Ek Aastha aisi bhi episode analysis

The episode starts with guru maa asking Lakshmi to start the ritual.But Shiv’s words are still echoing in her ear.She does the rituals unwillingly and notices Radhika and shiv talking in signs. She also recalls that time when shiv wanted to tell her the truth.Astha notices her.After completing the ritual she takes shiv to a room and asks whether he is happy with the marriage or not.Shiv is about to tell her when suddenly Aastha and her mother come .Aastha’s mother invites them to a ritual of giving joda at their house tomorrow.Shiv wonders whether Aastha has told anything to her mother or not. Shiv unwillingly says yes.Shiv stops Aastha suddenly and tells whatever happens it happens for good.Aastha smiles.Shov goes to Radhika’s house.Radhika’s father is very happy and brings wine in order to celebrate.Shiv is still feeling guilty for breaking Aastha’s heart. He is not interested in taking drink but when Radhika’s dad forces him he gets angry and shouts on him.He tellst hem his gult of breaking Aastha’s heart on the day of her mehendi ceremony and feels it is not the moment to celebrate .He drinks a lot in pain.

Radhika and her family look on shocked
Lakshmi feels guilty and takes his servant to guru maa’s ashram to repent her mistake for not listening his son’s wish. In order to repent her mistake she washes the feet of her servant.Guru maa notices‚Äč her and asks servant to leave.She then asks Lakshmi who further tells her that her son does not want to do this marriage.Guru maa gets shocked.

Precap: Lakshmi tells guru maa that it’s her mistake that she could not be a good mother to which guru maa replies that it was her mistake as she bought the alliance of Aastha.
Shiv is drunk and meets Aastha’s asking her how can she be so normal after knowing his truth.Aastha looks on and asks which truth ?

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