Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda making the plate ready for Aarti. She tells that she couldn’t decorate the plate well. Aastha offers to do and says she knows all the scientific reasons to decorate the aarti plate. Lakshmi tells Jaya that Aastha will do aarti. Jaya says she doesn’t know about our customs. Guru Maa says she knows better than you. Jaya says she must not know why the ghee diya is lighted for the puja. Aastha tells all the scientific reasons which Jaya doubts that she doesn’t know. Guru Maa says she must know about Roli also. Sharda is still worried. Jaya thinks something wrong will happen and Guru Maa’s doubt shall break that Aastha is a big Aastik.

Radhika tells Shiv that she has the right to do the Aarti and not Aastha. Shiv says I know that you have the right, and says you will do aarti after marriage. Radhika says she is doing aarti without marriage, and here you are making me see the dream. She says you don’t like my baba, my mum’s cooked food and our customs. Shiv says it is not like that. Radhika asks him to meet her when he talks to his family. Her father asks him to come only after talking to his family. Shiv says okay. Jaya’s daughter in law gets papad smell from her husband’s clothes and says she is ashamed of her husband’s work. Jaya comes and asks him to talk to her. She tells even I am unhappy with my husband. Daughter in law tells that our husbands roam after Lakshmi and says then they will roam after Aastha.

Jaya says even I am bahu of this house, and never got any respect. Daughter in law says you are getting angry. Jaya recalls telling that they don’t get angry and laughs. She says I want to say that I didn’t get what she got in a day. Daughter in law praises Jaya and asks her not to get angry.

Lakshmi talks to Employee. He tells that Gayatri have finalized the Delhi deal. Gayatri comes there and tells about the deal. Lakshmi asks her to let Shiv handle her. Gayatri says I got this deal. Shiv comes and says Gayatri is talented and handles business well. Lakshmi says I know, but I need you, not her. You will take care of this business later. Shiv says what you are saying? When you are handling business then why can’t she. Lakshmi says she will give answer when right time comes.
Shiv tells that he wants to talk to her about his marriage. Guru Maa says we all like Aastha then what is the thing to be talked about. Lakshmi asks him to go to office Govind looks on. Shiv recalls Radhika’s warning.

Govind comes to Shiv and asks if he is getting angry. He tells him that Lakshmi wants his betterment. Govind says how the business will be handled without you. Shiv says just like she is handling business alone without your involvement. Shiv tells that he was always ignored. Govind asks him to sit and talk to her. Shiv says she didn’t hear you once since 25 years, and asks if she will listen to me.

Aastha gets ready. Runjhun asks if this is teacher’s day and says this is not your Manali, and asks her not to wear outdated dress Sharda tells that Aastha looks good in this dress. Aastha says she will do make up in Runjhun’s style and wear clothes of Sharda’s choice.
Runjhun asks about Shiv’s business. Aastha tells that they have a family business. Runjhun says she will see if they are a miser or understanding. Shiv comes to Gayatri and says I have a god idea, and says we shall go from here. He jokes. Gayatri says mind blowing idea. Shiv asks her to handle the deal and says I don’t want to make papad or eat. He says whenever I see you happy, mum’s taunt hits less. Gayatri asks why he is looking different. Shiv says he is going to do something different.

While the ladies wash Guru Maa’s feet. Aastha and her family comes to Durga Nivas. Runjhun is surprised to see big mansion. Shiv looks at her from balcony. Aastha smiles. Runjhun says so he is your prince. Shiv thinks you can’t become my wife Aastha.

Aastha gives puja plate to Jaya. Jaya says there is no Roli in it. Aastha tells her logic and says she kept chandan instead and tells about its benefits. Lakshmi says okay, and asks Aastha to do aarti. Aastha is shocked and says I….Lakshmi says our big tradition is puja and says today’s aarti will be done by you. Aastha is shocked and tensed.

Aastha steps towards the temple area and thinks to confess that she is an atheist.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tvfan1

    Hello my EAAB family!!
    What a late update!!

    Anyways it was not a very good episode but not bad..as this is one of my current favourite shows!! 😉

    Do not be a silent reader.. Comment here dears!!

    Currently I’m thinking of Saastha or Shastha (it’s a bad name I know)

    Anyway have happy thoughts
    And keep watching EAAB!

    P.S- I HAVE STARTED A NEW FF! If you u have time do read it!!

    1. What about Aasthiv.
      It surely is one of my favourite shows.

    2. What about Aasthiv.
      It surely is one of my favourite shows.

      1. AAYUSH

        Aashi is also good

    3. AASHIV

  2. Ovb

    Thanx for the update

  3. nice episode

  4. How about … ShivAstha

  5. Me too
    Love this show
    I love Astha’s innocence and Shiv’s mischievous nature.
    It looks like there is something funny about Shiv’s family.
    I think Shiv should have told his family about Radhika the moment the told him about Aastha. Now Radhika might revenge on him if he broke her heart.
    My name suggestion for them is SHIVSTHA

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