Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Aastha that they can’t do jugalbandi as she is asking. Aastha tells that she is worried about their family respect. Lakshmi says Govind will manage to get another bhajan mandli. Govind comes and asks Lakshmi why they can’t sing together now. Lakshmi says they can’t now as things have changed. Shiv tells Aastha that he can’t do this work and goes. Aastha gets sad. Govind says atleast you tried, and says everything is in God’s hands. He goes to talk to Bhajan mandli.

Runjhun practices dancing. Guru maa comes there and says you will not dance today. Runjhun says why? Guru maa asks her not to forget that she is whose wife, and says Balwan is like their son, but not their real son. She says we call Lakshmi to all bahus, but Lakshmi is just one. Runjhun says Aastha told me to dance. Guru maa tells her that Aastha have done many mistakes till now and asks her to decide whom she wants to support. Runjun agrees not to dance. Gurumaa goes.
Lakshmi hopes Govind brings bhajan mandli soon. Guest gossips. Bhagyashree brings shirts for Ashok and says she has washed the clothes and also ironed it. Ashok sees the white shirt getting colored patches and asks why she has done this. She says two wives can’t stay in one house and asks them to drop Gayatri from there. Ashok asks her to give him some time.

Chacha tells guest that Govind will bring bhajan mandli. Govind comes and says he couldn’t manage, as all mandlis are busy. Runjhun apologizes to Aastha, and says she can’t dance due to leg sprain. Guest lady taunts them for the bad arrangement.

Gayatri comes to room and asks about the noise. Bhagyashree says Ashok needs his shirt. She asks why you are staying here. Gayatri says it is his helplessness to stay here. Bhagyashree says you might be helpless, but not your husband. Bhagyashree breaks the lock and gives her idea asking her to tell everyone that she is kicked out by Ashok. Gayatri thanks her and says you are my good friend. Bhagyashree thinks I am your sautan. Guest ladies tell Guru maa that they will leave, and asks her not to call them again without proper arrangements. Aastha starts dancing and falls down as blood comes out from her injured foot. Guru maa thinks she knows she would do such a thing and that’s why kept glass piece under the carpet. Guest lady says why this dance is without sangeet. Shiv comes there and plays dhol. He hurts his finger and stops. Lakshmi plays Veena. Everyone claps for her. Guru maa is upset.

Lakshmi continues to play music. Aastha dances on the music played by lakshmi. Shiv also plays drum. Shiv recalls playing dhol while Lakshmi plays Veena in his childhood. Aastha sits down after dance ends. Everyone claps for them. Shiv and Lakshmi come near each other to give hi five, but stops. The guest praises the jugalbandi and also Aastha’s dance performance. The other guest praises Aastha. Janki says Aastha took all the credit. Runjhun thinks she would have been praised if danced on stage. Govind thanks Aastha and tells that it is because of her hardwork, Shiv and Lakshmi’s relation will get better. Aastha feels pain, but tells Govind that she is tired. Govind blesses her. Gurumaa fumes in anger.

Govind tells Aastha that today is Lakshmi and Shiv’s birthday. They wish each other looking at the moon. Guru maa tells Aastha that they have dig the pit and buried a box few years back with their written wishes inside. Aastha goes there and falls inside the big pit. Guru maa tells that she wants to spoil her relation with everyone. Aastha gets stuck there and rats climbed onto her dress. She shouts calling Lakshmi and Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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