Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhurv suspects Jhannvi

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishani hold Kabir tightly and act sick?, when he ask Dhurv to call Jhanvi.. Dhurv call ?jhanvi and she tell that her car ?is broke down near some place, she shall reach there soon.. Dhurv offers help but she deny.. Later Dhurv reach that place but find no-one..

Jhanvi track down shail and try to get him out from coffin⚰, suddenly Amma come and she too help her.. They both cry? seeing his state and take him to same hospital.. Dhurv meet Jhanvi and tell her that he reached that place but found nobody, Jhanvi cook story saying she took car ?to workshop with help of mechanic… Dhurv find dust on her clothes and hearing, she gain cook story that it might be due to workshop and goes to meet ishani.. Dhurv say today his heart❤ doesn’t want to believe her… She is hiding something..

At home Suman attack Kavya stating that she saw confress video and scold her for giving her medicine.. Kavya try to calm her down when she throw vase on her.. Later Kavya calm her down, when suman tell her that she is not ill.. Kavya doubts on medicine and decide to get lab test done.. She goes to lab for test, but think? that she can’t doubt on goodness of Jhanvi, but later she think? about Suman and decide to get test done..

Ishani hold kabir when Jhanvi arrive and doctor infrom that its case of food poisioning have light khichdi, Ishaani deny but Jhanvi show her eyes.. Kabir call? kavya and ask her to make khichdi of Ishaani, she say she isn’t at home and both have fight..

Dhurva get in tension thinking ?about whatever happened at pooja and tell kabir that he rememebered every thing little little and for sure that doctor Ashok was culprit and his daughters were almost of our ages.. Ishaani and Jhanvi listen to their conversation and get angry?.. Ishaani shout he wasn’t wrong, but Jhanvi cover up her act..

Precap: Jhanvi reach old factory, and mask man held her captive

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am finding this show very stupid… Though jhanvi and all characters are trying to do justification with their role, but show is really stupid… I mean how can family is shown soo blind that they doesn’t recognise anything and Jhanvi is shown soo smart that not even her husband able to find anything…

  2. I feel the writers are just not able to execute the story properly. The promos showed jhanvi as cunning and even evil… But it is clear that jhanvi is none of those things. She wants revenge for what happened to her family, but she is not as ruthless. She actually has a soft heart. Besides, her plans seem very long and convoluted. It just doesn’t seem unbelievable. Like why does pk trust her so much? She has been married for a year now and i dont understand if she wants to hurt dhruv also? Because it doesnt look like she has any feelings for him… Something is lacking. Dhruv seems to have no personality other than doubting jhanvi once in a while. He mutely accepts everything pk does. And why doesnt kabir speak against jhanvi? It is clear that all these ideas of fake interviews and orphanges are jhanvi’s. Kabir calls on his dad’s hypocrisy. But even he supports jhanvi. Shouldn’t he be calling her opportunistic and wrong too?
    I was very impressed by the promos and i would have preferred if the character of kavya was not present. Too much time is spent developing kavya and kabir relationship or vyom’s backstory. Also, i feel it would have been better if jhanvi’s backstory hadn’t been revealed so soon. Its like tge mystery went away in the beginning itself… I dont know, maybe i expected too much, but something is missing. The promos were so different, i thought the show would be very different too. But it just feels like the same overall story as naagin revenge sagas. Two sisters come to avenge their parents death. One is good and the other is more rude and short tempered. The sister marries into the household. Instead of murder, jhanvi wants to destroy mittal’s reputation and life. That is all… I would have rather enjoyed a psycho type of character. Brutal and strong like maya or obsessive and psychotic like tara

    1. Just replied coz u mentioned Maya and Tara ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️though I loved Tara and arohi only bcoz of Alisha but Maya was also good even if I’m not Jenny’s fan?????I’m also finding it bit boring, something is missing why….I don’t know think that just bcoz Maya and beyhadh set a benchmark???shows r lacking behind in gripping and unique storylines. With time it’s time new variety of shows should be given an essence no matter if they r inspired by any film or show(abroad)

      Terribly missing my favorites ??❤️❤️

      1. Geeti

        True..something is really missing here. I would have also liked if they didn’t disclose janhvis backstory thiiiis sooner, but however it’s still looking good, let’s give it some more time!

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