Ek anokhi kahani Episode 27

Frds frim 3 days i m not feeling firstly i got tooth ache next day motions and today while i am sleeping my neck got sprain i m unable to my head alsi
If any mistakes are there plz forgive me for today.

All youngsters leaves to function hall to nake preparations.
All are doing flowers arrangements after that once all decorations done all girls go to one room and boys goes to another room
They all gets ready by wearing their selected dress in malls.
Party starts first raj and sakshi reaches and then dp and ap they four also reaches there.
They four receiving guests.
After a while durga and their parents reaches their swara takes them to their room.
Dev and remaing reaches to their room.
Sansky lucky arjun shaurya are with dev.
Swara rags and sheena are with durga.
Shaurya:-dev just calm down look at your face in mirror dear.
Sanskar:-its like going to burst with tension.
Lucky:-how many times we have to clean your sweeting yar.
Arjun:-come on dev take a chill pill.
Rags and swara:-can we come in.
Swara:-guts leave my jijju u are freaking out him.
Rags:-stands back of shaurya by placing both hands around neck of shaurya.
Rags say yes look at him his face became like red tomato sauce.
Shaurya and rags laughs and shares hi five to each other.
Dev:-is it needed now to remember about that sauce incident.
Swara:-wat happen.
Rags:-i will say it afterwards while we all gather to gether.
Dev:-no need.
Rags:-lets see .
Swara:-jijju by the way you r looking fab today.
Rags:-haa even my bhabhi also looking damm cute today.
Shailaja:- call every one and asks them to bring dev.
Dev and all are standing down.
Swara brings durga to down.
Dev geta mesmerised by her beauty and keeps on looking at her.
Laksh:-jii u can take a close look also untill then atleast blink your eyes.
Dev comes to his senses and tries to change topic by asking where is rags and shaurya.
Dayal:-they both are busy in giving u two surprise.
Dev:-i need them to be with me dad.
Shailaja:-they will come dev first u concentrate on your engagement.
Swara comes with plate by holding rings .
Suddenly lights goes off.
Rags voice is heared.
Rags:-today is a very special day for my dev bhaiyaa and durga bhabhi .untill now in my life only my two bhais are there but from now my bhabhi also comes into my life.
Shaurya:- when two special persons are becoming one then the surrounding also should be special right so here we go.
Sanskar:-i dont now anything about this step.
Laksh and arjun also says same.
Swara leans back and ask sanskar do you now anything about this.
Sanskar:-noo .
Rags:-get ready to change your rings.
And counts 1 2 3.
All looks excitedly.
Suddenly ballons bursts and lights goes off few flowers starts to fall with lights and down some smoke comes and spreads all hall to their legs .
Shaurya:-you can change now badai bhaiyaa.
Dev and durga exchange rings.
Rags goes and hugs them both and then swara and remaining all .
Dev and durga take blessing from all.
Shailaja:-how did they do this all in two days.
Dp:-their love towards them make them to do shailu.
Ap:-but we have to say it they did awesome.
Sakshi:-if we do arrangements also we cant do in this way.
Raj:-cant do is next thing firstly we cant even think about it .
Dayal:-flowers selection food arrangements everything is just awesome.
Dev and durga sits together and talking .
Durga:-my rags and devrajii gave a good surprise.
Dev:-in that case my saali also brought lovely flowers actually all flowers are my favorite ones.
Shauraya:-comes from back of them and say unbelivable for u both in this whole there us no other topic or wat every time talking about your sisters.
Dev:-catches his ears and says first u say me about payal.
Shaurya:-how do u know.
Shaurya:-this chotibis unbelivable she cant even shut her mouth for few days.
Dev:-she cant even shut her mouth her seconds and you are asking her to shut for few days.
Durga laughs .
Rags goes from there and stops and asks him wat did u both saying.
Shaurya:-i am saying that your are super cool.
Rags:-o yaa and runs behind him and he escapes from rooms.
Rags starta searching for him and collides with laksh.
Laksh catches her and says slowly rags u will get hurt .
Rags says thank u and pkzz help me in finding shaurya bhaita.
Laksh:-shaurya he went to near our parents.
Rags goes says dad catch him
Dayal says leave him rags.
Rags says its waist to ask u help and goes near raj and says uncle plzz catch him naa.
Shauraya teases uncle plzz catch him na.
Rags says if dont come and as u kniw that i cant keep any secretes so i am going to say
Shaurya says stop it yar fine i am coming.
Rags beats shaurya.
Dayal:-definetly rags know something about shaurya any way lets leaves for lunch i am getting hungry.
Dp:-all arrangements are done by kids and see dayan is tired.
Ap:-dont say anything to my brother.
Dp:-everyone are possessive when it comes to their brother.
Shailaja :-dont worry dp bhai i am there for u naa.
Dp thanks shailu.
After all completed their dinner all sits in sofas arjun and rags are sitting next to each other and he says that he proposed sheena.
Rags :-wat are saying juno boy did u say this to your brother.
Arjun:-no its was you first to know i dont no why but i want to share with u .
Rags:-oo my juno boy thank u and hugs him from side words.
Sanskar sits next to durga.
Sanskar:-durga jii .
Durga:-yes sanskar.
Sanskar:-i just want to congratulate u after our first meeting i didnt talk with u properly and know about each other.
Durga:-to know eachother their is no need to talk or share. As i know about your family i can say that you r a good hearted.
Sanskar:-thank u and haa you r a such a sweet heart.
They both smile to each other.
Sheena and arjun sits next to each other .
Laksh:-sheena you r looking super beautiful today atleast by seeing u arjun will open his mouth today.
Sheena:-actually laksh jii i mean laksh bhsiyaa we proposed each other yesterday.
Laksh:-shouts wat.
Everyone turns to him.
Laksh:-nothing just like that i shouted and says to sheena wat he proposed u yesterday and untill now he didnt say that he proposed u .
I will kill him today after reaching home.
Swara:-thank u rags and shaurya for making my dii special day in very special manner.
Rags:-come on swara we are one family now so no foemalities ok.
Swara smiles and sits next to dev and durga .
Whole family takes a big family group photo.

Precap:- rags giving ideas to sanskar and sanskar talking about likes and dislikes of swara to durga.

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    1. Hi abi …. Nice to meet u ….
      Let me Tel u I have never watched swaragini …. But from reviews and wiki I understood tht only swara was given most imp in the show …. And rags sometimes had negative role ….
      And one more thing can u list out how many swara based ff’s are thr and hw many rags based…
      Infact rags based ff is hardly 2/3 found ….
      And also this is writers freedom to write as per her wish … U cant force her to not write based on rags ….. U can give only opinion …

      Sorry if I hurt u …. Just think over it ….

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