Ek anokhi kahani Episode 21

Hi frds after so many days i hope u didnt forget my ff story and yes i changing my name as sindhu rm from now as they are so many sindhus

Recap:- durga and dev conversion and sanskar and rags vomit drama .

All gets down from bus dev help durga to get down
Swara:- dp uncle your farm house is just awesome all elders goes inside dev and durga also goes inside.
Sanskar and laksh gets down from bus ragini and rajthnath are in bus and getting down.
Laksh and sanskar gives his hand to ragini. Rags looks at them and gives hand to sanskar by looking to laksh .
Laksh takes his hand and rubs his hair
Raj watches this all and comes to him and says.
Raj:- all the very best my son. God will be with u.
Laksh looks confused .
Raj and arjun gives hi five to each other and laughs.
Laksh:- dad instead of helping me by giving ideas u r making fun of me thats not fare.
Raj:- lisen carefully if girls wont like if boys take
ideas from other so all the best and goes inside
Arjun:- keeps his hand on his shoulder and says lets go inside bhai.
Swara:- wat the hell yar they both are not talking to me.
Laksh:- say new one yar and i am also facing same.
Arjun:- who asked u to make fun of rags and sanskar u know naa their company is dangerous one still who asked to u do that.
Laksh:- eee rags is right you are chotai namenai and u first see about u and sheena and her challenge after awards u can give inspirational speech to me go inside.
Arjun:-fine i sm going and goes from there and turns back and says all the best for u both.
Swara:- i have a plan laksh .
Swara:- divide and rule.
Swara:- i will take sanskar one side you take ragini one side after wards depends on situation we will cheer up them ok.
Laksh:-done i will ask dp uncle to say sanskar to show us farm house in that qay we willbring them out afterwards divide and rule policy will appilied but wat about remaining people.
Swara:- we will ask shenna to show others inside house.
Laksh and swara goes inside and says everything to dp and makes him agree .
Dp says to himself this is the best time kids will be away from us and i will ask dayal to talk about dev and durga relation matter to shekar.
And then he says done.
Dp goes and sits beside dayal and says.
Dp:- dayal i will send all kids to outside and u talk about dev and durga allience to shekar and sumi.
Dayal:- are u sure now i should talk.
Dp:-i am sure yar.
Dp:-so sanskar to take laksh swara and ragini and show our garden and sheena u take dev durga and arjun shiw our whole house ok.
Sanskar:-but dad why two teamm we all will go one naa.
Laksh and swara shouts:- noo.
Dp:-if u go in two teams then that type of fun is diffrent go.
Sheena:-dad wat r u sayi g wat different fun i am not at all understanding u .
Dp:- infact me also and says to turns towards dayal and says what i am speaking yar.
Dayal:-wgat do i know.
Dp:-wat do u mean by that i am helping u and u r not even taking my side.
Dayal:-fine wait sanskar and sheena do as per ur dad wish.
They both says ok and gets ready to leave.
Raj says even i want to come.
Dayal and dp shouts at a time no.
Raj:- stops in between and says why.
Dayal:-no more questions just sit.
Raj:- if i said no means.
Dp:- i am there na i know how to make u sit.
Raj:-chill bros i am sitting.
They all leaves.
Sanskar and rags and laksh and swara.
Swara:-plans applies from now all the best.
Laksh:-all the best to u also.
Rags:-are thinking wat i am thinking.
Sansky:- haa its definetly a plan of these two but i dont know how they convensed dad.
Rags:-may be u dad is also impressed with swara and its good for u in future it will be easy for u to convence them
Sansky:- haa u r right and haa wat do u mean by that.
Rags:- u did not ubderstand sanskuu babu.
Sanskar:- wat sankuu babu ha ha in that way ragii .
Swara:-sanskar i am feeling hungry i want to eat somethinh now itself.
Sansjar:-ok lets go back come.
Swara:-no i want to eat mango and shows to a mango tree.
Sanskar:- what ok come.
Laksh stops rags and says where are u going.
Rags:-with them y u wont come.
Laksh:-they are going naa they will bring for us let see this side .
Swara:-haa i will bring fir u takes sanskar
Where lak takes rags while talking in different ways sanskar and rags turns back and smiles at each other.
Sanskar laughs at swara as she is jumping hard to pluck mango and she stop s and says.
Swara:-so funny right u pluck it and show me.
Sanskar also tries in many ways but he also fails.
Swara:-close your eyes sanskar.
Swara:- just close yar.
Sanskar says ok and close after a minute he shouts swara wat the hell r u doing get me down.
Swara:- why wat u think only boys and lift girls even girls can also lift boys and see i am lifiting u and plzz yarr pluck the friut naa .
Sanskar:-hits his head with hand and plucks friuts and says done will u get me down.
Swara while leaving suddenly sanskar loose his control and falls on swara they both have eyelock.
Swara catches hers ears and says sorry sanskae for that bus incident i just joke with u people but u became very serous yarr.
Sanskar:- its ok and he gets up and makes swara to get up.
Sanskar:-by the way u look beautifull when u say sorry.
Swara:- oh ohhh really.
Sanskar:- hmm.
They both laugh.
Laksh:-sooo still angry on mee.
Rags:-mee and on uu oh my godd.
Laksh:- kya yar ok i am really sorry ok.
Rags smiles and tries to turn but laksh holds her hand rags turns towards him and ge says i care for u ragini seriously i care for u and i am sorry.
Rags:-understand that he is getting serious and says hi kaksh i am not angry with u i am acting to be annoyed with u that it.
Laksh:-hmm i know that and rags cockroach and pretends to shout.
Rags:-come on yar its just a cockroach thats it so chill.
Laksh:-what then then haa its a snake.
Rags:- wat snake were u are saying as it is like
a salman khan and shout and hugs laksh in fear.
Laksh gets shocked by sudden hug by rags and later he too hugs her and says rags i am just joking yar.
Rags says wat u are joking about snake how can some one joke on snake.
Laksh:-oh comeon rags i just joked on sbake u r reacting like i joked on your friend.
Rags:-i have a phobiea about snakes.
Laksh:-i am really sorry and plzz tar this time you forgive me now only because all my ideas are over rags laughs and says ok.
Laksh:-shall we leave i think they may came back
Rags:-haa lets goo.
Laksh:-if u leave me then only we can goo right.
Rags:-realises that she is still huggibg him and leaves him suddenly and says haa lets leave.
Laksh smiles and says to himself that thus day i will never forget rags as today is our first hug.
They four meet again and sanskar showing whole garden to them.
Rajnath and dp and dayal talks
Raj says oh tgats why u want me to stay here ok ok.
Dayal first i will talk to shailaja then we all can ask shekhar and their family.
Dayal and shailajs talk to each other and tgey go to shekhar and says.
Dayal:-shekar jii we want to ask u something if u like it u can give it.
Shekar:-laughs in confusingly and says wat.
Dp:-yar are u talking.
Dayal:-haa shekar jii actually we want i mean if its ok with u means if u like only means.
Shailaja:-oh my god will you stop saying means
And shekhar jii and sumi jii we want to ask durga hand for dev if its ok with you and durga then we want to get married them .
Sumi and shekhar smiles at each other and shekhar says even we are thinking about samething meanwhile u only asked .
Rajnath:-from parents side its cleared if u ask your kids abd if they said ok them band baja bharath.
Dayal:-ok then after leaving to our houses then we will ask our kids .
They all agrees and scene shifts to dev and durga.
Sheena:-so guys and girls this room is mine and shows every room finally she shows a balcony which is connected to sanskar and sheena room.so people like we say common and attached bathroom like that this is a common and attached balcony of my and bro room.
Dev laughs and says nice attached balcony sheena.
Sheena shows guest rooms while walking dev and durga keep on lookig into each other and arjun and sheena talks.
Sheena:-i want to remember something to someone.
Dev:-what u want to remember.
Sheena:-that wat i forgot wat i want to remember and for whom also.
Durga:-what u forgot to remember that thing and person also.
Arjun:-dont worry sheena u will remember youself when time comes.
Dev:-haa thats right and shall we go down.
They all reach down towarda their parents and rags and remaining also comes there.
Arjun goes towards rags and says i need your help ragini.
Ragini:-mine ok say wat u want.
Arjun:-i will show u a message and u read ut and say how is it as a girl ok
Rags:- haa as a girl means.
Arjun:-hits his head and sats i dont no what i sm speaking in tension.
Rags:-arey wat tension yar and i am there to help u naa show me that message i will read and say how is it.
Arjun gives a paper and rags reads ut and says its awesome arjun is it a song and raises her eyebrows and says for which girl u wrote this.
Arjun:-how come u know that i wrote it for a girl.
Rags:-oh please this is like a love letter i mean by reading this any one can say that this is your inner feeling that your are saying to sone one special and hits on his shoulder with her shoulder.
Arjun feels embrassed and says but i didnt write any name so how can u say that this is for a girl.
Rags:-arjun u are really in tension yar.
And obviously a boy will write this type of letters to girl only naa . And haa if a biy write rhis type of letter to another boy that means the boy is also know assss.
Arjun:-ohh no need of explanation i understood wat u want to say and i am accepting that i wrote this to a girl only and this is not only a letter but actually a song which i am going to sing today that to for
Arjun:-how do u known.
Rags:-keeps her hand on her waist and says because she is only one girl here who us at your age remaing all are elder to u.
Arjun:- haa u are right and say naa how can i sing infront of everyone and no one shoukd get doudt about it.
Rags:- ih thats your bet today and dont worry juno boy today evening after dinner we all are going to play antacharii ok and goes from there.
Arjun:-antacharii but i want to and say ohh ohh wat a plan rags in that case if i sibg this song in front of everyone also no one will get doudt.
Wow rags wat a plan. And he also goes to remaining poeple.

Precap:-all sittind roundly at campfire arjun singing song.
Sun meri dil ki zubann..
Sheena smiling towards him.
While all couples are looking at each other

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