Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi’s Audacious Move

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi tells Ishani that she is going home and tell PK that she was feeling pain in her bullet injury. PK returns and asks what happened. She acts and says she is having pain, so she was going home. He asks her to take driver along, he will inform family. Urvashi serves juice to family and asks where is Ishani, Jahnvi and PK. PK returns with Ishani and informs that Jahnvi was feeling pain, so she went home. Kavya says she will also go home to be with Jahnvi. PK permits. Dhruv says even he will go home. PK says let whole family go home and waste Urvashi’s prepared food and her effort. Family stays back. Ishani messages Jahnvi that Kavya is returning home. Jahnvi enters PK’s room and opens his locker, finds Manohar’s files and not evidence against her, thinks

Manohar was wrongly blackmailing her without any proof against her. She gets Ishani’s message that Kavya is returning home and tensely closes locker back. Kavya enters home and walks towards Jahnvi’s room. Jahnvi calls on landline and waits for Kavya to pick it. Kavya heads towards landline phone when Ishani tries to rush to her room and keys falls down. Kavya turns. Jahnvi acts as coming out of her room and asks Kavya what is she doing here instead of enjoying dinner party. Kavya asks how is she now, she heard she is having pain in her bullet injury. Jahnvi says she is fine now and yawns. Kavya asks her to go and rest.

Raghav returns home and asks Urvashi if PK’s family left. She says yes. He reveals that he gave only Manohar’s files to PK and hid 1 file which has Dr. Ashok Sharma’s daughter Pooja Sharma’s details who is still alive; he knew Pooja Sharm and her sister are alive and did not burn with Ashok Sharma but hid this fact from PK, photo was missing Pooja’s file and he could not see her present face. Urvashi suggests him to hide this fact as they cannot trust PK.

Dhruv returns home and shows his concern for Jahnvi. Jahnvi angrily shouts she is fine and pushes him. Dhruv says he cannot understand her at all, sometimes she gets romantic and sometimes gets very rude. In kitchen, Kavya prepares burnt rotis for herself reminiscing Chanda insulting her. Kabir enters and insists her not to have burnt rotis, but she resists. He eats burnt roti.

PK watches CCTV footage of someone entering his room and opening locker. Jahnvi walks to him and asks if he did not sleep yet. He shows her CCTV footage.

Precap: Kabir asks PK how can he be so sure that girl in the video is Kavya. PK says girl is Jahnvi. Jahnvi gets tensed while family looks at her amazed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    #update- every character of this serial is changed or asked to exit including kavya, only kabir and janvi are there. in one night the writers of this serial are changed so the story is also changed. janvi had taken modern attire and what would be the new track would be interesting to watch. but if the story was about revenge from PK mittal then what was the need. i agree the story was slow and boring though shrenu’s acting was mind-blowing, but still changing the whole plot, how far the idea will work can be judged only after watching.

    1. Shubhru Pardhi

      It would be better if they end the show. If its a revenge drama show how she took revenge without making her negative according to previous promo they were going to show kavya as positive and janhvi as negative character. If you want to make a revenge drama make it like Ek Hasina Thi. Durga wanted revenge in that show and she was the positive character here these people’s intention was to make janhvi an antagonist and if the new spoiler is true then please wrap it up or show how she achieved her goals.

      1. Shubhru Pardhi

        Learn how to make shows from south korea. They have better shows better plot and plot twists. I wish this was a korean show as it would have lasted on 16 to 25 episodes with 1hr of each epi.

  2. Nice episode

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