Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-31)

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Next morning

Suh’s POV:
I woke up today like I did a year before when we were together. I stretched my arms as I put the blanket aside. Yuvraj was sleeping beside me like an innocent child. Now I had forgotten about all the sufferings that I had gone through for a year. I couldn’t thank god enough for reuniting us. I was about to get up when Yuvi held my wrist and pulled me towards him.
Me: What are u doing?
Yuvi: Stop it Suh.. I have rights to do this haven’t I?
He said with a naughty smile
Me: Yes u do..But now we are parents and that means we’ve double responsibility.
Yuvi: That doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you.
He then kissed my hand and noticed the ring and asked
Yuvi: You’ve been wearing it since then right?
I nodded
Me: But I felt your pulse beat only before a week
Yuvi: Hey! So you were the one who called to Birla house
Me: Yes I did.. I spoke to Gauri
Yuvi: But why did u hang up the call?
I couldn’t answer him. How’d I tell him that I misunderstood that he was married?
Yuvi: Bolo na.
Me: I…I thought that Gau was your….
Yuvi: What?! U thought she was my wife?? Ha ha ha..you’re so funny Suh
He started to laugh
Me: What else could I’ve thought? She was calling u “dear” and..
Yuvi: Oh Mrs.Birla got jealous!!
Me: Shut up..I don’t have jealousy. I thought that it was good that I got rid of this sadu
I said teasing him which made him angry
Yuvi: If u had got rid of me then who would be there to taunt u?
Me: Come on Yuvi.. I was just kidding. I always loved you &your taunts
I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the lips and rushed to the bathroom before he could realise what happened
POV ends

Yuvi was much shocked by her sudden gesture and was just sitting there staring at his children who were still asleep. Just then Yuvani got up and started crying which woke up the other one too. Yuvi tried his best to calm them down but they didn’t. So he started to bang on the bathroom door and shouted for Suh
Suh: Wait for 2mins Yuvi.. They are your kids and u should know to take care of them
Yuvi: But they’re not listening to me
Suh: Offo…
Just then Gau comes and plays with the babies. They stop crying.
Yuvi: Wow Gau! How did u do that?
Gau: You’ll learn it very soon Yuvi
Suh comes out, bathes the babies and then makes them lie on the bed.
Suh: Look after them while I bring their clothes
She goes to the cupboard and searches for the clothes while Yuvi begin to get along well with them when,
Yuvi: Hey Suhani!!! Look what Yuvan did
Suh: Ab kya hua??
She goes to Yuvi and sees his shirt wet and learns what would’ve happened. She laughs loudly.
Yuvi: What’s so funny about this??
Suh: Nothing.. U need some training Yuvi
Yuvi: I don’t need any training. I know how to look after my kids. U should become more responsible
Suh: Oh! So how did u think I managed them for 6 months?
Yuvi: Then why didn’t u make them wear diapers?
Suh: That is what I was going to do! Yuvi please don’t trouble me now.. I need to make breakfast. Gauri will be hungry and she needs to board the flight
Yuvi: Ok meri ma…Jao ab
Suh leaves to make breakfast and says good morning to Gauri
Suh: Sorry Gau I had to make u wait
Gau: It’s ok bhabhi.. I’ll just have cornflakes. Btw where’s Yuvi?
Suh: He’s learning to take care of the kids
Gau(laughs): Oh that’s good..

After sometime Gau leaves and boards the flight. Meanwhile Suh was busy with the laundry and Yuvi sleeps in the living room along with the babies. Just then Sou comes inside along with srish. She doesn’t knock the door but just enters inside which makes Yuvi awake
Sou: Oh I’m so sorry Yuvraj… I usually don’t knock the door while coming to Suh’s house
Yuvi: That’s fine.. Come in. Suh is doing laundry she’ll be back in sometime
Sou: Ok then. I’ll come later
Srish: But mumma u came to drop me here ’cause u were about to go to work
Sou: Shh Srishti… No Yuvi I didn’t mean to disturb u but..
Yuvi: What’s this Sou? Why are u hesitating to tell that to me? I’ll look after her. U can go
Sou: But Yuvi..
Yuvi: Look Sou, you’ve taken care of Suh and my kids and that really means a lot to me. U supported her all the time and gave her courage to raise the children. And since you’ve done so much help I could do at least so much
Sou: Please don’t thank me..I never considered her to be a stranger but I always thought her to be my own sis.
Yuvi: Anyways thanks again..
Sou leaves

Srish: You are a cleanliness freak, aren’t you?
Yuvi: What? Who told u that?
Srish: Suh aunty.. She has told a lot about you
Yuvi: What else did she say?
Srish says about all annoying habits of Yuvi. Just then Suh enters
Suh: Hello srish beta..
Yuvi gave an angry stare
Suh: Why are u staring at me now?
Yuvi: You’re very mean!
Suh: Why do u say that? And if anybody’s mean then it’s you
Yuvi: There’s no use in speaking to u at all
Suh: Arre..Aisa kya hua hai?
Srish: Now you’ve really proved that you’re a sadu Yuvi uncle
Suh gets shocked to hear that
Yuvi: Suna tumne? I’m a sadu and everybody in Australia knows that. What a wonderful wife u are!
Suh: Wo actually maine.. Srish beta aisa nahi kehte, wo aapse bade hai na?
Srish: Sorry uncle..
Yuvi: U don’t have to apologize, Suh should..
Suh: Yuvi! Whatever I told was true then why should I apologize?

They start to argue while srish gets angry and says
Srish: Stop it both of u!! Look the babies are crying
Both of them stop and pacify the babies. Suh takes Yuvani while Yuvi takes Yuvan
Suh: Yuvani you’re gonna have a tough time dealing with your father. I wish u best of luck for that
Yuvi(fumes): And Yuvan always remember that you’re mom is wicked and is jealous of your papa, so u should be careful of that
Suh(sighs): We’ll see who both of them loves the most
Yuvi: Yeah we’ll see..

Precap: Gau informs everyone in BH about the surprise

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    update soon

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    superb episode..i was laughing the whole episode..very cute episode

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  13. Yuvani

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