Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir And Pooja’s Marriage?

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pooja tells Amma that she does not know what conditions Kabir will put on her, but she will do anything to save her mother, she does not know what Kabir must be doing with her mother. She gets Kabir’s call and reaches his said location, temple. Seeing Kabir waiting for him, she says she can fulfill his any demand to get back her mother. Kabir walks to her and says she has to marry him. Pooja angrily tries to slap him. He holdss her hand and warns to be in her limits. Pooja asks how dare he think of marrying her, it is not a toy game, does he really know meaning of marriage. He says she is talking about marriage who married Dhruv 1 year ago in same temple; when she did not have problem that time, she shouldn’t even this time and take back her mother after marrying him, she doesn’t have any choice either. Pooja brings sindhoor and asks if this is his demand, then he can marry her. He says it is not toy game, marriage will happen according to custom and will enjoy seeing her writhing.

Pooja returns home. Amma asks what did Kabir say, what does he want. Pooja asks to start her and Kabir’s wedding arrangements as this is Kabir’s demand to free her mother. Suman knowing about this panics and warns Kabir to dare not do this mistake. Dadaji backs her. Kabir says he has to end Pooja’s revenge sag and their silence is their approval, so they should start wedding arrangements.

Next morning, Kabir enters Pooja’s house dancing with band baaja/musicians and his family. Chanda with her usual overacting asks Kabir what is happening. He says it is his and Pooja’s engagement today. She also dances with him. Pooja walks out wearing black dress. Ranjeet and Chopra watches standing aside. Rani returns home. Kabir says good she came, else people would have badmouthed that she didn’t attend her sister’s wedding. Rani walks to Pooja and says she must be marrying Kabir with a reason. Pooja hugs Rani and informs that maa is alive. Rani acts as happy and thinks they had accepted mom as dead and if she cannot get Kabir, she will not let anyone else also to get him. Kabir’s dance continues. Chopra warns him. Kabir warns to not interfere between bosses. Pooja backs him. Kabir asks his family to enter house. They all enter house reminiscing Pooja kicking them out of their own house.

Precap: Pooja hides in Kabir’s room cupboard to find out where he has kept his mother and falls on him. Chanda yells that Pooja acts as hating Kabir but hides in his room at night.

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