Ek anokhi kahani Episode 25

The episode starts with dev
Who gets ready to go for lunch with durga he informs all and leaves from hospital to durgas house.
Rags call sanskar.
Rags:-sanky babu i need your help yar.
Sanskar:-ha say it .
Rags:-lets meet outside infact i will call our whole batch.
Sanskar:-at meet for outside for lunch and i will come with arjun and sheena.
Rags:-no u ask laksh to pick up them and u come to hsopital firstvi need to talk with u k.
Sanskar:-i will call laksh.
Rags:-ok i will call swara and say to her to come with laksh.
Kk they both call them inform them.
Sanskar come to hospital and comein rags cabin.
Sanskar:-may i come in doctor jii.

Rags:-ofcourse my dear patient come in.
Sanskar sits and says now say in which way u want to give surprise for your brother and bhabhi.
Rags:-how do u now i called u for that.
Sanskar:-ee dostii hai madam mera aapksi liya.
Rags:-awee so sweet and lisen and she explains briefly.
Sanskar:-wow yar super idea and awesome and do tell me wat should i doo.
Rags:-lets separete our work when we meet others also.
Sanskar:-for this u called u separetely.
Rags:-u r my frd yar i want to share with u first that too personelly and i hope swara likes my idea as now she also involved in our family now and keeps a sad face.
Sanskar:-are u feeling jeously to swara when she is moving close to dev .
Rags:-no i dont now yar haa but she to will have equal right naa but .
Sanskar:-ragini as a brother i am saying to u a sister is always a sister no one can take their

Rags:-thank u and wat about swara.
Sanskar:-wat swara and why swara.
Rags:-when will u say that u r feeling special towards her.
Sanskar:-first i should get conform about it then only i can say naa. Any way lets leave to lunch other wise they will reach first and they will eat us instead of food.
They both leave.
They all reach at a time to hotel all seated and discussed about surprise.
Rags will photos remaining.
Laksh and arjun handling lights and flowers.
Swara and sanskar will manage remaining arrangements

Arjun and sheena are taking cattering.
They all starts lunch .
Suddenly swara watches dev and durga in another closed cabin jiiju and dii are here.
Rags wat she also looks and says yes.
All looks at them .
Sanskar:-seriouly are they are talking to each other or to table and plates.
Laksh and sanskar shares hi five.
Swara and rags watches them angrily.
Sheena:-mr.brother someone id going to kill u now.
Arjun:-same dialogue for u also.
Laksh:-ooo control control we are sorry .
Swara:- u want to check the sharpeness of fork sanskar.
Sanskar:-yaa but i want to see the sharpeness of fork on u.
Swara:-he he very funny.

Sanskar:-thank u but credit goes to u because joke was your.
Arjun:-lets go and lisen wat they are talking by hiding at that door.
Sheena:-ha ha lets goo.
Sanskar:-lets go not we will go u both are still kids so sit here and take rest and guys and girls we will go and hear them
They all leave.
Sheena:-how rude na arjun we gave them plan but they left us here we will get bore naa
Arjun:-bore that u for u when i am here.
Sheena:-yes ofcourse uf you are next to me then no need to talk also by keep on seeing u only that enough for me and for u.
Arjun:-your smile is enough.
Sheena:-so sweet of u juno but when will u say that line wat i want to lisen.
Arjun:-very soon sheena.
Sheena:-gets up in excitement and shouts really but when.
Sll watches them.

Arjun makes her sit and say shhh i will say very soon but dont shout yar.
Sheena:-ok ok .
Rags,swara and bending down by hiding near door and laksh and sanskar are on top of them.
Dev:-wat u want to eat i mean ur favorite ones.
Durga:-anything you order dev.
Dev:-not like that aa ok i will order starters you order remaining.
Rags:-not bad guys my bhai is doing great job.
Swara:-iski jijju hai oo.
Rags:-watches her by turning towards her and says by tapping on her shoulder haa but first my brother.

Swara:-but he is going to become my jijju na.
Rags tries to speak but sanskar pats on her shoulder and asks her to calm down laksh observes rags jeosly face and smiles.
Dev and durga gets their order.
They both silently eats .
Laksh:-why they are not talking.
Swara:-who nows yar.
Rags:-say something bhai.
Dev:-i think in this curry salt is little bit more right.
Durga:-no dev i think spicy is more.
Dev:-oh really.
Durga:-haa really check again and see.
Dev:-haa u r right its spicy than salty.
Rags swara and laksh sanskar and keep their mouth opened in wat ecpression.
Rags:-what the hell is this salty and spicy yar.
Swara:-there are so many topics in this world and they choose this one.
Sanskar:-disguisting yar.

Laksh:-u both go and say how and wat to talk them ok go na rags and sanskar.
Sanskar:-thats great ide come na rags lets go inside.
Rags and sanskar about to step in but laksh and swara pulls them back but they loose control .
Laksh and rags goes in store room and sanskar and swara fall down where sanskar is top on swara. They both lost in each other eyes.
Swara:-ha sanskar sanskar she keeps on calling him but sanskar is completely lost in her.
Swara:-pinches him.
Sanskar:-awwee wat r u doing yar.
Swara:-u list some where and u are not responding to me so i pinched u and she asks innocently like she doesnt know .where u lost.
Sanskar:-in your eyes yar.by rubbing his hand.
Sanskar:-i mean nothing and looks her and there and asks where is laksh and rags and they start searching them.

In coolstorage room.
Laksh is on rags not completely just by lying one side .
They both smiles and loojs into each other.
Laksh keep his hand to support his head and watching rags.
Rags:-why do u dragged me like this.
Laksh:-or wat should i doo i am just joking u took seriouly and going to talk him.
Rags:- but u only saw naa how he is talking.
Laksh:-so u will give him classes now how to talk to her let him handle on his own way.
Rags:-keeps her lips in upset way and says ok.
Laksh:-smiles at her face and says u r looking damncute ragini.
Rag s turns to him and say thanks for saying sonething atleast now.
Laksh:-haa wat do u mean .

Sanskar guys u can come out sit in our place and talk and is this place to talk are u nit feeling cool here.
Rags and laksh composs themselves and say why we will feel cool here.
Swara open her mouth and says because its coolstorage pkace.
They both look around place and sees at each other.
Rags:-oooo i am feeling so cool here move move i have to go and sit .
Laksh immefiately yes yar i am also feeling do cool here lets go .
Swara and sanskar watches them smiles and leaves to their places.
They all completed their lunch and left to shopping mall after dev and durga also cones.
They wish them and they enter shopping mall.
Rags says So bhai u and bhabhi go select your clothes for engagement in mean time we will do our shopping.
Durga:-but why separetely we all will do together.
Swara:-right now you both have rights to sekect our clothes but from us non will come with u or select your clothes.
All shouts yes.

Dev takes rags aside and says wat this ragoo cone with us naa.
Rags:-bhai if u do like this people will says bhenan ja gulam to u.
Dev:-i dont care about people.
Rags:-u care for me naa before martiage these are cute moments which will remain in your entire life.
Dev ok lets goo and when shaurya is coming.
Rags:-he will come on engagement day early morning.
Durga:-lets go all together.
Dev:-actually they are doing separete shopping and we are separete shopping.
Durga:-i thought u will convince her.
Dev:-i wish i could but i failed but dont worry i will take my revengue from u.
Rags says gooo .
Dev says fine lets go.
Swara:-we can also go with them na ragini.
Rags:-u watched right hiw they taked in restuarent. If we go with them i am sure.
Sanskar cuts rags and says.
Sanskar:-abiut colour and threads of clothes.
Swara:-you are right.

Arjun:-lets doo our shopping.
All girls sits at one counter sanskar and remaining about to leave but sheena stops them.
Sheena:-where are going bhai stay here and select for us naa.
Sanskar:-we and with u peopke that u girls shoping oh my god my patience level is very bad sheebu we will do our shopping u do urs.
Sheebu:-bhaii plzz it will be like practise session for u in future it will helos u naa.
Sanskar:-ha ha very funny we will leave.
Laksh:-its ok she is asking cutely how can u say no to her lets stay withthem.
Arjun:-ha ha lets stay.
Sanskar:-u are taking fired dynamate in your hands wat can i do.
Swara:-why dont u say staright that u dont now selection.
Sanskar:-my selection is top class and i can shop with in minutes but not like u who takes hours to shop.
Swara:-achha then do it for us and show.
Sanskar selects a few sarees and lengas very quickly .
Laksh sees whole rack and ask to shop person to take that blue mix yellow saree.
He takes that and smiles goes towards rags .
Arjun observes this.

Arjun:-nice selection bhai and it suits for swara a lot.
Laksh:-but its nit for swara actually its for.
Arjun:-sheena then she looks damn cute in tjis give to me i will give to her.
Laksh:-hits on his head and says u know for whom i selected but u r teasi g me right.furst u go and select for her.
Arjun:-how bhai her brother already selected a few pieces now wat can i do.
Laksh:-mental case in that few pieces u can select a particular one right.
Arjun:- yes u r right.
And he goes towards sheena who is standing near mirror and checking dresses and sees in mirror arjun staring her .

She ask him by trying all dress he says no to many dresses finally he selects a red lenga.
Swara:-not bad really who choosed good ones in every few minutes. In future u can help me in choosing and bites her tongue for wat she just said.
Sanskar smiles and says wat u said.
Swara:-what u lisened.
Swara:-then how can u say that i said something and i didnt said anything thats why u didnt lisen anything.
Mens shopping starts .
Without thier kniwledge raga select for laksh.
Swara selects for sanskar and sheena for arjun.
Rags goes to ladies changing room and laksh and arjun are waiting for them outside.
Swara and sanskar searches all dressing room finally they get one room and they both reach at a time and starts to fight.

Swara:-i will go first sanskar so plz wait outside.
Sanskar:-same here u wait outside.
Swara:-its a matter of shirt and pant right i have u wear a lot of dresses and too i have to check fitting so let me go.
Sanskar:-wat if only shirt and pant means i also gave yo chech my shirt size right so ket me go.
Laksh sheena and arjun are watching them by keeping their hands on their heads.
Sheena:-see now wat i will do.
While they both are fighting sheena pushes them aside and goes inside changing room which left shocked for swara and sanskar.
Laksh and arjun begans to laugh.
After a while swara and sanskar also comes.

A door bolt opened sound hears laksh and turns towards rags who is just beautifull .
Rags sees at laksh by lifting her eyebrows and asks how she is looking.
He goes towards her and says u r looking cute ragini.
Ragini says thank u. .
Scene shufts to dev and durga and they select few dresses.
Durga goes inside changing room and dev stands outside by turning her face to other side.
Durga come outside and call
Dev turns and lots in her and goes towards her.
And says.
Dev:-u r looking beautiful in this pink and cream colour lenga durga.
Durga:-she gets stunned of this compliment from dev for first time and says thank u and tirns but she hits dev because dev watches catches a thread of durga lenga.
A man watches this and comes to help them at first durga ascepts but later she feels uncomfortable while that man is helping her
Bacause that watche caught thread near her waist.
Dev sees her face and sats to that man.
Dev:-excuse me if u dont mind i can help her as she is my fiancy.
Man:-if it damages u have to pay for it sir.
Dev:-its not about money she is feeling uncomfortable so i want to help her and haaa if its damanaged i m ready to pay but i cant see her in uncomfortable with any one and goes towards her that man leaves from there.
Durga:-thank you .

Dev:-its ok durga no neec to thank u r my responsibility more than that u r going to be my wife its my responsibility to take care about you at any situation.
Dev tries to takes that thread from watche but suddenly he hand touches lightly to durgas waist which makes shock to both they feel awkward but after some time he manages to take that thread carefully and says finally nothing damaged.
Durga:-you take that thread so carefully do thst this lenga should not get spoiled right.
Dev:-ofcourse you like this one right and u even want to take and yaa your are looking pretty in this if u want to take u can or no we can see another dress.
Durga:-haa dev no i want to take this bacause not only me u also liked it.so lets take this.
Dev:-u sure .
Durga:-yes lets leave may be they are waiting for us.
Dev pays bill and reaches to a eating place as all are waiting for them.
Swara:-done with u shopping dii and jijju.
They both say haa.
Dev says do all done with your shopping.
They all nodes their heads they all leaves rags says bhai take durga and swara .
I will go with anyone from these.

Dev:-But why u also come with me we mill drop them and then we will go to home
rags:- i have work bgai u goo.
Laksh:-haa i will drop her your hospital is on the way of our house only.
Dev says ok then be carefull after going to hospital call me.
Laksh and arjun sits front and rags sits back and ask him to drop her house.
Arjun:-but u said to hospital.
Rags:-if i font say like bhsi will keep on taking with me so i came like this do that he can talk to swara and durga.
Laksh:-all of sudden why are behaving like this.
Sanskar:-possessiveness and i know u r feeling bad by doing this.
Sheena:-wat ever she is doing right only bhai u dont understand so plzz.
Arjun:-untill when u will do like this one day dev gets to know and if he questioned u then
Rags:-then i know wat to say and its matter of few days thats it arjun i sm not hping to do it for life long.
Sanskar:-but why.
Sheena:- as i said u people will not understand it and plzz lets go i feeling sleepy .
They all leave to respective places.
Dev dropped durga and swara and reached house.
Dev says did ragini came.

Kaka says yes.
Dev goes and sees rags sleeping with out changing her clothes he smiles and covers her with blanket.
Laksh goes to give arjun shopping bags to her room and sees him sleeping lije that obly.
Laksh:- this kid will never grow up he romoves arjun boots and make his lega straight and covers him with blanket and keep shopping bags on table switch off light and goes from there.

Precap :-arrangements are taking place laksh and his family are at dayal house. Rags gets a call and runs from bed in sleeping attire and goes and hugs a person which shocks laksh and their family and dayal and family gets happy seeing him.

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