Ek anokhi kahani Episode 46

durga 7 months function celebrations starts
dev makes durga ready.
shaurya and payal comes.
shaurya is stairing at durga and payal.
dev:- what r u watching like that
shaurya:- i am learning from u bhai.
dev:- what r u learning from me.
shaurya and payal watches each other.
shaurya:- how to take care of wife when she is pregent after all i should take care of her from know.
dev and durga watches them with surprise and shouts in excitement.
they both congratulate them

in raj house.
all are waiting for arjun and laksh rags.
in laksh room
rags getting ready by combing hair but unable to
and sits down on stole getting irritated
rags:- ahhhh.
laksh: turns and asks what happen
rags:- see na laksh i am unable to set my hair.
laksh comes and hugs her .
laksh:- leave your hair you look awesome.
rags:-no i cant leave you nw by leaving hair will get spoil.
laksh:- then tie it.
rags: hits him and says thats what i am saying i am unable to do it.
laksh tries to help her and finally they set her hair.
ragini turns and hugs him and says thank u hubby.
arjun:- stands their and see coughs

rags :- hi aruu come naa why r u standing their.
arjun:- keeps two dress and asks plz na bhabhi select one dress from today i have to look dashing.
rags:- u are dashing devar jii not like your brother.
laksh:- o hello i am dashing ok.
rags:- may be but not like my devar dont compare with him do u get that.
arjun :-hmm get that.
laksh: opens his mouth and chase them they two reaches hall.
raj smiles at their childish act.
sakshi:- what is this arjun u r not yet ready .
rags:- maa he will he selected dress u see he will come in 5 minutes and turns to arjun and sends him.
after some 15 minutes time still arjun not came.
sakshi:- how much time will u take.
laksh:- this fellow is going to propose sheena for marriage today that why.
rags:- he should look best na maa that why
mean while arjun comes and they all start to dev house.

swara house
swara is wearing peach saree.
swara unable to wear saree sanskar helps her
swara watches him doudtly

sanskar:- why are u watching me like that.
swara:- hoe do u knw how to wear saree.
sanskar: the personn who know to take out saree he should also know to make wear saree right.
swara hits him they both kiss each other.
sheena comes down wearing red colour lengenga
sanskar watches her smiling
sheena: why r u watching me like this am i not good.
sheena:- no you are loking awesome.
sanskar and sheena hugs each other.

they also leaves to dev house.
rags receives a calla nd says wht wow super duper bhaiyaa wait i am on the way i am coming
laksh: what happen.
rags:- payal bhabhi is expecting wow.
they all gets happy.
rags calls sanskar and says about payal news to all.
rags reaches home and hugs shaurya and payal.
rags goes to sansky
rags:- sansky babu as per marriage line next is you.
sanskar: haa.
rags:- first dev bhaiya married
shaurya bhaiyaa married

you married
me maaried in future arjun and sheena will married.
sansky:- so
rags:- their are getting pregent as per line so next is you man.
sansky:- hits her head and says after me then its u .
rags:- u says no to it but firts will bu you naa ans hits his shoulder with her shoulder.
sanskar laughs and says i am getting a doudt by seeing arjun.
rags:- ur doudt is right he is going to propose sheena for marriage.
he is now a days very successfull in presentation wow .u know he is super man super devar super son super bhai.

sanskr:- i am accepting him ok so stop his puranam.
rags:- so mean dont say a word against to my devar.
sanskar keep namastai ansd says ok maa.
function ends.
arjun takes sheena to tereance.
sanskar swara
rags and laksh are watching them by hiding.
arjun unable to propose swara gets angry and tries to go but sanskar drags her to aside.
by this sounds arjunand sheena watches and laksh drags rags before they both watch them.
arjun:- sheena i want to marry u if its ok with u then we will come to your home for your hand by closing his eyes.
sheena:- smiles and goes to him and hugs him and say only my hand not me juno biy,
arjun opens his eyes and hugs her.
laksh and rags
swara and sanskar watches them and gets happy and hugs each other.

precap:- 2 months leap. durga labour pains.

all are waiting outside.

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