Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guru Maa calling Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I don’t like Aastha since whatever happened after her arrival. She says our factory is going to close soon. Shiv hears them. Guru Maa asks if she is doubtfut on her decision and praises Aastha. She says your business is not dependent on just one factory. Lakshmi says this is my first factory and closer to my heart. Guru Maa asks her to think that temple will be made on factory’s place. Lakshmi says she don’t like Aastha. Shiv gets Radhika’s call and he tells her that roka haven’t happened, and his mum is doubtful about Aastha. Radhika asks why he is sad. Shiv tells that his mum is sad as her factory is going to be close. Radhika says she has many factories and is a strong woman. Shiv recalls Aastha’s words. Radhika says we shall celebrate and asks him to come to temple. He agrees hesitantly. Gayatri comes to Ashok’s house to return the roka shagun. Sharda says roka will happen soon and asks what is the need to return it. Gayatri asks her to talk to Lakshmi. Ashok and Sharda ask her to sit.

Jaya and her bahu talk about the new business. Jaya asks her to search new options to beg. She asks from where you get all luxury items. She says because of Lakshmi’s papad business and asks her to think how to stop the factory from getting close. Sharda calls Lakshmi and asks about the roka stuff. Lakshmi tells that if marriage is destined to happen then it will happen. Govind asks her not to get affected and says life must go on. Lakshmi says Aastha made one papad and the factory is going to close. If the marriage don’t happen then also nobody shall get affected, life must go on. Sharda thinks if they return the shagun stuff to cancel the engagement and alliance, and thinks about Aastha’s reaction.

She sees Aastha coming and thinks what to do. She comes to Aastha and asks her to take her to temple. Aastha says she will drink water. Sharda asks her to drink it on the way. She thinks to message Runjhun to take care of Gayatri and hides shagun stuff. Guru Maa fries papad and checks if God appears on the papad. When she couldn’t find the papad, she gets irked and asks God to answer her if she loves Aastha more than her. She drops the flower intentionally and tells that she got the answer. She says I am your param bhakt and nobody can come in between us.

Radhika and Shiv come to the kali mata temple. Radhika asks him not to worry and says once the matter gets solved, you can talk to your mum. Shiv says he is just worried about his mum. Radhika asks him to chill. Shiv sits to take off his shoes. Sharda and Aastha also come there. Sharda says we will buy Prasad from there. Shiv also buy the sweets for Prasad. Aastha tells that she is reading the book on blind faith and asks how can God’s reflection can appear on Papad. She asks Sharda to get her favorite moti chur laddoo. Sharda is about to be see Shiv and Radhika, but then her book falls and Sharda turns. Shiv and Radhika go inside the temple. Aastha asks Sharda to go and wait for her outside. Sharda prays to God to save the alliance and says I don’t want anything. Pandit ji says today is the auspicious day and asks her to feed Prasad to her daughter or son in law and says marriage will happen. He takes Prasad from Radhika also and keep infront of God. He then returns the different boxes to them.

Radhika asks Shiv to make her wear chunari with his hand. Chunari flies away and falls on Aastha’s head. Radhika asks Shiv to get her chunari. They see Chunari falling on Aastha and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    If ur meant to be together nothing can ship you!!!

    You for aastha and shiv!!!

    Amazing precap.


  2. Nice epi was out if town just got to read the epi and yes absolutely tvfan1 and cyber crime yeah I really hope Lakshmi gets to know the truth of the papad

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  4. hey the show is good
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