cruelest enemy.

Precap: Manohar ties Ishani above lake and over phone threatens Jahnvi to meet him if she wants Ishani alive. Kavya informs family that Jahnvi left in taxi hurriedly. Jahnvi meets Manohar and asks what he wants. He shoots rope and throws Ishani in lake. Jahnvi shouts Ishaniiii.

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