Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Aastha sneaks the boy inside home

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone finding the boy in the house. Shiv asks from where you have come. Boy is silent. Shiv says we shall drop this boy to his house. Nand Lal says he shall tell his address then only we can drop him to his house. Aastha sees boy keep looking at the chocolate and asks if it is his. He holds her hand. Aastha gives him chocolate. She says she is Aastha and asks where is his home. Shiv says I think he can’t speak. Nand Lal says we shall handover baby to Police so that they can find his house. Boy gets shocked and hugs Aastha. Aastha says when we couldn’t find his address, how can he tell to Police. Jaya says why we shall keep this boy here, we don’t know about his religion, caste. Janki supports Jaya.

Govind says we shall drop him to Police station. Lakshmi says Aastha is right, boy is small, he couldn’t speak infront of us, then he will be uncomfortable with Police. Govind says if his parents are searching him then. Lakshmi says ok and asks Aastha to take him to Police station. Aastha nods hesitantly. Govind tells Shiv that he should have also gone to Police station with Aastha. Shiv says there is no use and says our relation is like kite and thread now.

Aastha tells everything to Police station. Inspector says ok, we will send him to orphanage till we find his parents. Aastha asks why? Inspector tells that they can’t keep boy here. Aastha asks Boy not to worry and says Inspector will make you meet your parents and asks him to go with constable. Boy hugs Aastha and cries. Aastha gets touched. Jaya and Janki comes back from shopping. They tell Lakshmi that they have bought mehendi for themselves. Janki says she will win the competition. Lakshmi asks them to call everyone to aarti. Aastha comes home. Lakshmi asks her what did Police say? Before she could tell anything. Jaya says you have done right. Aastha says Inspector said that they will keep boy in orphanage. Lakshmi is shocked.

She says ok and hopes police finds his parents soon. The boy sneaks in the house with Aastha’s help. Lakshmi asks Aastha to give match box. Aastha gives it to her. Shiv is in room and thinks why light is not coming and thinks to check the socket. Aastha and boy hides. Aastha goes to room with boy and asks him not to get out from room, if anyone sees you then will send you to police station. He puts wire in the extention box and light comes in the lights. Boy starts crying as he feels current.

Aastha asks him to be quiet and thinks how to cheer him up. She covers light wires around her and dances. Boy gets quiet and smiles. Radhika hears boy’s voice, comes near there, but the voice disappears as boy keeps quiet. She goes. Shiv comes there, sees her dancing and wonders what happened to her. Aastha says she is preparing for the competition. Boy is hiding. Shiv says these lights was not working and asks who repaired it. Aastha ssays he will take it out. Shiv helps her to take lights off. She sees boy sitting under the bed and having chocolate, smiles.

Balwan brings Runjhun lifting her in his arms. Runjhun says she got manicure and pedicure done to win the competition. Jaya thinks to do the same. Janki says you will apply gobar as I will apply mehendi on my hands. Radhika comes to Aastha’s room holding diya and looks at Aastha.

Radhika shares her evil plan with Guru maa telling that the fish will make Aastha’s feet dirty. Aastha is made to put her foot in the water tub with that fish inside. Radhika waits for her plan to succeed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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