Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir, Pooja’s Sangeet Ceremony

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chanda shows Pooja coming out of Kabir’s room to family and yells that Pooja acts as hating Kabir during day but enters his room at midnight, she is fooling them all. Suman says this is what they can expect from this kind of woman. Chopra says he will not say anything. Pooja says she has not done anything. Rani angrily walks away.
Kabir taunts Pooja its a revenge as she insulted him on stage during fashion show. Pooja returns to her room reminiscing Chanda and Suman’s words. Amma walks to her and she informs Amma that she went into Kabir’s room to know where he has hidden maa, but Rani misunderstood. Amma says Rani always reacts without thinking, she need not worry. Pooja says once she finds out where maa is, she will teach Kabir a nice lesson.

Next morning, Pooja wakes up and sees Kabir sitting in front of her. Kabir says entering her room is easy for him and gives him lists of guests to call for sangeet on fashion show venue. She reacts, but gives up on his order. In the evening, Pooja gets ready for engagement. Amma walks to her and asks to apply eye drops for her dry eyes problem. Rani walks to her and she says she went to Kabir’s room to find out where he has kept mother, but Rani misunderstood her. Rani says she was angry on Suman and Chanda and not her and applies eye drops in Pooja’s eyes reminiscing changing eye drops so that Pooja doesn’t dance with Kabir.

Pooja and Kabir with families reach sangeet venue. Reporters question Pooja about her sudden decision to marry Kabir. Kabir says they fell in love in factory and Pooja slapped him due to misunderstanding and apologizes him 5 times in a day at least. Sangeet ceremony starts. Jay and Sonali dance. Kabir asks anyone from Pooja’s family to dance. Pooja says they haven’t prepared. Ranjit and Rani dance. Pooja gets her friend Shail’s call that he is trying to find a location where Kabir’s phone was active most and will inform her soon. Kabir walks to her and insists for a dance. She angrily dances with him on multiple songs while he irritates her with his dance moves. After they finish dance, Amma informs Pooja that Shail had called and informed that Kabir has kept her mother in his house. Pooja says she will go there before Kabir gets alert. Amma asks how will she go as Kabir has kept a close watch on her.

Precap: Kabir notices Pooja leaving Sangeet venue and informs his goon.
Pooja reaches her mother when goon hits her head from behind and she collapses.

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