Ehsaas Forever – Episode 23 The Game Of Jealousy

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Shesha485 : Lovely episode. Abir making apology message for Mishti was nice. Abir apologizing Mishti was so emotional. I felt bad seeing Abir crying. No wonder why Mishti melted and decided to renovate their friendship. Kuhu scolding Kunal in her mind and Kunal using the same word was funny. Kunal and Mishti making fun of Kuhu and Abir was hilarious.

Zingo : Thank You Very Much Shesha485. Your words means a lot to me.

Aarti : Love story kb sure hogi

Zingo : Thanks for commenting Aarti. Very soon.

Avni : Amazing chapter. Please upload next chapter fast.

Zingo : Thank You Very Much, Avni. Sorry for making you wait.

Shivangi : Lovely episode. Really loving this story. Abir’s apology was very nice. Plz Plz update soon.

Zingo : Thank you so much, Shivangi. Sorry for making you wait.

Hello my dear friends. Hope you all are well. Let’s jump to the episode.

The episode starts…

It’s next day in the college.

Mishti was busy doing her studies when suddenly Abir scares her. Mishti gets frightened and gets angry soon on Abir.

Mishti : What’s this Abir? You are literally a horrible person. You scared me, duffer?

Abir : I am not a duffer. You are duffer who got scared. Your face was literally like a tomato. Pucchhh

He laughs. Mishti beats him with book. He runs away.

Mishti : Huh! He is literally a duffer. Here is he, and in home Kuhu. Both are duffers.

Kuhu comes from behind and covers Mishti’s eyes by her hands.

Mishti : Kuhu, leave me. I already identified you.

Kuhu removes hands from Mishti’s eyes and says ;

“How you identified me, stupid?

Mishti : I was thinking of you only. Thus.

Kuhu : Oh, my dear sister was missing me. Awww!

Mishti : Shut up! I was cursing you.

Kuhu : Why?

Mishti : Arey! You and Abir both are very similar. Just few minutes ago, he came and scared me and now you came and blindfolded me.

Kuhu : Hey, were you frightened when Abir scared you?

Mishti : Obviously.

Kuhu laughs.

Kuhu : My #dear sister got frightened.

She laughs loudly. Mishti pretends to beat her when she suddenly says this and goes from there ;

“Accha, I have to meet Kunal. Bye”

Mishti says to herself : She literally got mad for Kunal. This Kunal is snatching my sister from me.

Other side ;

Kuhu walks to the botany laboratory where Kunal usually goes. She was about to enter the room when she suddenly stops seeing Kunal and Priyanka talking.

Kunal : Don’t worry, Priyanka. He will confess his feelings soon.

Priyanka : But till when, Kunal? I am tired of doing this drama of loving you.

Kuhu thinks, “A drama? That too of loving Kunal? Why?

Kunal : Okay, I am having one more idea. Listen to me carefully. We’ll let some people to kidnap you who’ll act as goons. And we all like me, Abir… no one will be near you. And Nishant will come and save you. And our acting goons will make him confess his feelings too.

Priyanka : Okay, but will this idea work?

Kunal : Trust me Priyanka. This is actually a movie scene. Kuhu told me this scene. So it’s indirect Kuhu’s plan.

Kuhu smiles listening about her from Kunal’s mouth.

Kuhu to herself : Nishant? Priyanka loves Nishant? How? But why did she dragged me in her drama?

Kunal gets out from the class. However he was unable to see Kuhu as she hidden herself behind door. Immediately after Kunal goes, Kuhu goes inside the room and closes the door tightly. Priyanka gets shocked.

Priyanka : What’s this, Kuhu? What are you doing?

She stammers while saying this.

Scene shifts to a lonely class :

Mishti : Nishant, you know na, dad won’t agree. He will never allow any tenant in his house.

Nishant : But why, Mishti? Is it because I am their blood?

Mishti shouts : Shut Up, Nishant. You very well know my family had cut off every relation with your parents. But still you’re adamant on living there.

Nishant : So, what? He cutted off relations with my parents, but he can’t forget that their heir is still alive.

Mishti : Nishant, first of all, no one should come to know that we’re cousins. Even, Kuhu shouldn’t know that you are her cousin. This is only our matter. I haven’t even told anyone in my house, that you study in this same college.

Nishant : I want a family, Mishti. I have my family but still why am living as an orphan? Why?

He somewhat cries.

Mishti : I can understand, Nishant. But still you have to wait for sometime. My family’s wounds haven’t healed yet.

Nishant : So what should I do? What I did? Why punishment is given to me when I don’t even deserve it?

Mishti : Nishant, please try to understand.

“What is he not understanding? What are you trying to make him understand?”

Mishti and Nishant gets shocked to hear his voice. They turn around :

Mishti : Abir!

Abir : What were you both talking?

Nishant : Nothing, bro. Personal matter. Come on, Mishti…Let’s go.

Mishti and Nishant goes from there.

Abir : What’s so personal? Isn’t Mishti getting too close from this monkey? I need to find out.

He goes from there.

Meanwhile :

Priyanka : I never loved Kunal. I had always loved Nishant.

Kuhu : What? Then why you told me lies?

Priyanka : Because I wanted you also to gain your love. Kunal was helping me as he realised that I love Nishant. I had confessed my feelings to Nishant but Nishant is still hesitant. Kunal helped me so that Nishant gets jealous and reveals his feelings too.

Kuhu : What? You both were doing such silly drama just to make Nishant confess his feelings? And regarding me, who told you to help me? Who told you that I love Kunal?

Priyanka : At Kite Festival, at which you and Kunal participated, I saw you when you were secretly admiring Kunal. I realised that you love him. But you’re not sure of your feelings. So I thought to make you jealous along with Nishant. I just wanted that you propose Kunal soon. That’s it.

Kuhu : Whatever you did, Thank you. But I don’t think this’s the right way for someone to confess his feelings soon. You should given Nishant some time.

Priyanka : You don’t worry. It’ll be over very soon. Most probably, till tomorrow.

Kuhu : Okay.

She goes from there.

At their class after sometime

The lecture of Professor Agastiya was going on.

Nishant was continuously staring Mishti.

Nishant to himself : Mishti, please convince your family na… I am eager to know what plan you have!

He was too much eager.

Abir to Himself : Why is this Nishant staring Mishti too much? They both are even talking so much nowadays. Why? Mishti is not from those who talk so much with someone. Did Mishti came in Nishant’s sweet talks? Did she got influenced by this monkey? Well, who am I to know? But still, she don’t talk to me much. And with this Nishant, she is behaving so nicely.

He makes faces.

Kunal : Abir, what happened? What are you murmuring?

Abir : Nothing

Priyanka whispers to Kuhu : Kuhu, your love and your sister… both are such bookworms.

Kuhu : Hey, don’t you dare to speak against my sister or my love. (After seeing them,) Yes, but you’re right. Sometimes I even think that this books casted a spell on both of them.

They giggles and Mishti turns to see them. They both give her a wide smile.

Mishti to herself : How these both rivals became friends, that too instantly? And Kuhu, see, how she is leaving her sister and sitting beside Priyanka! She don’t have value for her sister.

The class ends this way. As a result none of them, concentrated on studies😂

Rajvansh House ;

Kabir is shown to be sitting on his armchair playing with his fingers. Suddenly his phone rings. He picks it up.

Kabir : The work should be done in this week only. And 25 Lakhs will be transferred in your account.

“Mr. Kabir Rajvansh, you had bribed so many local goons for your work. And for them, even 5,000/- is enough. But I am a famous dealer. 25,00,000/- won’t be sufficient for me”

Kabir : What do you mean? How much you want?

“Well, I can do this work for you when you transfer 50,00,000 in my account. Or else forget me”

Kabir panics but immediately Mishti humiliated him.

Kabir thinks : “That girl humiliated me. And to take revenge, I can pay any cost.

“Well, Mr. Kabir, I thought you to be a wealthy man. But you seem to be a poor person. It’s okay. Don’t waste my time”

He was about to cut the call when Kabir stops him and says ;

Kabir : Okay, I am ready to give you 50,00,000. But the work should be done.

“You make arrangements for money. And I will take care of the work. I am disconnecting the phone”

Kabir : Okay.

Kabir to himself : Now, this Mishti will get to know the consequences of challenging Kabir Rajvansh.

The episode ends here.

Well, guys. I wanted to keep the episodes somewhat light hearted. Thus I am making it a bit simple rather than writing much dramatic episodes. To add some spice, I had added a bit of Kabir drama too here. Hope you guys loved it.

Thank You

  1. Shesha485

    The chapter is nice. Nice to see Kuhu and Priyanka becoming friends. Kunal giving Kuhu’s idea to Priyanka was witty. Surprising that Priyanka loved Nishant and all the time she was making Kuhu understand her love for Kunal. Poor Kuhu thought that she was provoking her. Kuhu and Priyanka getting along with each other was sweet. Mishti getting jealous on seeing Kuhu being busy with Kunal and Priyanka and Abir getting jealous on seeing Mishti and Nishant was a hilarious coincidence. Wonder how Nishant and Mishti are cousin. Did they know that very recently? Kabir planning to attack Mishti was expected, but still it is shocking. Wonder how he will accept her as his DIL.

  2. Amazing chapter☺☺☺

  3. Loving all your updates….keep going dear

  4. I really loved it❣️. Eagerly waiting for the next episode🤗. And plz soon make them all 4 realised there love😍.

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