Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Gurumaa is exposed, Shiv and Aastha unites

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radhika keeping knife on Aastha’s neck and slaps her asking why did she do this with her. Aastha is scared and cries. Radhika says why did you snatch Shiv from me, can you love him like me, and asks why did you come inbetween us. Aastha cries. Gurumaa ties everyone in the house after giving them drugs. Radhika asks Aastha to be pained and says Shiv will get the wife who loves him much and I will tell him what I can do for him. They all gain their senses and finds themselves tied. Lakshmi calls Shiv. Shiv says Maa. Gurumaa holds Lakshmi and says you are so egoistic and tried to kick me out of my house, whatever respect you have earned is because of me. You have kept your hand on snake burrow and now see how can I bite you and your family. Shiv asks her not to touch his Maa. Gurumaa slaps Shiv. Lakshmi and Nand Lal shouts at her. Gurumaa insults Shiv and says will you save your family who can’t walk even two steps without your mum. Jaya tells Lakshmi that this budiya old woman is doing this while going. Gurumaa is about to slap her. Janki shouts and says you are changed.

Gurumaa says she was same from the start and acted to be Sadhwi and you people called me Gurumaa. She says if I show you my shaitani avatar then you wouldn’t have accepted me. She tells that she was successful and wanted to become God in the world, but she couldn’t become God and have to show her evil avatar to them. She tells that she also lied to them since the start and tells that when I saw your Aastha for God, I made it as my stairs to reach my motive. She says it was easy to fool you, and tells that whenever she wanted to make any temple, she used to make her bhakts dig idol in the land, and made herself famous. She says I wanted to become God and wanted same person like me. She says she met Aastha in Manali and she thought she can use her for her motive and increase her kingdom, but she turned out to be nastik, I came to know it very soon and hid the fact from all of you. She says if she had told them, then you would have blamed me for not identifying the atheist, and tells that she tried to make Aastha as aastik and tells about then flying mala miracle. She tells that it was all done by me, and you stupid people thought it as my miracle. She tells that she even fooled them by walking on the water, Aastha asked them to expose her truth as she knows everything, but nobody believed her.

She tells Jaya that if she remembers 56 bhogs which she saw in her room and tells that she had it first. She removes the pipe from her nose. Nand Lal calls her dhongi. Gurumaa throws it and says I used to have food like you all, and Aastha caught me red handed many times. She tells Jaya that when you came from market, you saw me holding rasgulla. Lakshmi says you have betrayed us big. Shiv says Aastha tried to tell us, we didn’t believe her. Nand Lal says she will be punished and God will punish her.

Gurumaa says you all are shaken up like fish and says she will not do much bad with them, and says Aastha is really in bad condition and asks if they want to see Aastha. She switches on TV. Radhika says hi handsome, and says Maa would have told you what you have to do if you want to save Aastha. Shiv asks her to leave Aastha else there will be no bad person than him. Gurumaa points gun at him and says Aastha respect and life is in your hands now. Radhika asks him to come to room and bring sindoor, and accept her as his wife, else she will kill Aastha. Gurumaa asks Shiv to do as Radhika said, and save family. She opens his hand and asks him to pick the ring while keeping gun at him.

Shiv drops the ring. Gurumaa asks him to pick the ring box and go to room. Shiv pulls the mat and makes her fall, thus snatching gun from her hand. Gurumaa says you are doing wrong. Shiv asks her to move back and opens Angad’s hand. Nand lal holds Gurumaa. They all tie her. Jaya and Janki say that they will punish her. Lakshmi says first we have to think how to save Aastha. Shiv asks Balwan to help him and goes to room. He tells Radhika that he came to her and is ready to marry her, just leave Aastha. Radhika asks Aastha to pick sindoor. Shiv asks her to give sindoor. Radhika asks him to fill sindoor in her maang and smiles. Shiv takes a pinch and then snatches knife from her hand. Radhika says you have betrayed me, I will not leave you. Shiv says now try to do what you want, if I get angry then will show you. Balwan holds Radhika and takes her to hall. Shiv hugs Aastha.

Inspector says Gurumaa, your game is over. He arrests her. Constables takes her. Lakshmi thanks him and tells that they shall not have any blind faith on humans or God. She says this is Durga Nivas and they shall have love and bhakti, and tells that today it is the new day for them and they will start it with festival celebration. Runjhun apologizes to Aastha. Aastha says I am happy that everything is fine. Balwan asks them to make each other have varmala and strengthen their relation. Angad says first let them say if they want this. Shiv says he wants to marry Aastha again and take rounds with her. Shiv gives her promise that he will love her more in all births and she will be his wife always. Aastha makes him wear garland. Balwan clicks the family selfie.

Show ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Finally show ended on happy note stating – vishwas is good but andh vishwas is worse..

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