Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-29)

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Hello everybody! Thanks a lot for all your comments for the previous episode, it means a lot to me! YuvAni reunion will be shown in the next episode so, I request all of u to wait till Wednesday for that.

The episode starts with Suh,srish &Soumya reaching home from the mall. They all are at Suh’s house watching cooking show while srish remembers something looking at Yuvi &Suh’s pic
Srish: Oh now I remember where I saw him..
Sou: Kiske baare mein baath kar rahe ho tum?
Srish(pointing at Yuvi in the pic): This uncle..
Suh&sou get confused
Suh: What are u talking about srish?Srish: Aunty I saw Yuvraj uncle at the mall
Suh(gets shocked): What?!! U saw Yuvraj?
Sou: Beta are u sure it was him?
Srish: Yes mumma..I went to the candy machine leaving the babies and when I returned I saw him smiling looking at them
Sou: But how can he be here?
Suh: And he saw Yuvan&Yuvani…..
Sou: We must try and find him Suh
Suh gets teary eyed
Suh: What if he moved on in his life? I can’t let him know that he has two children. He’ll feel guilty if he knows everything
Sou: But Suh we’re not sure if he’s married.. Don’t do this to yourself please
Suh(cries): Nahi Somu.. I don’t want to spoil his happiness
Sou gets worried for Suh

Next day
Gau(thinking): I’ve got some information about bhabhi with great difficulty from one of my colleague who is a journalist here.. I should go to this address today to verify whether bhabhi really lives here. Yuvi will come late from meeting today meanwhile I’ll go there.
Just then Yuvi reaches the hotel
Gau: Why are u here? I mean u told tat you’ll be late
Yuvi: Yeah, but the meeting got over soon so I thought to buy something for Anuj, Saurab&Sharad
Gau: Oh ok…. But I wanted to visit one of my friends who lives here
Yuvi: After shopping we’ll go together
Gau: U don’t have to come with me…I mean u take rest here I’ll go
Yuvi: You’re behaving really strange today. Is it your boyfriend or something?
Gau: Kuch aisa hi samajh lo….
Yuvi: What? You’ve boyfriends?
Gau: I don’t have time to explain to u. Yes I have boyfriends does that brother u?
Yuvi: No it doesn’t… But
Gau: Now just shut up and come along
Gau leaves to a store with Yuvi. He buys gifts for everyone except anuj and thinks what to buy for him.
Gau: Jaldi karo na.. Its 5pm already
Yuvi: Have some patience.. I’ll buy a perfume for him
Gau gets restless as he takes too long to select a perfume so she tells him that she can’t wait more and leaves from there. Yuvi chooses a perfume and was about to pay the bill when he spots somebody’s purse lying on the floor. He picks it up and sees a driving licence which had Krishna’s name on it.
Yuvi(to a woman at the cash counter): Somebody has dropped their purse here. Will you please give to the owner?
Woman: We’re not supposed to do that sir. Could u hand it over to the police station which is just two blocks away?
Yuvi: I should give it?(he thinks and then looks at the address on the driving license) His house is just one block away. Its better if I give it to the owner himself

He looks at the address and walks down the lane. Meanwhile Gau reaches the apartment’s back gate.
Gau(thinking): My friend told me it is Blue dale apartment and I guess it is this one.. There are many floors in here. How will I know where she lives?
Gau asks about Suh’s house to the security but he denies to tell her about where she stays. She keeps on pleading to the security just then Sou, who was in the park where srish was playing goes to Gau hearing Suh’s name
Sou: Are u searching for Suh?
Gau: Yes I am.. Do u know where she stays?
Sou looks on. Yuvi reaches the same apartment through the front gate and he gets in the lift and presses number 2, as given in Krish’s address.

Precap: Yuvi reaches Krish’s house while Suh opens the door of her flat and hears Yuvi’s voice

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  1. Awesome neethu…. Pls do update soon… YuvAni reunion??? in ur ff all r positive soumya, krishna n gauri n they r helping YuvAni is the best part…

  2. awesome epi.excited for yuvAni reunion pz update asap

  3. tooo good.. everyone is positive here.
    waiting for yuvani reunion..

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode…excited for yuVani reunion…thank u so much

  5. Yipeeee???..yuvani reunion..cant wait long…plz plz update asap

  6. Yuvani

    God……. I am so excited…..When yuvi decided to go krishna’s house, my heart was beating so fast……..Thank you soooooooo much Neethu……….

  7. woooow yaar an unka reunion bhi jaldi dekha do

  8. Too good please post it fast if you can… And please don’t end the FF give nice moments of yuvani with their children which CVS failed to show in ssel

  9. Superb duper epi neethu…I am waiting for YUVANI reunion..Please update the next asap..

  10. superb eagerly waiting for nxt epi update it without fail on wed..

  11. Wow how I can’t wait fr their meeting.I am very excited dear.neethu sis ur lovely.ff is very cute.

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