Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia took care of each other when they were COVID positive

Over the years, we have all seen couples come out of the Bigg Boss house and seem stronger than ever. Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were one of them. And as the saying goes, a couple that endures pain together, stays together.  The two tested positive for C 19 just two days apart and took care of each other as they were quarantined together. Pavitra was the first to test positive for coronavirus on January 3 with Eijaz testing positive two days later.

The actress told BT in a conversation, “I had events lined up back-to-back. Eijaz and I were traveling together to cities like Goa, Delhi and Baroda. I fell sick soon after I came back to Mumbai after finishing my work commitments. I had a high fever on January 1 and 2. The symptoms were severe and I underwent a test, which came positive on January 3. I always thought that I must have been infected during the first two waves. But I have been proved wrong. Only those infected can vouch for the pain they go through. The pain is too severe to endure. I still feel a lot of weakness and pain in my body, especially the joints.”

Her beau took utmost care of her until he, too, was infected with the virus. She shares, “Eijaz hasn’t been well since Christmas. He had the flu. I took care of him then. When I tested positive, he took care of me for three days till my reports came positive. After two days, Eijaz, too, started showing symptoms of COVID.”

Eijaz and Pavitra were quarantined together at his home. “Unfortunately, my rakhi brother, who was in Mumbai then, was also positive. So, while he was quarantined at my place, Eijaz and I were quarantined at his residence. We feel blessed that we have tested negative.”

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