Ek anokhi kahani ( A Lovely morning) Episode 2

Ragini is giving coffee to dad and siiting beside him by placing her head on his dad shoulder.
Both were reading same newspaper.meanwhile ragini hears her mom voice who is trying to make up his brother dev

Dev who is covering his face by blanket to ignore her mom voice . Meanwhile ragini comes to dev room and standing btw them by stopping her mother not to disturb her brother
Shailaja :- why ragini its already 8 naa
Ragini:- because bhai came so late from hospital yesterday.so plzz maa let him take rest.
Dev:- i am already up raggu

Ragini:- by catching her ears says sorry bhai did i disturb uu. Thats y u woke up right.
Dev:- by seeing this says . Your are my life raguu you will never and ever disturb me.
When ever u want u csn wake me up at any time ok and you csn ask me anything ok my sweet little raggu.

They both hug each other happly.
By seeing this her mother says stop this now and both of you get ready for hospital kk she
smiles and leaves from room.


Sumi and shekar are busy with their filez and swara us busy with her guitar .just durga entres with peach colour salwarr.she serves tea to every one all gathers together for tea time.
Shekhar:- durga beta what is the progress of your case.
Durga:- its almost done papa and results are on
my side.

Swara:- ofcourse my sister always wins by hugging her. And says papa dee ko worry honai
ki koyi jaruri nahi hai .actually dii ki opposite
vallai ko tension honi chahihai right dii
Durga :- haa swara jeet tho hamaisha saach ki hothi hai and they have hug .
Sumi :- what about you swara. What is about your recording when will it realse.
Swara:- dont no maa they will call and inform me before 2 day of realsing .so dnt worry.
Sumi :- ok beta meri liyai court kai liya time ho rahe hai and swara u also come with me i will drop u ok
Swara :- ok maa
Durga :- ok maa papa me start ho rahs huu client ko milnahai bye.
Bye dii

Precap :- laksh and arjun in one car
Dev and ragini in one car
Sumi and swara in another car
Accident happens at signal point 6 of them come down from their cars and look at each other

  1. I like dev rags bonding

  2. good going…devrag were very nice..

  3. nice… i liked dev rags bonding …

  4. Wow I saw the pic and came in … To read …. Coz I love Dev and durga the most….
    First I saw the babes of swara etc … As I have not seen tht show I was not interested but seeing Dev and durga in the pic I am glad to read. … Thank u …
    Would u PLZ give the previous linklinks

    1. Sure in next episode i will paste them

  5. Durga and swara sis convo was super. …

  6. And dev ragini bro sis bond is cool …. I loved these two bonds dear

  7. Plz write in English

    1. K i will write in english

  8. wow interesting & precap is very nice..

  9. nice goinggggg yaarrrrrrr
    love the way you showed rag-dev bondinggggggggg
    waiting for the nxt epppp

  10. Superb yaar plz continue

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