Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Aastha exposes Radhika’s evil plans and stops engagement

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha thinking about her conversation with Lakshmi and gets skeptical about her decision. Om comes to Aastha and asks her to stop the engagement and says this is not right. I don’t have the right to stop it, but can’t see this happening. Aastha says you have equal right to tell your view. Om says he understands between the right and wrong and says I just met Shiv, and I understood that he loves you. Aastha asks did Shiv tell you? Om asks did you tell me, love is clear in both of your eyes. He says you will get everything in this world, but not love. He asks why she is ruining three lives and asks her to move a step towards Shiv and then he will come towards her. He says you called me brother and stopped me. He says Shiv don’t know that I am talking to you, and says I have taken a decision that you will stop this engagement. He asks her to stop the engagement. Aastha gets a call and tells Om that Radhika called and asks her to get her ready. Aastha goes there and sees Radhika getting ready for the engagement. Aastha brings anklet. Radhika calls her for bringing it and asks her to make her wear it. She says her lehenga is heavy and can’t lift it. She says I want you to make me ready for marriage so that I can tell everyone that you got me ready. She says I can’t marry without your best wishes.

Aastha smiles and sits down to make Radhika wear anklet. Radhika keeps her foot on Aastha’s leg and says I feel really bad for you being your true friend. She says this is a big surprise and I will remember till my death. She says if you need anything then I will be with you and be your support. She says she will try to search guy like Shiv for her. She says if she could then she would stop him. Aastha asks her to stop talking all this. Radhika says nothing will change and says we will support each other. Aastha asks her to get ready and goes. Radhika sits again. Guru maa comes and says finally the day has come, Shiv is going to be yours and you will get your rights, for which I brought you home. Radhika says yes, she is going to get her rights and says she don’t understand how the things are hurried up. Gurumaa asks her not to think about it. Radhika says once Aastha goes from here, black spot will go.

Gurumaa says you have done so much for Shiv. Radhika says when she came back and saw Shiv, she swear to move Lakshmi and Aastha. She tells that on Teej’s day, she kept kids saree on Aastha’s boxes so that she get scolded. She tells that when Lakshmi kept competition, she tried to ruin Aastha’s feet with the poisonous fish, and her master plan when she presented Aastha’s made modak as hers. She says my more big master plan, when I created misunderstanding between Shiv and Aastha, called them at different time and booked two rooms. She tells that Shiv confessed to her thinking Aastha is there. She says Aastha forgot to use her mind and doubted on Shiv. She says on naam karan day, she changed the names chits and Om thought family wants to give him Kaali name. Gurumaa gets happy and says you have done the same thing which I am doing with them and says this is the most happiest day for her.. She asks her to come. Jaya and Janki wait for Aastha to come.

Jaya says she couldn’t be seen. Janki sees Aastha coming there. Janki asks where is Radhika? Janki says she will come after getting ready so that everyone can see her carefully. Radhika is brought there by Gurumaa. Janki says you are looking very beautiful. Radhika thanks her. Gurumaa asks Shiv to start the ritual. Shiv says ok Gurumaa. Gurumaa gives ring to Shiv and asks him to forward his hand. Shiv is hesitant. Gurumaa asks him to forward his hand again. Shiv forwards his hand. Radhika is about to make him wear ring. Aastha recalls her engagement. Suddenly Radhika’s voice recording is played in which she confessed to her crimes. Nand Lal says this is Radhika’s voice. Balwan says yes, it is coming from her room. Aastha recalls keeping recorder or mobile in her phone. She signs Lakshmi.

They hear Radhika telling about saree incident to prove Aastha bad, presenting Aastha’s modak as hers, changing chits with hers chit and Om thought family wants to name him kaali. Everyone is shocked. Angad says we can’t believe that Radhika can do this. Shiv asks Radhika what is this nonsense. Radhika says this voice is not mine, and says how I can tell this for Aastha, someone conspired to stop our engagement, you know how much I love you, this is not my voice. Lakshmi says everyone know that this is your voice, and says when I saw you in temple, I thought you have changed, and says you planned against my kids in my house, and made Aastha lower infront of us intentionally and created misunderstanding between Shiv and Aastha. She says you wants to marry my son, and says Maa Durga would got you married to him if you really loves him. She says no guy will love or marry you, and asks her to become good human first. Radhika cries and sits down.

Lakshmi asks Gurumaa why she was letting her son engagement happening with her son. Gurumaa says because I am her mum. This is my real daughter and asks them to forgive her. Lakshmi says no and says if you can’t live without her, then you can go with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    thank god astha used her brain finally. Credit goes to laxmi and om otherwise she wouldnt have used her brain at all

  2. WOW!!!!!! Finally the best episode of all the time!!!!!

  3. yes this is real…finally guru maa and her daughter plan is over..thank God.

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