Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Om Decides to leave, Lakshmi faints

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Om to grab the stuff which destiny wants to give him. Om says if my destiny was good, then I wouldn’t have been far. Let me go from here, and think it as my destiny. He asks Lakshmi to sign on the papers, if she wants to see him happiness, gives his happiness and let him go. He asks Aastha to get Lakshmi’s signatures on the papers. Om says I will not ask again and again. Radhika says finally the inauspicious man will go and then my marriage talks with start again and Aastha will have to do the arrangements. She thinks once I marry Shiv, I will make Aastha leave from here. She thinks she will make her more jealous so that shiv gets out from her heart. Lakshmi takes the papers and signs on it. He gives it back to Om. Om takes the papers and goes. Lakshmi tells Aastha and Shiv that they have lost, and says big defeat is of a mother. She says she is unlucky not to stop him. She says he never got love and will never understand its importance. She says he took his rights and go. She says Jai Maa Durga and rings the temple bell. She tells that she got all the happiness in this Durga Nivas, and thought her destiny is good. She asks why her son is going far from her, and asks if he is to go away from her, then why did you make me meet him. She asks her to stop Om. Aastha says my heart says that he can’t go leaving you and will stay with you always, even after I leave. Lakshmi thinks I will become lonely if you go Aastha, I am guilty of you too.

Aastha comes to Shiv and asks if he is fine. She says you haven’t come for breakfast, everyone was asking, even Om. She says Om loves you a lot, he don’t say anything and searches you. Shiv plays the football. Aastha asks him to cry and take out his pain. She says if you want, you can cry infront of me. Shiv says what is happening, I got my twin brother after many years and he is going. He asks why God brought him infront of us, if he hadto leave. He says whenever I get beaten in school, I would have thought then I would have a brother who could save me. When Om came, I dreamt so many things to do with him. He says everything is finished, my brother met me to separate. He says Om hates everyone and has a strange anger in his heart. Until he talks to everyone, how his anger will go. Aastha says his pain can lower if anyone wipe his tears and I think only you can do this being his twin brother. She says your love can stop him. My heart says that everyone’s love will not let him go. Shiv is hopeful.

Lakshmi comes to Om’s room and tells that she remembered him on every birthday. She used to think about him and thought what she would have gifted him. When she used to cook, she thought what he would have liked and made a dish, and Shiv used to like it. She says whenever she used to miss him, she used to hug Shiv and love him a lot, and says even Shiv don’t know, I loved you more than him. She says I used to think that if you are alive and will call me Maa. She says if I had known that you are alive, then I would have searched you. She says when Govind brought a cycle for Shiv, she fought with him asking why he didn’t bring another cycle, until they make her understand that he is not alive. She shows her diary and says she had written her feelings for him. Om says I agree that you remember me, but your voice never reached me, when you was celebrating Shiv’s birthday, did you realize that your other son is caged underground. He says I used to wish that someone comes and save me. He says I know you would have faced many troubled, but not much like me. I can accept anything, but can’t accept that you tried to search me. Lakshmi says she did a mistake and will be punished. She says her punishment is that she stays her remaining life with him. She says if you want, you can go, but I am hopeful that you will break my fast which I kept for you.

Lakshmi is crying. Gurumaa comes to her and says I can understand your dilemma and pain. She says I am not a mother, but a woman. She says I understand you well after Govind. She says since you came in this house, you struggled a lot and made papad business. She says you are not just a mother, but bahu of the house too, this house responsibility is on you. If Om wants to go then let him go, dosh is of his kundli and not of yours, mine etc. She says this is destiny and his grah tells this. If he will go silently then what we will do, leave him on his own. Lakshmi asks her to stop it and says now you will not utter a word. If my son is leaving from here then you are the reason behind it. If he don’t get the happiness then the reason is you. When he was born, he was with me, but when you came near him, he went far from me. If I could then I will not let your reflection fall on you. Gurumaa looks on.

Om tells everyone that he is leaving and asks them not to remember him. Lakshmi cries and asks him not to go, she faints and falls down. Aastha shouts mummy ji.

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  1. It’s nice to see that Om doesn’t blame shiv for what happened. Also isn’t it convenient that their names are Shiv and Om. Just like Shivaay and Omkara for ishqbaaz. Plus Om has long hair like Omkara ☺️?? I hope they have many Twin moments ? It’d be nice to see some sibling bonding between them x

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