Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabir Outsmarts Pooja

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pooja tells Amma that Rani should not have gone to Kabir. Amma says she will return after being rejected by Kabir. Rani walks in crying and yelling at Kabir that he insulted her. She hugs Pooja and apologizes her, says they all are same and rejected her love, she wanted to benefit him, but he.. Pooja consoles her and says Kabir should not have made Rani cry. At Kabir’s house, Chanda falls asleep while cooking. Family notices that and wake her up playing cracker sound. Chanda shouts she was about to kill Pooja in her dream. They all laugh.

Jay and Sonali walk into Pooja’s factory and asks receptionist in which cabin Kabir sit, they themselves will find it. Rani walks to them and laughs that Kabir is a low-level worker and they should search him in worker’s area. Jay angrily shouts at her. Rani continues taunting them. They walk away angrily. They meet Kabir in worker’s area. Kabir having lunch asks them not to inform about his work, else he will not give them pocket money. Pooja walks in and switches on fan, which blows sand into Kabir’s food. Kabir says she did not do right. Pooja says she wants to show him that they had similar kind of food with great difficulty because of his father and family. Kabir stands fuming.

Jay and Sonali reach college where Jay’s girlfriend confronts him for not attending party. He lies that his mother was ill and whole family did not sleep taking care of her. Girlfriend calms down and leaves. Sonali asks Jay why don’t he reveal he cannot afford lavish life now. Jay says he cannot and decides to sell his luxury watch.

Pooja asks Amma to take care of pharma business while she handles garment business. Amma says it is a big responsibility. Rani say she will handle pharma business then. Pooja says she is still small and should think of spending money, she can work later. They open lunch box and see stone pebbles instead. Pooja angrily walks to Kabir who is busy enjoying her food and asks how was her childhood food, she deserves it. Pooja warns that he did not do right. Workers walk to them. Pooja acts that she gave her food to him seeing his spoilt food, she did not do any big favor, afterall they all work together. Workers praise Pooja. Pooja returns to Amma and Rani and says it was Kabir, but she taught him a lesson, they can go to restaurant and have food.

Jay meets buyer at a restaurant and sells him watch. Pooja with Rani and Amma walks in. Jay angrily throws bottle at Pooja. Amma notices and pulls her aside on time. Jay walks to Pooja and brutally insults her. Amma and Rani warn him to be in limits, else they will call police. Pooja stops them. Jay continues venting out his anger and leaves.

Precap: Pooja calls Kabir home and says she has thrown party at home and he is promoted from worker to waiter, he can even expect tips if he serves well.

Update Credit to: MA

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