Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Om accepts Lakshmi and Family, Radhika announces marriage date

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Guru maa that if she could then she would have never let her reflection fall on Om, and says you kept him away from us for 25 years and asks what your vidhi vidhaan says, why one child got all the luxuries and love and the other suffered a lot and punished. She says they have 4 mins difference between them and his grahs became doshit in those 4 mins. You have kept my son in that underground room, he started loving darkness and hates light. He was dying since years, and when he got life today, he wants to go to darkness again. She says this is happening because of you, if he goes away from this house then my relation with him end today and with that our relation will end today. She says your little respect will also go, and you will be called as doshi of the family. Radhika comes to Gurumaa and asks what did Lakshmi say? Gurumaa says Chandi is on her head, she told that she will stop respecting me or talk to me. She says nobody talked to me like that and this low status woman. …Radhika asks her to be happy as Om is leaving the house, and then she will marry Shiv finally and become bahu and you will become saas. She says for the first time, mayka and sasural will be one. She says once the marriage happen, you have to take Lakshmi’s place and I will handle Shiv’s factories.

Lakshmi tells Aastha that time has come to break her fast, says Om haven’t come out till now, it seems he will go without meeting me, she says she don’t care about breaking the fast, but don’t want him to break relation with her, he shall meet me once and call me maa. Aastha says he will come surely. Lakshmi says he will not come. She looks at Aastha and says if you will also go, and says just as I never accepted you, Om is not accepting me. She asks her not to leave her, and says I can’t stop Om, but I want to stop you from leaving.

Aastha says Om will not go anywhere, he can’t go leaving you. Om comes there, folds his hands and says I am leaving, came to say bye to everyone. He says this was destined, and happening. He asks them to take care and never to remember him. He tells Aastha that he don’t get much time to talk to her, but he knows one thing, he says you look good with Shiv and asks her to be with him always. Aastha gets sad. Radhika thinks go taking your inauspicious face, I will handle Shiv. Om asks about Shiv. Radhika says he is in room as he can’t see you leaving. Om is leaving. Lakshmi breaks down and cries asking Aastha to stop him. Om recalls Lakshmi’s love and care for him, Shiv’s love and care for him, Aastha’s soothing words about light, Lakshmi stopping him. Lakshmi faints due to fasting.

Aastha shouts mummy ji. Om hears Aastha’s voice and runs inside the house. He tries to wake up lakshmi, calls Maa to him and asks what happened to you. He recalls Lakshmi keeping fast for him and says I came to break your fast. I know that I talked to you badly, what to do, I didn’t get your love for so many years. He apologizes and sprinkles water on her face. Lakshmi gains consciousness and says you have come…He says he will break her fast. Lakshmi says how can you break my fast, you are leaving. Om says I am not going anywhere, I have come and will stay here. He makes her have water and breaks her fast. Radhika gets upset. Om says how can I go far from you, I have realized that my hatred is not more than your motherhood, it is not more than your 9 months. He apologizes to her and says I will not go anywhere, our relation is made by God and can’t be broken by anybody. I have understood this that a mother’s love is always a mother’s love and apologizes. He says your Om will not go anywhere, I will stay with you and your family, I have forgiven everyone. Aastha cries happily.

Lakshmi says this is my big happiness, but I just don’t want to be happy, but want to give all happiness to my son which I couldn’t give you for 25 years. She says I can’t you in my lap, but you will be with me now. I will give you much love and all happiness of the world. She asks him not to leave her and hugs him. Aastha smiles. Radhika is upset.

Aastha is gardening in the garden. Shiv comes and asks why you are doing Baba’s work. Aastha says it got much sunlight and couldn’t grow. She says plants needs right amount of sunlight and water. Shiv says just like relations, if there is no trust and love in a relation then it breaks too. They look at each other. Music plays……

Aastha says we shall keep this plant inside. Shiv says we both will water this plant. Aastha takes pot inside. Shiv also comes.

Radhika tells that Pandit ji took out date for their marriage. Shiv asks what you are saying, you would have asked elders before calling. Radhika says everything is fine, and says mummy ji had said that nobody will talk about marriage until Om accepts the family. Now as he accepted everyone, I called Pandit ji, good things happening since he came, and now he can attend our marriage too. Aastha gets sad. Radhika asks Aastha if she did right and asks I think Aastha agrees that we shall marry and then she can leave from here. She asks Pandit ji to tell the mahurat for engagement and marriage. Pandit ji says engagement mahurat is of today and marriage mahurat is after 2 days. Shiv gets shocked. Aastha is teary eyes and looks at Shiv. They recall their marriage.

Shiv asks Aastha why she is doing this when she is having so much pain. Aastha says this is for everyone’s betterment. Shiv says you are feeling pain and even me. Aastha says pandit ji took engagement mahurat for today so engagement shall happen today itself. Shiv angrily takes out marriage ring from Aastha’s finger.

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  1. sushmitha shetty

    I am fed up with Astha she is proving that advising others is easy but following the same advice is difficult. Shiv better leave Astha who dont have trust on him and Radika who is not worth for any ones trust.

  2. Seriously this stupid girl really need help. I mean this guy is really giving her hints that he loves her and this idiot is not understanding!!!

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