Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir scolds Kavya

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode start with PK losing all his aims on game and Jhanvi smiles seeing his state.. Later she questions his gestures and about shail cross questions?? PK ask how she know him better than anyone?? And smiles saying comissioner betrayed him, but soon shall catch that journalist and aim again which hit bulls eye… Jhanvi call shail and ask him to be alert, and see manohar, she inform him that she is going to meet blackmailer today, do arrange something for me..

While going inside, Dhurv hold her in arm and tell about their first meet dinner tonight before marriage… Jhanvi say usually husband doesn’t remember all these things… Dhurv says he is different And she ask if they can go some other time, he agrees… Chanda say sorry for their spoiling their romantic talk and take Jhanvi for while, dhurv sync her location with his mobile, stating now we will be always together…

Kavya get call from lab that he has send reports at home, she scold him.. Downstairs Kabir recieve report and read them.. He shout at Kavya and take her out.. Kavya say sorry, but he say you had doubt on my family, that to on Jhanvi.. You are wrong.. Jhanvi come and ask Kabir to calm down, and praises Kavya thought, stating she is proud that Kavya did this, even knowing that family will hate her from core of heart, but even she did for Suman.. Adding that might be doctor had done somthing with medicines to earn money, its good that Kavya had this thought, which I hadn’t… Kavya say sorry to her.. Jhanvi remember how while playing with aarush she found about path lab recipt… Kabir leave in anger, when Kavya say sorry and both fall with eye lock and music….

Jhanvi goes inside stating you are fool kavya, I keep suman crazy with those medcines which are with me, not in Suman’s room.. I don’t want to hurt you or aarush, but don’t create hurddles for me, as I have kill other monstors…

At night manohar goes to some place where he get message to find red suitcase.. He finds and think when did Jhanvi got cheque encash .. And open he find mouse trap with cheque and 11 rs.. He keep 11 rs, and is about to take cheque, when mouse trap hurt his hand with jhanvi keeping her high heels… Manohar shout in pain.. Jhanvi hush him and say now even my heart is shouting and singing in joy..

Precap: Jhanvi walk on road, when someon tap on her shoulder she is about to beat, when see its Dhurv

  1. Dhruv will spoil jahnavi plans.kabir and kavya’s romantic moment.

  2. Kavya looks oldr than jhanvi

  3. Nina

    Between Zain and Tanvi there not the attraction it seems someone chose the failed pair.

  4. Interesting.. Thrilling but just hope the thrill will continue…

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