Ek Anokha Rishta… (episode-25)

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At Birla house
All the family members were eating breakfast while Rags&Bhavna were serving them food. Yuvraj is also seen eating but he was constantly looking at the ring on his finger and thinking of Suhani. The phone rings and Pratima picks it up as she has finished eating.
She comes to the dining looking excited after having hung up the call.
Saurab: Who was it ma? And why are you so happy?
Prat: Beta it was Gauri, and guess what she’s coming here today evening
Everybody including Yuvi get happy on hearing that
Bh: Mausi ji, who’s Gauri?
Sh: It’s actually one of our cousins.. We all lived together when we were kids because she lost her parents
Bh: Oh..Now where’s she?
Prat: She is in US now and works as a journalist.. We haven’t seen her for years
Bh: Hmm.. That’s great
Sh: She always liked Yuvi above all of us, isn’t it Yuvi?
Yuvi: Yeah I guess..(he gets up and goes to his room)

Yuvi’s POV:
I was very happy to know that I was gonna meet my bestie today..And I knew for sure that she’s the only one who would believe me and help me out in this(ring). I looked at a portrait of Suh hung on the wall with a flower garland on it. I really wanted to know whether this was true and if Suh really survived. Even if she survived, why didn’t she try to find me? Why didn’t she try calling me at least once? I had a lot of unanswered questions popping out of my mind. Now I couldn’t wait until I see honey(Gauri)
POV ends

In the afternoon
Suh was watching television while sou& Srish were playing with the babies.
Sou: Suh could u switch to the news channel? I wanted to see who won in the Wimbledon open game
Suh: You play tennis too?(she puts on the news channel)
Sou: Yes I do.. What about you?
Suh: I used to be a player back in school..
Sou: Wow! Then we should play sometime(looks at the news) Oh look at that..
They both look at the news and get shocked
News: Michel Thomson, the mastermind behind the March 2016 bomb blast in France was shot down by the cops today morning in Trento, Italy.
Suh: Oh My God!! Its him.. I can’t believe that he’s dead
Sou: It serves him right for killing innocent people.
Suh cries in happiness
Suh: I’m happy that at last the monster got killed..
Sou: I think you should call Yuvi now ’cause he’s no more and nobody will ever hurt you again..
Suh: Oh yes..I think that you’re right I should call him.. (She takes out her phone and dials his number)
Wait..what will I tell him?
Sou: Tell him what really happened that day he’ll surely trust you
Suh looks on

Meanwhile Gaui arrives at Birla house and everybody happily welcomes her. She chats with her brothers. Suh makes up her mind and calls Yuvi but it turned out to be an incorrect one.
Suh: Maybe he changed his number..
Sou: Do u have the residential number of their house?
Suh: Yes I have it let me try…(she calls )
All in BH hear the phone ringing and Gauri gets up and says
Gaur: Its my house now..so I’ll attend the call
She attends the call
Gau: Hello, this is Gauri Birla how can I help you?
Suh gets confused on hearing the name and wonders who it could be.
Gau: Hello??
Suh: I am uh…I’m Soumya can I speak to Yuvi..I mean Yuvraj
Sou stares at Suh while she gestures her to be quiet
Gauri: Yeah one second.. Yuvi..Darling come here there’s a call for you.

Suh realizes what she just heard and thinks why was the girl calling him “Darling”? Was he married? She then stopped all the thoughts and waited for Yuvi to answer
Yuvi: Who is it honey? Whoever it is tell them I’m busy with you
Gau: Yuvi she’s on the phone still.. Don’t shout she might hear you
Suh gulps down her saliva and feels her heart beating faster as she was hearing his voice after such a long time but she hangs up the call hearing what he said to Gauri.
Sou: What happened? Why did u hang up the call?
Suh(with a heavy heart): I guess he is…..
Sou: He is?? Just tell me Suhani
Suh: He’s married!!
Sou: Are u insane? Do u know what are u talking about?
Suh: I know what I’m saying…. But its OK. I mean he was lonely without me and so(she starts crying into Soumya’s chest)
Sou: Suh it could’ve been a misunderstanding.. You would’ve heard something else
Suh: I don’t know somu..
She cries looking at her children

Precap: Yuvi tells everything to Gauri and she promises to help him out

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