EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 14)

It’s a fresh day , the sun had just risen and the chirruping of birds,broke the silence , and we are at the Goenka mansion where, Durga , Dev,Payal,Kangna , and Rishi who have stayed there for the night are suffering from the last night party hangover it’s not that they were drunk, but, their drinks were doped by a clever player , who ordered from behind the bars , to foil their program , but failed , not to fullest but that intension failed , as the drugged items were served at the end and were served ,only to the family members, and the prisoner fumed, with its anger at zenith.
It was next day and , at Goenka mansion everyone woke up with a slight headache , most likely to be drugged, and as the scene shifts to the big Jail in Kolkata (Calcutta) we , see Sakshi granig as her plan to , spoil the present Goenka’s image and party failed as the items her , puppet drugged were, served at the last and only to the family, so the plan failed to an extent, while as they prisoners (Sakshi,Rajnath and Shaurya) met in the morning during the daily prisoner routine work, Shaurya laughed loudly on the delivery of the news about Sakshi’s plan failure and his booming laughter , caused a wave of siolence and fear in the prison cells and a few almost fainted as,these Goenka’s had a great influence over the minds of these prisoners and also even the cops, though they lived in jail because of their sins but they were no, less than , the king , queen and prince of that dangerous place, and could also influence the outside world.
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The next the scene again shifts to Goenka mansion where a servant (helper) serves freshly prepared lemonade to everyone with the heavy head , while Kangna and Payal are busy complaining adding to Sushitra’s headache. Kangna blames the unhealthy food, and threatens to sue the cook, and declares that they have got Food poisoning,and Payal on the other side leans against, Rishi’s shoulder and speaks gibberish, and declares that she loves him a lot and if she die ,and he survives , he should remember her always and not marry someone else,and falls on the sofa,Kangna also adds to this silly book of confessions , and goes to one corner , of the house and, brings someone dragging. It’s the unknown guy who had come to meet her and had hidden in Goenka mansion, after hearing Sushitra’s voice, and she introduces him as ~~~~…….. and falls on the sofa too, while Durga, Dev and rishi slaps their heads and Sushithra looks on …………….
The scene is the jail again where all the prisoners are working while Shaurya is on a VVIP(VIP) treatment , he teases, and troubles Sakshi and Rajnath and laughs on their condition, and the jailer enters the scene and everyone salutes him, while Shaurya remains seated, on one of the prisoner’s back whom he had ordered , to crouch on the hot and dusty floor,and serve as, his couch while the other served as a table to keep his feet , and two of his bodyguards standing by his side, no, not bodyguards his servants, who were holding his food filled plate and an umbrella for him,respectively……….
The jailer looks quite offended by his action and charges towards him, while Rajnath and Sakshi taunt him and chuckle…………
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