Ek Anokha Rishta… (episode-26)

The episode starts with Yuvi telling Gauri that he wants to tell her something important. So Gauri goes to Yuvi’s room and he closes the door.
Gau: What do u wanna tell me Yuvi ?
Yuvi: Look this might sound weird, but if my instincts are right then its true
Gau: First tell me what it is..

Yuvi: Ok.. You know what happened to Suh right?(Gow nods)
He tells her everything about their love story and how they got separated and also about the ring
Gau: Hmm..I’ve heard about such rings and my friend who got engaged had the same kind of ring she told that if the person wasn’t wearing it then the other person wouldn’t feel anything. But in your case you’re feeling this even though bhabhi isn’t there…
Yuvi: So what do u think?

Gau: Look dear I cannot say anything for sure but I’m clear about one thing that somebody’s wearing bhabhi’s ring.
Yuvi: How can that be possible? Honey, u might feel this is a bit weird but I think Suh’s alive.. My heart says so..
Gau: I don’t know Yuvi.. But I promise you if she’s there, then I’ll help you find her
Yuvi hugs Gow and says
Yuvi: I knew you’d help me.. How will we find her?
Gau looks on while Yuvi gets a phone call from Arun:
Yuvi: Hello Arun

Arun: Yuvi didn’t you see the news?
Yuvi: No I didn’t..what happened?
Aru tells him about Michel’s death
Yuvi: That’s indeed a great news! But if this had happened on holi then we wouldn’t have lost Suh
Aru: I’m so sorry for that Yuvi.. And I forgot to tell you something. I had gone to your old house at France for an investigation and your neighbor Paul told me somebody named Krishna came looking for you before few months
Yuvi: Krishna? I don’t know who that is..Why did he come looking for me?
Aru: I don’t know but he enquired about where you were staying

Yuvi: Oh Ok …thanks for informing me. Bye
Gau: Now I too think that you’re instincts are right because Michel got killed too and now everything seems to lead to just one thing that bhabhi is alive..
Yuvi: How can u be so sure?
Gau: You remember somebody called and wanted to speak to you?

Yuvi: Yes..
Gau: As far as I know you u have had no girlfriends and the only girls to whom you’ve talked with is bhabhi&me right?
Yuvi: Why are u asking all this now?
Gau: ’cause the lady who called addressed you as”Yuvi” at first, and u know only two women do that
Yuvi: Are u trying to say that it was Suhani who called??!
Gau: I cant say for sure but I think she lied to me that her name was Soumya..
Yuvi: You’ve totally gone crazy!!
Gau: I’m helping you idiot!

Yuvi: Thanks for your great help! You’re still being childish. Now get out of my room!
Gau: You’re still so rude! I hate you.. Later do not come begging to me for help
Yuvi: Not anymore!!
Gau fumes and leaves

At night
Suh’s POV:
I didn’t know what was happening to me. I felt like I’ve lost Yuvi forever now. I never felt like that even when I got separated from him ’cause I thought that he only had one woman in his life. But now it was different. I got very angry on him that I again called to Birla house but I hung up the call. Then I thought about this in detail and understood that Yuvi was not at fault ’cause he was all alone and he needed somebody to support him. Then I tried convincing myself that Gauri wasn’t Yuvi’s wife but it could be his cousin or a friend. I looked at Yuvan &Yuvani and promised them that I’ll surely get their father back.

Precap: Yuvi &Gauri go to Australia for launching a new product of the Birla company

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