Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-32)

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Gau reaches BH and Pratima welcomes her
Prat: Where is Yuvi ?
Gau: Umm.. U should probably wait for some more days
Gau goes inside and everybody else asks her about Yuvi
Gau: Maine kaha na thodi din intezaar karo sab…
Sau: But why?? Just say it Gauri
Gau: I cannot say what but i can tell u one thing, that there’s a huge surprise for all of you
All together: Surprise?
Sh: I hate suspense!! Please tell it to me. I’ll keep it a secret
Bh: No u cannot maintain any secrets Sh.. You’re good for nothing. Tell it to me Gau
Sh: Stop teaching bad things about me to the baby!!
Gau gets surprised to hear that
Gau: Baby??
Bh blushes
Sh: Yes… We’re going to have a baby
Gau: OMG! Then there’s gonna be triple happiness here!
She hugs ShaVana
Sh&Bh: Triple?
Gau(puts out her tongue): Please stop questioning me like this. It’s a surprise and I cannot give more details about it
She goes

Later she speaks with YuvAni on the phone
Gau: Both of u come here asap.. Otherwise everybody here will kill me
YuvAni laughs
Yuvi: We’ll try to come soon..
Suh: Yeah Gau.. I should start packing right now. There’s a lot of stuff
Gau: And one more thing.. Suh bhabhi you’re gonna become a mausi!
Suh: What do u mean??
Gau: Bhavna bhabhi is pregnant!
Suh(exclaims): Really?? I’m so happy for her. I wanna meet her soon
Suh hugs Yuvi
Yuvi: OK then we’ll call u later, bye
Suh: I never thought that I’ll be so happy ever again in my life. I’m so glad we met
Yuvi: Me too Suh..Everyone there are gonna freak out when they see u.
Suh: Hmm..But why will they freak out?
Yuvi: Because you’ve gained more weight and look like a bhootni
Suh: Oh please Yuvi I’m in no mood for an argument.
Yuvi(puts his hand around her should): But I’m in a mood to romance…
He holds her face and blows away the hair which had covered her face. Suh blushes. He was about to kiss her when Srish comes inside. They move aside
Srish: Aunty I’m leaving as mumma came from work. Bye
She goes
Yuvi: I must make sure I lock the door next time..
Suh(smilingly): What will u do when our kids grow up?
Yuvi: I didn’t think about it..
Suh goes to the living room and sees sou there
Sou: Srish told me that you’re gonna leave from here soon
Suh: Yes..I’ll have to. But its not easy for me to leave u and go
Sou: I’m gonna have a tough time without u Suh. Though I’m happy that you’re going back to you’re family
Suh hugs sou, both cry. Yuvi comes there and sees them
Yuvi: I feel guilty for separating you both.
Sou: U don’t have to Yuvraj. You should feel very happy to get her back and also u must feel proud to have such a wife.. Do u know what she did when she thought that you were married? She decided not to interfere in your life and tell u about the kids ’cause it will make u guilty. She’s such a gem of a person. Don’t let her go ever in your life again
Yuvi: I won’t let her go… (Suh smiles) Unless u say it. I’ll leave her here and take my kids and go back
Suh hits him playfully while Sou laughs
Sou: So when have u planned to go?
Yuvi: We’ve not yet thought about it..Maybe after 4or5 days
Sou: Ok then I’ll leave..Call me if u need help in packing
Yuvi: She’ll definitely need help as she hates packing
Sou smiles and leaves
Suh: I’ll certainly miss her..Don’t know how I’m gonna live without her
Yuvi: The same way u lived without me..
Suh: That’s different..
Yuvi: So I mean nothing to u!
Suh: Stop being childish now. U know that I love u the most
Yuvi: More than anyone?
Suh: Yes of course! Why is there a doubt?
Yuvi(hugs her from the back): I cannot trust you..Are u sure u love me more than u love Avinash?
Suh: How disgusting! He’s my friend alright?
Yuvi kisses her on the neck
Suh: I don’t wanna talk to u..
She walks away while he smiles looking at her anger which seemed cute to him

Precap: Yuvraj&Suhani go back to India

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  1. Yuvani

    Super cute epi……..i was smiling while reading……soooooooo happy for shavna….Thank you

    1. Neethu

      Thank you Yuvani!

  2. nice episode.. very happy for shavana.
    update asap

    1. Neethu

      Thanks a lot anshi! I’ll try to update soon

  3. cute nd nice episode. i like suhani and soumya bond in this ff ,which is diff from others. happy for shavana.

    1. Neethu

      I’m happy that you liked it sri! Keep commenting

  4. Awesome. …liked yuvani nokjhok

    1. Neethu

      Thank you Bhargavi!

  5. Nice episode

    1. Neethu

      Thank u Khyati!

  6. Sarita

    i love yuvraj romance ka chance jaane nhi deta h.cute yuvAni scéně update asap

    1. Neethu

      Thanks a lot Sarita dear!

  7. Wow family moments of yuvani are toooooo cute.i like it very much.u wrote it amazingly.luv u dear.

  8. Cute epi..The nok jhok was cute..

  9. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

  10. just so cute epi actually love these kind of moments.. pl update dear

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