Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaya and Janki wish light never come. Govind asks Balwan to check the fuse. Shiv wonders where is Radhika? Radhika comes to Aastha and opens her pins. Balwan puts the fuse back. Everyone is shocked to see Aastha’s revealing blouse. Sharda runs to her and covers her with her dupatta. The guest taunt Aastha. Jaya and Janki taunt Aastha. Lakshmi tells Sharda that if Aastha has worn such clothes then she should have hide it with her pallu. Aastha is about to cry and tells that someone opened her pin when light was not there. Shiv asks everyone to stop it and tells he insisted her to wear this clothes, although she was refusing but…she agreed. He gives pin to Sharda. Sharda pins up her dupatta and blouse. Lakshmi tells Shiv that he would have told her if he wants such clothes for her. Govind says lets complete the engagement, and asks him to make her wear engagement ring. He makes her wear ring. Everyone is happy and claps. Radhika is upset and goes from there.

Shiv goes to Radhika and asks her to listen to him. Radhika says you have gone mad for Aastha. Shiv says I will marry you, but I can’t let to ruin her respect. She blames him for crying hugging Aastha. Shiv says I really need someone at that time, when you should have been with me, you was not with me. Radhika says I am Aastha’s friend according to all. Shiv says you think from mind and Aastha thinks from heart.

Govind gets Radhika’s earring and is doubtful. Shiv promises her that he will marry her only. Lakshmi is upset as Shiv made Aastha such dress. Guru Maa tells that Aastha can’t do this and tells that although she worn that dress, but covered it fully. Govind comes and shows earring to Lakshmi, telling that someone conspired against Aastha. Shiv sees the earrings and thinks it belongs to Radhika. Lakshmi says I will not leave that person. Shiv comes and takes the earrings, says he will find that person who is behind this conspiracy. Guru maa tells that their hearts are connected for forever. Radhika comes and tries to romance with him. He says we will not marry if I tell truth to Aastha. He asks where is the jhumka and tells that Govind found it near the switch box and asks her how can you do this? Radhika takes out her other jhumka and keeps in her bag. Aastha thinks how pin opens up. She recalls Shiv protecting her. Shiv comes and tells that came to use washroom and wasn’t aware that she is here. Aastha thanks him.

Shiv says I would have done same thing if there was someone else. Aastha says she is very happy and has more respect for her to be husband. Shiv says I didn’t go any great work. He is about to go and turns. He sees Aastha having small injury and gives her ointment. She tries to apply ointment, but her hands don’t reach her back. Shiv offers help and applies ointment on her injury which happened when Radhika opened the pin. Aastha smiles. Shiv asks her to apply ointment again and says it will be alright. He says he wants to talk to her about something important and says he wants to talk to her since many days. Runjhun comes and asks Aastha to come. Aastha asks Shiv to tell. Shiv says I will tell later and goes. Aastha thinks what is the matter?

Lakshmi stops Radhika and asks where is your earrings. Janki says she had worn nice earrings. Radhika says one of them broke up so I kept the other. Lakshmi asks her to show. Govind tells Lakshmi that Sharda ji is leaving. Lakshmi and Govind bid them bye. Radhika escapes. Lakshmi says who is trying to ruin Aastha’s image.

At home, Runjhun tells Ashok that it was full on drama when Shiv got the attack and acts like him. Sharda scolds her. Runjhun tells her that Shiv’s illness will never be gone, and tells that’s why they have chosen her. Aastha tells her that she likes Shiv as he has 100’s of qualities. She says Shiv has chosen me even knowing my truth. She says we will not talk again.

Aastha’s dupatta gets stuck on to the fan. She feels suffocated. Radhika smiles. Shiv and Balwan are far.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nkemakonam jonah

    Who is dis mad radhika…..she is a joker shiv will not marry her

    1. According to the story Radhika is the girl whom Shiv realy loves but i think she is not a right girl she is only after wealth not love i just hope Shiv does not break Astha’s heart by the truth he intends to tell her else he will have to marry that witch Radhika

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