Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Guru maa if she saw Aastha. Gurumaa turns and says she didn’t see her. Shiv says ok. Gurumaa goes. Aastha calls for Papa, Shiv. Shiv prays to God. Aastha sees many rats there, cries and calls mummy ji, Shiv. Prasad, the dog comes to him and barks. Shiv asks do you know where is Aastha. Prasad runs out of house. Aastha cries as rats tries to climb on her. Shiv asks Prasad to tell where it saw Aastha. Aastha cries and calls Shiv. Shiv asks Prasad to tell where it saw Aastha. He gets Aastha’s jhumka and thinks she might be here. Shiv calls for Aastha. Aastha hears his voice and tells him that she is in pit. He couldn’t hear him. Shiv is about to go inside, when Aastha recalls shiv giving her whistle and plays it. Shiv hears whistle sound and comes there. Rats bite her. Aastha cries and screams. Shiv asks where are you Aastha. He finally finds Aastha inside the pit and says he will do something. He brings the firewood and jumps inside the pit, and the lid falls down closing the pit. Shiv scares rats with the fire making them go. Aastha hugs him and cries. Shiv asks why did you come here? Aastha says she came to get kadi patta in garden. Shiv says you would have asked servant to bring. He says sometimes you behaves like kids. She doesn’t tell him about Gurumaa’s plan.

Aastha says she came here for him as she wants to make something for him. Shiv asks her not to cry and asks her to let him think what to do. He takes her dupatta and ties her wound with it. Aastha says we shall get out from here. Shiv says door is locked. Aastha asks him to think. Shiv asks where is the whistle and they see it broken. Shiv says even Prasad couldn’t hear us. Aastha asks him to be careful else he will get hurt. Shiv says he is hurt at heart and asks her to remember what is today. Aastha tells what she did all day and says she wishes mummy ji. Shiv says I will not talk to you. Aastha thinks she will not wish him until he wishes Lakshmi. Servant comes and puts water pipe to the plant and goes. Water gets filled up in the pit. Aastha gets scared and asks Shiv why did he come and get trap. Shiv says whenever he is in problem, she saves him and it is his responsibility to save her.

Gayatri sells the utensils, fridge, tv to a man. Ashok comes and returns his money. Bhagyashree brings Ashok’s clothes to sell it off. Ashok asks if you were selling this also. Gayatri says yes and says she needs money to buy gift for Shiv and Lakshmi. Ashok says he will give her. She asks for 2 lakhs rs. Sharda comes and says she will give.

Shiv and Aastha are stuck inside the pit and the water gets filled up. They panic and find hard to breath. Prasad brings family members there. Balwan puts the stairs inside and makes them climb them. Chacha asks how did they fall inside. Govind thanks God. Guru maa looks on. Lakshmi asks Aastha, how can she be careless and says Shiv’s life was in risk because of her. Shiv tells her that it was not Aastha’s fault as she fall down in the pit. He says he tried to rescue her and fell down. Lakshmi looks at Aastha.

Aastha gets the box which Lakshmi and Shiv buried in the ground and shows to Govind. Later Guru maa instigates Lakshmi against Aastha. Aastha thinks to play CD in the party. Guru maa changes the CD and Aastha plays the wrong CD in the party. Everyone watches Lakshmi accusing Aastha on the projector. Lakshmi gets angry. Aastha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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