Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 27th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhurv surprises Jhanvi

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 27th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhurv track📈 Jhanvi and think 🤔why is she on such odd location??
Jhanvi and Manohar challenge each other by saying if Manohar get information of Jhanvi’s motive, she shall raise her deal to 1 crore💵💵💵 and ask him to get treated..
Jhanvi walks when someone hold her shoulder, she is about to hit when see its Dhurv.. Dhurv questions her why she lied?? Why she lied about her car failer that day? Why she refused for going out?? What she doing here?? What if she get in problem?? He shouts😡 getting answers of his questions.. Jhanvi shouts😡😡 that she was protecting Ishani.. She narrate him fake story📝 that some wrong people were blackmailing Ishaani and to help her out and save Mittals name she took money💵💵 from PK by even lying to him about ancestor

property… Dhurv calm her down and tell she would have told him and he trust her blindly😎, after all trust is base of good relationship and they both leave.. Jhanvi was speechless 🤐and with teary😢 eyes..

Kabir thinks🤔 what to do if vyom truth is not out its cheating to Country🌎 and if truth is out it will spoil aarush’s life what shall I do?? Just than Kavya come and ask:
1. Who was first vice president of India??
2. Which planet🌎 is not named after Greek god or goddess??

Kabir shut her mouth🤭 with his hand and ask is she checking is GK?? Why is she asking such questions?? With music🎵🎶🎵🎶…
Chanda passed by with inviting her friend for her birthday🎂 party, and taunt both to go inside room, use some sensibility…

Kabir ask why was she asking those questions?? Kavya reply for aarush admission.. Kabir says than Aarush need to prepare!! Kavya say now a days even parents need to give test before child, if parents fail, child is failed.. Kabir says that thank god I was born before, otherwise I would have not got admission, due to PK mittal self ego.. Kavya nods yes sadly😞..

Kabir says as far as her questions, he give answers:-
1. First Vice President:- Dr. Saravpalli Radhakrishnan
2. Our Earth🌎 is only Planet who was not named after Greek god or goddess
He ask if she never studied in class as she look unprepared, and I use to be Class and university topper!! Kavya smiles🙂 and say topper sir, do fill admissiom form as well… Kabir see Father column blank and tell I shall always stay as Aarush best friend but father will be Vyom always.. Kavya smile😌 with teary😢 eye.. Kabir think🤔 how to tell Vyom truth to Kavya??

Dhurv take Jhanvi to some place, for celebrating their meet anniversary and praises her with getting little romantic with song🎵🎶🎵🎶 (sorry didn’t get lyrics) and dance👯🏻… Jhanvi feel awakward… And hug her.. Jhanvi don’t know how to react😰…

Suman rest her head on Kabir lap and ask will she always stay like this?? Will I never get fine?? PK think🤔 I am mad!!! Kavya come and say you shall be fine soon, and keep food🍱 for her and say sorry for disturbing.. She is about to go, when suman stop her saying, plz sit and praises her for being nice, and good DIL.. I always behaved rude🤨 and angry😡😠 with her, but she always took my side, only she has believe that I shall be fine one day.. Kavaya say she is fine.. Kabir feel relex with their talk.. Suman says that till she don’t take that medicines💊, she understand everything and is fine, but whenever I take it💊 I forgot what I am doing!! Kavya say please relex and do as per your wish, which is more important..

Precap: PK ask Manohar how he got hurt🤕.. Manohar see Jhanvi and say that pet cat 🐱hurted me, she stay good infront of family, but hurt while alone.. PK suggest to kill🔪 that wild cat🐱.. Manohar and Jhanvi see each other…

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