Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Gurumaa conspires big against family

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gurumaa asking Radhika not to cry and says I won’t let any injustice happen with you. Even if we leave from here, but we don’t want to worry. She says she has many bhakts in Kolkata, and she will conspire against them so that they will call them back, and make you as bahus. She tells that she will make Aastha’s life miserable and she will forget about staying anywhere. She says she will lock Lakshmi in kal kotri like the way she had kept Om captive. Radhika says she is not crying and will reply to them with a bomb. Gurumaa says she will ruin their lives, and will make them rub their nose under her feet. Janki and Jaya talk about Radhika and argue with each other for helping her. Runjhun comes and asks them not to fight, and says Gurumaa and Radhika will go, and Lakshmi will make Aastha as head now. She says we shall stop them. Jaya and Janki says no. Jaya tells Runjhun that she has decided to stay happily with each other. Janki says I will take medal from you for being good bahu. Runjhun stands lonely.

Aastha asks Gurumaa why she is tensed and says today your one truth is out, I will bring and expose all your truth. Gurumaa says you can’t make me lose. Aastha says your crimes have increased and I don’t have to do anything to expose you. She says today I start reverse countdown.

Radhika asks Gurumaa why did she come? Gurumaa says she was threatening me, but I don’t care. Radhika says we have to cut her feathers.

Shiv thinks about Aastha and smiles. Balwan asks if he is thinking about Aastha. Shiv blushes and asks him to stop teasing him, and says when I saw you first, I asked God to keep you both united and says he will feed 10 kids. Shiv gives money to him and asks him to feed 20 kids. He says he wants to keep her happy and wants to give her happiness which she deserves. Balwan says it seems you are married now.

Gurumaa tells everyone that she got love, respect and adulation from this family and Lakshmi was like a friend to her. She tells that she wants to do evening aarti if they all permit. She tells Jaya that she will wait for everyone, else she will go without it. Janki says we shall not agree, we have made her sit on our head before. Jaya says why she is doing drama. Angad says why she is doing drama. Janki says she will tell her they will not come for aarti. Aastha comes and says you people are doing aarti since years, and asks if you will stop because of a small reason. She says if you don’t do aarti today then God will see your hatred. She says there is problems in every homes, and we shall not have personal problems, and tells that Gurumaa was the reason for puja path and asks not to make her reason not to do it. She says Gurumaa wants to do aarti as she wants to take good memories with her.

Lakshmi says Aastha is right and says we all will attend today’s aarti. She tells that you always used to say this, your thinking and your love for Shiv, I couldn’t understand. She says whatever you did today is a big thing. You don’t believe in God, but believes on humanity, and you have proved that even religious people can be bad. She says humans become good with their thinking, you will find many religions people, but you will find people with humanity rarely. She blesses her. Aastha touches her feet. Lakshmi says I am your mum from now onwards. Aastha hugs her and cries. Lakshmi asks her to be happy always. Aastha smiles.

Lakshmi and others attend aarti as Gurumaa does aarti. They all say Jai maa durge. Gurumaa says I thought you all will not come, and says this is the last memory which I will take it. She tells that she gives Prasad to everyone after aarti, and says she will give it even today. She gives Prasad to them. Aastha is in her room and wear mangalsutra thinking about Shiv. She applies sindoor in her maang and tells that mummy ji said right that light comes after darkness. She says Shiv and I are one now. They all have Prasad and feel drowsy. Gurumaa smirks.

Radhika comes to Aastha’s room and locks it. Aastha sees her. Radhika says hi and asks how are you. She keeps knife on her neck and asks if she is scared. Janki tells that it sees earthquake is coming. Janki says we are feeling drowsy. They all faint. Lakshmi shouts Jaya, Runjhun…Radhika tells Aastha that she can kill her if she don’t accept her words. She says I have brought this knife to remind you that you have stabbed your friend. She says it is really painful when a friend stabs a friend. Lakshmi sees Shiv and others fainting and falling down. She asks Gurumaa, what she did. Gurumaa says it will happen to you also. Radhika continues to threaten to kill Aastha.

Gurumaa tells Lakshmi that she has put hand in naagin’s burrow, now see how I will bite you and your family. She shows them on TV that Aastha is kept on knife point by Radhika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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